The Two Coming American Revolutions.

The Enemy of my Enemy is NOT my Friend.

In the late 1700’s there were two historic revolutions, the American and the French Revolutions. The American Revolution was very much an intellectual revolution as much as it was a military revolution. In the years before the first shot was fired, American Patriots laid the intellectual foundation for the American Revolution. They worked on what America should be and not so much of what they were against. The original Sons of Liberty mounted an intellectual assault on the Empire that the sun never set on. By the time the first shot was fired, our founding fathers had spent years carefully crafting a political and economic system that would ready for when they had control of their destiny.  This system sought to decentralize power so that no Elite could seize power. They also created a Free Market economic system that would ensure the prosperity of future generations. This eventually led to the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

The French Revolution was more of a revolution of what the people were against, namely the Monarchy. Those that stoked the flames of revolution in France vilified the Monarchy and their huge wealth. The French took out the Monarch and replaced it with an Oligarchy of Terror. With no King to blame, Robespierre and the Jacobins proceeded to terrorize France with their Reign of Terror.  The Jacobins upset society so much that neighbor turned against neighbor, as the Guillotine grew thirsty for more blood. It was not until Napoleon came forward with a vision for what France could be did society turn around.

When the American Empire collapses, we will face two paths. We will either fall into another Dark Ages where fear and terror reign. Or we will have another Renaissance where ideas and freedom are cherished.  Just like the American and French Revolutions, the key for our society, will be what do we stand for and not as much what we are against. I spent six years putting together the Sons Of Liberty Academy to help forge the intellectual foundation of the next American Revolution. I made the Academy for free with the hope of reaching a wider audience to help build a brighter future for all of us. My ultimate goal is to get people educated and start thinking about what you stand for.

There are two kinds of Revolutions on the horizon for America. The first, is a get back-to-basics Constitutional Revolution. This kind of patriotic revolution is a non-violent, non-compliant movement that is centered on education and leaderless resistance. The Constitutional Revolution seeks to level the playing field by eliminating the core of our problems our debt based, fractional reserve, fiat money system and mercantilism and replace it with honest money and Free Market capitalism. It also seeks to have a level field of justice, campaign finance and decentralize political power away from the Elite. This Revolution would bring home the troops from our 777+ military bases and practice non-intervention. They would seek to level unfair taxes and regulations that benefit the Elite and hurt the rest of us. In short, they would legalize the Constitution with the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Habeas Corpus, and so on.

The second kind of Revolution is very different, even though they seem to have the same bad guys in their sights. I have always watched a lot of documentaries. Recently there have been a lot of very slick documentaries attacking Wall St, The Federal Reserve, Debt, Housing Bubble, Corporate Greed, Wars, Outsourced Jobs and Big Oil. All of these documentaries are stunning attacks at the very real problems our country is facing. For the most part there is nothing to argue against. We are going down the wrong road and there is a group of Elite that are absolutely gutting America and raping the world for their own personal profit and power.

The problem is, for the most part, these documentaries don’t offer a solution, only an attack on “Capitalism.” This Anti-Capitalism or Collectivism Revolution seeks to paint a broad brush and label all Capitalism as evil. In reality the kind of Capitalism we have today has nothing to do with the Free Market Capitalism that made America great. Our Capitalism today is a Collectivist monster that is better described as Crony Capitalism, Crisis Capitalism, State Capitalism, Corporate Capitalism, Gangster Capitalism or Mercantilism. These economic systems have much more in common with their Collectivist cousins Fascism, Socialism, and Communism than Free Market Capitalism. The underlying tone to all of these documentaries are hinted at with phrases like progressive politics, stronger worker’s rights, redistribution of wealth, health care is a right, higher taxes and regulation… you know Socialism. They won’t come out and flash the Lenin or Marx posters, but the influence is there.

