Silver Shield Report #13- What Could, Would and Should Happen in 2012

This Silver Shield Report cover what could, would and should happen in 2012.  I took a great deal amount of time  thinking about what lies ahead in this coming year of doom.  Unlike many prediction pieces, there are no dates, only themes.  The idea is to get ideas out there so that IF they happen, you are aware and hopefully prepared.

We are in for a confluence of issues in a paradigm shifting era as the irresistible force paradox comedy plays out.  The unstoppable fiat illusion meets the immovable reality of a limited world.  This special first of the year report covers politics, economics, war, psychology, and the many other issues including what I feel is the single most important event in 2012 that will effect everything , everywhere. (This is BEFORE the dollar collapse.)   I hope you enjoy this Report as much as I did putting it together.

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0:00 2012- The Year of The Doom

0:22 Once you are aware you think everyone else is and that the end is near.

1:21 Revisiting Fiat Illusions and Real Dangers

2:30 The Mental Shift- Hyperinflation is NOT a monetary event. It is a psychological event.

3:26 What Could, Would and Should Happen

4:10 The Perfect Example is Silver- Just because it hasn’t happened does not mean that is not going to happen.

6:40 You can’t kick the can down the road.

7:14 The most important event in 2012 is the $8 Trillion in sovereign debt that needs to be rolled over.

10:01 Two Different Stories of Debt- Those that don’t print their own debt will see interest rise tremendously and those that can print their own debt will hyper inflate.

11:36 Hyper inflation- the most devious way to revamp the system.

14:40  Rollover

24:24 This will happen overnight and without warning

25:16 Confiscation of Retirement funds to fund the debt?

27:16 Out with the PIIGS

27:41 The Least Important Election Ever- Watch for the Neo Con VPs

29:33 Obama could still win

30:35 Ron Paul’s True Legacy

33:18  The Status Quo Will Be Defended At All Costs- Austerity is Coming

34:42 The 3 Challenges The Paradigm Faces-

  1. Anti Hegemon- China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, South Africa- The Military Industrial Complex is the Trump Card
  2. The Mathematically Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar- Need to bring about another currency.
  3. The Domestic/ Information/Truth/Patriot Movement Domestically- The truth movement threatens to expose the real source of our problems.

38:09 The Resource Wars Intensify- Not necessarily for the resources as much as the perception that our dollars can buy those resources.

39:25 Watch for huge North American Oil Reserves come on line as soon as the Petro Dollar is collapsed.

45:49 War with Iran

53:46 Dominate the Energy, Dominate the Anti Hegemon

54:30 Another Major Reason Why Gaddafi Had To Be Taken Out- The Great Man Made River Project

57:04 Darfur is about Chinese Oil Not Civil Wars.

57:48 Starts with small conflicts that leads into hotter conflicts.

58:54 3 Major Markers To the Next Phase of War.

  1. Osama “officially” Dead.
  2. “Pulling Out” Out of Iraq.
  3. Military Industrial Complex Threatened to Cut Budget.

1:00:30 Iran Is Very Unwise to Flex Its Muscle in Hormuz- They are dealing with a group that is just itching for a fight.

1:01:52 The Ultimate Goal is the Caspian Sea- The pivot point in the Grand Chessboard.

1:03:29 Putin is Back

1:06:30 China is the key in the next year and century

1:08:36 Paradigm Shifting Weapons

1:09:56 Who Will Pull The Trigger?

1:11:14 China Limited to Regional Aspirations- Too Old.

1:11:54 Bring the War at Home.

1:12:54 The Smartest Thing the Elite Should Do is a Debt Jubilee

1:15:15 Massive Decentralization

1:15:45 Two Tier Monetary Systems- SDR’s for Corporations and International Trade and game points, monopoly money domestically. The Bankers get their one world currency while allowing the illusion of national money.

1:17:52 Confiscation Scenario.

1:19:52 Spring More Euro Crisis, Summer focus on the Dollar. “We are going to kill the dollar.” 😮

1:22:05 Measuring garbage against garbage the Fiat Riddle

1:24:06 When the Physical Market Takes Over the Paper Market, Game Over.

1:25:30 The Silver Double Bottom

1:28:10 The Commercial Short Interest Lowest in A Decade in Silver.

1:30:48 The Global Game of Gold and Silver

1:31:46 The Largest Market in the World Goes to ZERO.

1:32:32 2008 x 10= 2012 The gut reaction of what you should have done in 2008 should be done for this big one.

1:33:48 The Shadow Inventory

1:35:21 The Rise of the American Oligarchs- The rise of the Russian Oligarchs was the most successful investors in distressed times and it will be a format for the Elite buy up the real assets of a destroyed nation.

1:39:23 The Reigns Tighten Here at Home Two Americas Urban Mess and the rest.

1:40:50 Urban Areas- Police State or Oblivion

1:42:32 Tea Party and OWS disintegrate.