“ALL SOCIETIES ARE CAPITALISTIC. The ONLY difference is who owns/controls the Capital. You don’t really think Communists are trying to get rid of Capital do you? Your either going to live under a Monopolistic Capitalistic Oligarchy, or a Competitive Capitalistic Republic. There aren’t any others.” Sui Juris

The defining power of Free Market Capitalism is failure. When you fail in a free market, you alone bear the burden of your loss. When you succeed, you alone are the beneficiary of your labor. Through your risk of failure, you seek to make the best decisions and take educated risks. Through failure, you seek to improve your product or process over and over, until you succeed. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before he created the light bulb.

In a Free Market, there are no Central Banks rigging the price of money. There are no “too big to fails.” There are no bailouts. There are no redistribution of wealth. There are no committee to set prices or regulations. There are no Government subsidies. Government would only act as a referee ensuring a good clean fight on a level playing field.

The problem we face now is that our “Capitalism” is corrupt and only serves the Elite. Those with the political connections get bailed out of their failure and spread the cost among those who were prudent or worse, those that succeeded. In reality we have a two tiered system in which most of America gets the failure of Capitalism and the Elite get the Socialism of being bailed out on our backs. In essence we privatize profits and socialize loses. This creates a moral hazard where those that are alleviated of the risk of failure, take more and more risk, in search of greater profits. This ultimately leads to a crisis which, is where we are today.

“I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank. … You are a den of vipers and thieves.”

—Andrew Jackson, 1834, on closing the Second Bank of the United States;

The Constitutional Revolution seeks to create a level playing field with honest money at its core. They would eliminate the Fed and the ability for them to print money out of thin air that taxes us through inflation. They would let the “too big to fails” fail. They would put the criminal CEOs in jail for their schemes. They would allow the Free Market to find proper CEO compensation, because the tricks CEO’s use to pump up their wealth, would be eliminated. They would eliminate Corporate Welfare and anti-competition regulations. In a truly Free Market, we would not have this vampire squid sucking all of the wealth from the creation and profiting off of asset bubbles. The Constitutional Revolution would decentralize power. This would localize any crisis into their immediate area of influence and not this globalized crisis of the month. In short, this system would be a system of volunteerism and responsibility with no coercion or violence.

The Anti-Capitalist or Collectivist Revolution would use the brute force of the masses to redistribute wealth, just like the Bolshevik Revolution. They would seek to whip up the crowd into a frenzy and offer them a free lunch. The Bolshevik Communists overthrew the Czar with their motto of Bread, Land and Peace. This time around the rallying cry might be Big Macs, iPads, and Porn. The problem with this type of revolution is that it gets rid of one Elite, for another. (Some pigs are more equal than others…) They also run into the inevitable problem of running out of people’s money to steal. Or in the case of the French Revolution, you run out of CEO’s heads to chop.

The fatal flaw with all Collectivist Economic systems is that they rely on the ridiculous notion that a tiny group of individuals are smarter than every individual making their  best choices. In all of these Collectivist programs, from Crony Capitalism to Communism, there is a centralized group out to rig the market for some desired outcome. In extremis, the command economy seeks to control every economic decision regardless of the value or happiness of the end consumer.  The Free Market is a living-breathing organism that sends messages to production, consumption, distribution, and the happiness of the whole, through the pricing mechanism. The Free Market eliminates misallocations of capital and resources. The Free Market balances supply with demand. (Silver has been abused to the point of extinction because of market manipulations.)

Collectivists do not care if you are happy; they only care if you are controlled. There are 4 ways to spend money.

1. You spend your money on yourself. You spend money with great care to give you the best value and in a way that makes you most happy. This closely resembles the Free Market.

2. You spend someone else’s money on yourself. You do not care as much for the value but you still care about what makes you happy. This resembles what the Elite get in their Crony Capitalism.

3. You spend your own money on someone else. You care a little less about the value and you certainly care a lot less about the happiness of the recipient.  (Think of your Grandmother giving you socks for Christmas…) This resembles Charity.

4. You spend somebody else’s money on somebody else. You do not care for the value or the happiness of anyone involved. This closely resembles Communism.

In the Constitutional Revolution there would be an economic system where your property rights are protected and you are the most happy. The Anti-Capitalists or Collectivists just want to steal from those that stole from us, so that they can be the ones to redistribute the money. They only way to a new Renaissance is to create a new world with new rules and bring legal justice to those that have committed the crimes. The path to the new Dark Ages lies in violence, coercion, witch-hunts, more regulation, concentration of power and fear.

I wrote and article called The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield that sought to strike the Achilles Heel of JP Morgan. The strategy was a non-violent leaderless action that exposed a fraud that would strike at the heart vampire banking system. This would force the Free Market to reestablish silver as a precious metal. This will profit the Aware who see silver’s story and strike at the heart evil Elitist system that dominates humanity with debt and war.

When I read an article about someone caught on tape plotting to take down JP Morgan, I was interested to say the least. Stephen Lerner was the head of one of the largest unions and he was concocting a plan to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street’s grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government. As soon as I heard redistribution of wealth, I knew the rest of the story.

The plan involved people doing a strategic default, not paying their mortgages while they still can, and sucking the capital out of banks to cover those losses. This is nothing new, heck even Max Keiser pushed this idea a couple of weeks ago. This idea does have merit because corporations do this all of the time, it is just good business. That is a volunteered individual action for the best decision that person could make. If you are upside down in a house 20% or more and housing sales just hit an all time low and they are saying it is going to take 20 years for some markets to recover, really, what JP Morgan do?

He goes on to say that student debt is at 1 Trillion dollars, what if all students said, “no mas”? The college trap is sucking the very life from young people. The degree is worthless and its debt is something they cannot get away from through bankruptcy. It is preventing people from buying homes, getting married, and having children. It is another debt where people were systematically induced believe one thing, but did not realize that there was a pound of flesh due in the end.

The next part of Stephen Lerner’s plan was to leverage the Union’s ties with government to force the banks to renegotiate the debt. Stephen is starting to show his progressive side. Now through coercion and the threat of the state, they are out to change the rules for connected parties. The Constitutional solution would be to hack at the root of the evil on Wall St and get rid of the Fed, debt based fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. He says that the unions should strike and make one of the issues that the city must get the bankers to lower the debt to the cities. Mr. Lerner is not doing this because he is a good guy; he is doing it so there is more of a pool of money for the Unions to dip into.

He says the key part of the plan is to create uncertainty and disruption, because that is what the Capitalists fear the most. They need to come up with a plan to bring down the stock market and interfere with their, “ability to be rich.” He proposes to march on JP Morgan at the beginning of May and disrupt operations. (Probably May 1st, International Workers Day.) They will attack with this three-point plan.

1. There is plenty of money- they have it.

2. They have the money- we need to get it back.

3. And that the Bankers are using Bloomberg and the government to destroy the Unions.

The truth of the matter is that this whole entire economy is one big Ponzi scheme and Mr. Lerner’s plan does nothing but cause upheaval. It does not offer solutions because they don’t have one. He won’t say it, but I bet he wants to be the one redistributing the wealth of Wall St. (Some pigs are more equal than others…)
He will not create a level playing field.
He will not legalize the Constitution.
He will not return to honest money.
He will not End the Fed.
He will not protect property rights.
He will not let you have a choice.

His plan causes chaos to bring down a paradigm, only for him and his crew to fill the power vacuum, which is exactly what the Bolsheviks did in Russia. They got people all whipped up to take something down and in the void the Communists took absolute power. Attacking JP Morgan does not make them an ally, only another collectivist trying to get something for nothing.

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.” –U.S. Senator Daniel Webster

There are two Revolutions are coming to America.

The Constitutional Revolution has only happened once in history and created the last best hope for humanity.

The Collectivist Revolution has been tried hundreds of times throughout history.

It has a death toll and economic record so horrendous, only a psychopath could enjoy it.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost

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  • Scout

    Excellent analysis and presentation, SS. This site is becoming a daily digest for me, and is highly recommended to my friends and fellow lovers of liberty. Keep up the good works and the good fight!