1:44:16 Urban Gangs vs. Suburban Militias

1:45:26 Generational Conflict

1:46:01 Corruption Normalization

1:48:05 Succession, Nullification, and Decentralization

1:49:25 More Laws Bring More Tyranny- NDAA, SOPA and TSA

1:50:15 Drop In Cell Phone Usage As People Want Privacy and Detachment

1:51:21 Anonymous Steps Up and Takes a Hit.  Secrecy is the Elites power and the hackers are Toto pulling back the curtain.

1:52:56 If I Go Dark, You Should Too.  If things get bad enough, I will shut down the sites and cut all communication.  Use your logic to if you hear something from me that does not make sense.  At some point the storm will pass and then we can start doing something productive.

1:56:03 The Alien Card-  If things get bad enough the Elite could use a paradigm shift of Aliens to get the masses to run back to the protective arms of the Elite.  If this happens you can be sure it is just another War of the Worlds psyop to control you.

UN to have Alien Ambassador

The Vatican and the Possibility of Aliens

The Vatican One World Bank

The overarching theme is that there must be someone or something else to divert our attention from the REAL cause of these problems we face and that is the Elite that own and control our paradigm.

14 comments to Silver Shield Report #13- What Could, Would and Should Happen in 2012

  • Pete Bonicelli Jr.

    Thanks Chris!!!!!

  • Mary Dougherty

    Please don’t go dark!!!! We need you.

  • Cardwell Lynch II

    What Movie is that at the 14:00 (min)? It sounds good. You said it was in the 1980’s?

  • Jerry Zimmer

    The movie is “Rollover”! I found it at Netflix. 1981. It is in my que.

  • Roger Moore

    Chris, great summary as usual. I typically hang on your every word, but I gotta call you on one thing. I don’t think the evidence shows at all that TPTB have alot of secret oil reserves. Yes, there is alot of shale oil, however this is not the oil that humanity can afford to burn because the energy return on investment (EROI) is so bad. Big easy conventional deposits of light sweet crude would get snorted up like a line of cocaine to enrich the guys in charge, they wouldn’t just let it sit ther. Of course, my opinion would change if someone came up with hard evidence to the contrary.

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work.

    • Silver Shield

      Funny I have an article from the NYT? Or one of those guys that says the US will be the largest energy producer in three years. Google US largest energy producer. We have a lot of untapped energy.

      • Roger Moore

        I hope this viewpoint doesn’t make me the black sheep at this blogspot since I like it so much. However, I think it’s drastically important we understand the oil situation as well as for example, the silver story.

        Sure, there’s essentially infinite energy out there, but between now and hyperinflation it’s about cost of extraction, not quantity available. For a very limited time, a busload of obese tourists from Cleveland can fly to the pyramids in Egypt and actually expend more energy than it took to build the pyramids, as if that’s normal. Cheap conventional crude oil was a 1-time lottery ticket for humanity and it’s essentially tapped out, now left with the sludge at the bottom of the barrel: deep ocean, shale oil, tar sands. The propaganda machine did not fake the BP oil spill.

        I understand demand is dropping right now and the current price increase has alot to do with inflation etc…, but the fact remains that peak (cheap) oil is deadly real.

        Someday maybe, limitless energy per capita with a new paradigm, but not while trapped within this central banker box.

        • Silver Shield

          We have a very open minded group here so don’t be afraid to challenge things…
          Just be ready to use your logic to defend.

          I agree that cheap oil is dead for most of the world.
          I do believe that there is major oil sources in US that will provide another huge boost but for the most part yes we blew through most of the easiest oil and paid for it with debt paper.

          We are not Beverly Hill Billies tripping over oil.
          We are in 5 miles of ocean drilling another 6 miles deep.

          I do believe that there is energy out there that would make oil less important like Thorium Reactors and Solar but that would be against those that own and control this paradigm.

  • Roger Moore

    I’ve got a giant pole-tracking solar panel in my backyard that looks out of place and will probably make me a target.

  • James Tetreault

    Very good stuff, Chris. My only quibble is with the argument you make early on that the U.S. government might effectively confiscate 401K’s and IRA’s and force that money to buy treasury bonds. It’s not that I disagree that this is possible. I just think there are at least a couple factors which would make them hesitant. One is that this would crush the stock market to take this money away from Wall Street and the other is that this would be like a double shot of espresso mixed in with a bottle of Jolt soda with a couple Vivarin pills tossed in for good measure administered to the sleepy, passive populace.

  • martin vazquez

    26:07 talking about mf global, I´m very surprised to read this from a person like george ure: “The report that the CFTC has called an emergency meeting for July 2th to deal with the bankruptcy of PFGBest is a little late, tardy, and lame. I will let you know how it goes when I try to move some of my own money out of a commodities account I had there. Fortunately, it’s a small amount.”

  • Christopher Smith

    Nice to go through this a year later and see what has come to pass and more importantly the talking points that have not or have yet to occur. As always, great talk and thanks.

  • Steve Canuck

    On Two Tier Monetary Systems of “game points” money… These presentations are from DICE conference but really highlight the current mechanism used to control people for points & rewards.. but Jesse then proposes when non-exploitative uses can be used to influence good in the world. He uses the same examples as good school work, high gas mileage, etc..

    Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocalypse (long version)

    Jesse Schell: When games invade real life (shorter concise version)

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