  • Jay

    Us on the same page, seem to talk about it at he same time !
    I mentioned the psychopaths we have running our country and doo doo heads getting us into Libya and expecting us to just yes.Where’s the Left these days?Yes ,we will have some kind of awakening and I hope the thieves and charlatans clear our before we have to bloody our hands.
    I just hope enough of us are ready to do the right things because a lot of people are going to find themselves looking for a Robespierre.

  • Vind Iswat

    excellent article !!
    It is good to see your articles linked on Business Insider and Max K.
    Keep up the good work .
    Respect Vind Europe

  • Vind Iswat Here something by Karl Denninger making a case for the Lerner person and his idea.
    For your information .

    Respect Vind

  • MyDarkSide

    Any revolution. of any real means, for any reason in this country, will be a violent one. Wars of words have shown they solve nothing.

  • Mark

    Our real enemy is not Wall Street or the politicians. Politicians will do what we demand of them. Wall Street will follow the law if Congress makes them. The real enemy are the people that have been screaming the loudest for the last 80 years and have completely destroyed our culture – the communists (or “social justice” creeps. At least 50% of the population will fight violently against any change that does not involve massive wealth redistribution via Government. This takes away one of the main tenets of the change – that what you earn is yours to keep. This cultural infighting will be enough to prevent us from taking control of our politicians and thus ever taking control of Wall St. or returning to true free enterprise. One thing we know is that these people never, ever, ever shut up. And not a single culture in 100 years has had the balls to do a damn thing about it. Politicians, bankers, businessmen, they’ll ultimately go whichever way the wind is blowing. But 50% of our population at least will blow up the entire country if “benefits” are not constantly expanded. Think Wisconsin on steroids. And they own the schools, universities and most of the media, and THEY NEVER SHUT UP, and they don’t mind getting violent. And the rest of us have been so robbed of the courage of our convictions over 80 years of indoctrination, they will win.

    At this point, only a world-altering natural disaster will save Western Civilization.

  • George

    In a World of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary!

    43 Million+ Households on Food Stamps. Countless more receiving Welfare Checks. Retired City, County, and State Employees receiving Pension Checks. Millions receiving Unemployment Checks. Plus the Government Retired Employees Pensions.

    These people will have conniption-fit when and if those checks stop coming.
    These people will be the force that will be against any changing for the betterment of mankind. They live completely off the government hand out.

    A revolution in the USA is so past due and needed so badly. As we have seen words can never take power away from tyrants. It has always had to be removed with physical, violent, and bloody force and loss of many lives.

    The USA’s next revolution will be no different. That being said, makes me sad.

    We truly need our men and women of the armed forces home on their native soil to help.

    May God Bless us all, for what we have done.

  • bp

    A large group of us are going the constitutional path pretty much as he describes.

    See the Republic for the united States of America

    We are looking for leaders and members without ego’s. Please join us in our efforts to participate in freedom. We call the existing government “the de-facto”. The true government is the “de-Jure” meaning of the law and that is what we have re-inhabited. We operate completely in a peaceful maner. We are at war with no-one.

    You will see many conflicting messages about us out there but that is the de-facto government trying to destroy what we have lawfully done. The more succesful we become, the more they attack us by spreading rumors and lies.

    We are the real deal.

    Check us out and listen to the weekly recordings.

  • Mike Holiday

    Under the laws of the Republic congress wss curtailed by those laws. (Constitutional law is control of the few by the many) Under Democracy the congress is not controlled by the law. (Democrary is the control of the many by the few.) Under the Republic fiat money was not allowed.
    Unfortunately in the U.S a large sector of the public waa/is state raised ie, social security, welfare, free this, free that. Those in this sector do not understand what freedom as they have become addicted to government benefits.
    They believe they are enntitled to benefits which historically they have received.
    Per the above a constitutional revolution (peaceful one) will be very difficult to achieve. However, as the government benefits disolve the state raised sector may begin to realize what freedom means and opt for the peaceful way. Time will tell.

  • Vind Iswat Lerner in defence of himself and the/his? plan.
    For all your information.

    Respect Vind Iswat Europe

  • David Johnson

    The elite politicians/banksters control the news media. Americans that
    watch televison every day are being influenced on what way they should
    think. The word for it has been coined “sheeple”. I am sure there are
    plans already in place by the elite for for WTSHTF to have many televison broadcasts (maybe some broadcast from the United Nations Headquarters to make it look good!)reassuring the public that “all” we can get through it by having a one world currency, one world government,etc. Younger americans cannot stand to go without their “stuff” for very long and will be willing to follow anyone that promises a quick fix.

  • Long Distance Operator

    “MARK” @ 3/25/11 – 3:38pm……..has nailed it down!!!!! He’s absolutely spot on w/ his assessment!
    The only problem is, he failed/neglected to specifically “identify” the ultimate culprits…by name/ethnicity!!!! So for all the “lost & frustrated” concerned posters/readers, I will point the finger & identify real “enemy”…..

    FYI folks,…its the nefarious “jew”!!!!!
    Should you endeavor to research & follow the money trail…one will discover that every bill/law/social program & indoctrination course that has been detrimental to the United States/Western Civilization….leads/traces back to jewish control/influence/designs/agenda!!!!! The ongoing catastrophic destruction/collapse of countries/economies/governments & Western Civilization itself, is not merely happenstance.
    Global mayhem on an industrial scale, only occurs via an (evil) intelligent design/guidance.
    The nefarious “Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion” are being implemented world-wide…..the text is simply too close a match to today’s myriad crisis, for it to be a mere coincidence. Our survival is dependent upon all of us…knowing & identifying the “real enemies of GOD & mankind”……evil is thy name, jew!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silver Shield

      At the end of the day it is us that is the problem.

      “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

      Divide and conquer plays into the Elite’s plan.

      They laugh at us while we blame our brother and sisters for our troubles.

      We blame those caught in the same paradigm as us.

      We should be looking up at the creators of our paradigm, the Elite headed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

      Instead of attacking the Jews or any other group try to attack ideas like collectivism or racism and the individuals that promote those ideas.

      Zionism is an idea and its head is the Rothschilds.

      American Empire is an idea and its head is the Rockefellers.

      NeoCon is the evil hybrid of the two that is going to make a come back in 2012.

      All war is based on racism.

      The Elite use war and debt to control us.

      Take away the Elite’s power and you will see that you have much more in common with our brothers and sisters of all races and religion.

      Most people want to do what they want to do.
      Love who they want to love.
      and be let the fuck alone.

  • Twisted Titan

    Keep cranking out the hits Chris

    Good stuff!!!

  • Lord Vader

    I’ve been waiting for you, Obi-wan (I like the light sabers in the picture).

  • This looks to be a good site. Lots of good articles, especially this one.Lots of good, sensible comments: especially,

    At the end of the day it is us that is the problem.

    “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

    And add this one from me and Pogo: “We has met the enemy and he is US!”

    So, my question would be: What does this site propose that We The People do to initiate a peaceful constitutional revoution? No offense, but all I see is great writings and great comments. Does anyone want to actually DO SOMETHING?

    • Silver Shield

      There is no reforming the system in my opinion.
      The cancerous excesses are too far and wide to cure and quite frankly the only way for most to wake up is for them to hit rock bottom.
      Any efforts at reform may only prolong the inevitable collapse.

      “Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes.” Alexander Haig

      My mission is to educate enough people through the Sons of Liberty Academy to first become aware of the real cause of our problems.
      The next part is for them to prepare for impact by divest themselves of paper assets into real tangible assets.
      The last part depends on if we have a new Dark Ages or a new Renaissance.
      If things get bad, I hope to have a group of fully aware and dedicated patriots that can fight a leaderless resistance with the skills from the Academy.
      If things get good, I hope to have a group of fully aware and dedicated patriots that can invest their new found wealth into opportunities that present themselves in the new paradigm.

  • John De Herrera

    That which is killing us is Politics As Usual, that’s what gives institutionalized corruption its cover to keep moving forward against us. The convention clause of Article V of the Constitution is a three-part national discussion that stops Politics As Usual dead in its tracks.

    1) The national discussion of electing delegates.
    2) The national discussion of the acutual deliberative assembly of the Article V Convention.
    3) The national discussion of what might be ratified.

    These things are what the Powers That Be do not want to happen. Yet, the constitutional process of convoking and convening a convention will re-educate the entire nation in one fell swoop, and immediately expose anyone who is insincere.

    If Politics as Usual, the never-ending corporate media narrative is what’s killing us, the Article V Convention dismantles it, and galvanizes the people against the criminals.

  • Raj

    I just finished the 10 modules of the sons of liberty academy, I have never been so educated and aware, in such a short time. I can know have a game plan and see my role more clearly. It all makes sense. It is very important to understand what is going on in our world and how to fight against it most effectively…..45 hours of video is a lot of information (I spend 3 weeks day and night, going through the course). I would look for information on my own and it would take me a lot of time but to have it done and just to be able to build on that is great.
    I do appreciate it to be free otherwise I would not be able to take it.

  • gseattle

    “They would eliminate the Fed and the ability for them to print money out of thin air that taxes us through inflation.”

    Correct I think, though I thought they mainly tax us through taxes. The Federal Reserve loans money to the U.S. Government *with interest* and that interest is paid thru our taxes, no?

    Instead, we need to end the Federal Reserve ASAP. Simply inform them we will no longer pay them. Our government would simply print money from the Treasury and spend it on public works projects, no debt involved, and that money would make its way into society. Strange as it may sound, there isn’t even any need for anything to back it. That’s how Rome became a great power. Question: Is it the case that every U.S. President who was shot was trying to do just that? Lincoln’s Greenbacks for example?

    See The Secret of Oz:

  • Leon Hiett

    Four Presidents have made directives to end the banking system in America. All four have been shot and killed. Each has been carefully covered up so as to not reveal who was behind the assinations. I have lived through only one of them. When John F. Kennedy signed the directive to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank System, he was killed two weeks later here in Dallas.
    When Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One sitting at Love Field before take off to Washington, he cancelled that directive thus insuring his terms in office. He quit two years later after a very filthy adminsitration on his part in a sudden announcement that he would not run again. We have gone down further since to where we are today. I regret that our nation is going to fall like a ‘ripe grapefruit’ as Commrad Kreushev (sp?) said it would would. He knew what was going on, but we don’t. The same race of people that ruined Russia, is doing the same here. They will not let it fail entirely, so as to keep their yachts and play toys working. They will have enough silver and gold to insure this.
    the Secret of Oz is very correst!!
    You and I will probably live long enough to see this happen.
    I may not because of my age, but any case…..
    I know the future…
    God Wins!!!
    Leon Hiett

  • Greg

    All of this is very true but empty. You forget that America was founded on a strong love of God and Christian priciples. Without that moral stability, we have rampant greed and corruption. Morality is up to the user so to speak. Amazing how you find history relevant up to the point that most of the founders and revolutionaries trusted in God.

  • Raise the debt ceiling or not the bankers and pols will get the gold and the taxpayer will get the shaft.

  • Sean

    I get as much education reading responses to articles as I do from the articles themselves. You guys/gals are all great. (Chris, your a great mediator. Your able to keep the main thing the main thing.)
    We are all born free. Freedom wells up from within us. The expression of that freedom can not be denied. You all exemplify this by your varied responses and thought processes. Keep sharing. “All” of your comments are insightful and help all of us to see the world we live in now and the new paradigm to come.
    Thank you.
    Life is a daring bold adventure or nothing at all.

  • Ed

    Man AMERICANS need to wake up the zionist have brainwashed americans in every sense even they made their own sect of christianiyt to support israel christian zionism Christianity has been around 1000s of yrs but dumb americans dont realize that they are supporting genocied they have even added stuff to the bible to make americans like jews and have taken out stuff because they controll publishing houses in america even the ones that make the bible beleive it or not THE NIV bible has stuff taken out and changed to suit them believe it or not compare it to the KJV version zionists are very sick people all they care about is themselves a look at zionist atrocities:
    killing of thousands of palestinians demolishing and destroying their homes
    killed americans in uss liberty and strike on egypt and syria not preemptive like zionist media tells it was mediated slaughter
    1991- gulf war was a zionist invention a aipac member told saddam that if he went into iraq america would have nothing to do with to get america to fight iraq and build bases in arab lands to secure israel which then made bin laden attack the USA
    100000s of iraqis killed
    1991-2003- Sanctions on IRAQ killed 1.5 MILLION IRAQI CHILDREN!!!!!! also one of reasons elqaeda attacked USA done through puppet us govt heavily endorsed by AIPAC.
    2001- 9/11 israel had people in CIA that allowed for binladen to attack USA he did bc of reasons mentioned above but they allowed for this to happed so USA can retaliate and attack iraq and afghanistan for israels interest and build bases to protect israel while us does fight dying.
    JEWISH AMERICANS AS % of troops killed in iraq and afghanistan less than 0.005% if not 0%

    only benefactor in all this israel and SICK SICK Zionists


  • Benjamin

    The Constitution was written by a bunch of slave-owning white men who wanted to keep “the rabble” (as they would have called YOU) from participating too much in government.

    “Those who own the country ought to govern it” ~James Madison, co-author of the Constitution.

    If you really want to have a discussion about what kind of government we should have, let’s have it; I’m sick of discussing what kind of government a bunch of aristocrats in Philadelphia 1787 wanted.

  • mikael

    Democracy, is ballance.
    Democracy is also about conrtolling that ballance, in all sosietys from time immemorial. There has to be a ballance between forces or sides in every wilage.
    Democracy is to gard the envrioment that is or basic capital and where we can harwest for sale, and behind all this comerces lies the Ballance.
    Any influence in to that ballance, like overfishing, has consequencess and can inflikt damages to the rest of the capital base, the invriroment.

    The Law is very simple and based on milleniums of expiriences, take waht you need, and respect life. Make shure the rest has a optimal chance to survive to next season. We have for a long time ago, layed the fundamenst of our own doom.

    The payday is coming, and we cant blame anyone but our selfs.

    Read one of the few books that actualy gives you a glimse into the oldworlds democratic systems, and thats even writen by a Nativ American.
    H. Storms. LightningBolt
    A rich blend of spiritual adventure, lyrical beauty, profound wisdom, and love, Lightningbolt delivers a courageous and timely message–that the Medicine Wheels are an inheritance that belongs to all of Earth’s peoples. They have the power to transform not only each individual but also the course of humanity. The legacy of the Medicine Wheels renews our understanding of the true intelligence of our Sacred Mother Earth, and teaches that without healing of the Self there can be no healing of the world.

    Read it.

  • Quote “The Constitutional solution would be to hack at the root of the evil on Wall St and get rid of the Fed, debt based fiat currency and fractional reserve banking”

    I used to accept that statement as being true and agree that the root is indeed, the money system. But upon further analysis, how is the money system able to survive? It is vital importance to the life of the government that it exists. And what is the most basic role ascribed to government, even by the Constitution? The Law.

    It is true, that the Constitution makes no provision for fiat, debt based paper money. But if the Constitution was ignored the first time, (3 times in fact since it’s adoption), by what power can the Constitution deny its return? The Constitution created and gives sanction to the very institution that wanted the fiat and debt based monetary banking system to exist.

    If you are for free markets in principle, then no exceptions can be made. If you make exceptions, then your position is unprincipled and arbitrary. The root and source of the monetary system is the monopoly system of Law, which is the primary purpose of the Federal Government that the Constitution establishes. Law is a scarce economic good and therefore can only be provided justly by the ‘law’ of supply and demand through voluntary exchange.

    If you are for a free market society, then you must be for a stateless society. Surely people object on practical grounds, for perhaps lack of understanding or imagination of how such a society of competing legal systems could operate, but that is secondary to the consideration of whether the idea of a free market is a principle in truth and not just an excuse to have our personal desires fulfilled only in certain areas of economics, but not in others.

    I close with the words from Lysander Spooner, “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

    The root is the monopoly on Law.

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