The Silent Coup, Para Militarization And The New Reich

Big finance enslaves us with the crushing debt of upside down mortgages.  Due to collapsing housing prices, caused by their blatant frauds. Our constitutional Scholar in Chief signs away our 1st, 4th, 5th 6th, and 8th amendment rights and the military industrial complex pushes to replace potential declines in foreign defense spending with an increase in domestic spending to para militarize state and local police forces as well as Homeland Security Forces.  Further, the President gamed the NDAA and officially repealed the longstanding Posse Comitatus Act, making it legal to use the Military on US soil against Americans.

Sans the rail cars and cyanide, with “our real leaders”; the money power elite, confiscating citizens assets via the MF Global grift and other financial manipulation, all done with the backing of the courts and regulators, tell me, how is this different from the Nazis?

We are Argentina! We are Greece.  The Structural Adjustment policies the IMF and World Bank have viciously employed across the globe to extract wealth and install a New World Order of Debt Slavery Economics is now storming the beaches of America.  With front line defenses failing, our continued silence will have profound consequences.


Recent word is the Euro-techno-trash leaders of the un-sovereign will be calling on the subjects of Greece to accept ( forced), new austerity measures so the banks can maintain their wealth extraction operations.  The Greek pawns however, may rise again in a more bloody resistance to fight these money power sociopaths (See: GREEK RIOT DOG’S BRAVE NEW FRIENDS: Why It’s Happening).   It wont be easy facing the ECB, EU,  the IMF and if needed, the full measure of the Western power structure.  Like Libya they stand as an easy target, to be made an example of.  Perhaps that’s what the American people need to see before they can begin to connect the dots, but don’t bet on it.  While this unfolds we will likely be distracted by yet another ‘necessary’ conflict in the Mid East (Syria?), as the 1% of the 1%’s Goose steps the balance of man ever closer to a global calamity.  –  The Stock Market & The ‘Paranormal’ Spiral Of Debt

We have warned and warned of the decimation of our liberties and the push toward a police state. These warnings have been met with the manifestation of those developments we feared.  And the NDAA is a sad culmination of laws long broken now legitimized.  Few however,  seem concerned.

So what lies in the future of our ‘American exceptionalism’ and post 9/11 patriotic blood lust?

“It may seem crazy but could it be just a mater of time before some Joystick cowboy in Nevada starts taking out Americans right here in the good old USA?”  – The Disappearance of Chivalry – George Santayana & Murder By Joystick


qui tacet consentire videtur!

 There’s something solid forming in the air,
And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square.
No-one seems to care,
They carry on as if nothing was there.

The wind is blowing harder now,
Blowing dust into my eyes.
The dust settles on my skin,
Making a crust I cannot move in
And I’m hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway.

Echoes of The Broadway Everglades
With their mythical madonnas still walking in their shades:
Lenny Bruce delcares a truce and plays his other hand
Marshall McLuhan, casual viewin’, head buried in the sand.
Sirens on the rooftops wailing, but there’s no ships sailing.
Groucho, with his movies trailing, stands alone with his punchline failing…

Genesis: “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

In the tune “The Chamber of 32 Doors” (Below) Peter Gabriel and Genesis could have been referring to the Hegelian Dialectic and the intelligence of building relations with locals who are intimately involved in the essential trades of survival.  The subject first notes the tendency to find collective solutions in “They try to find themselves an audience; their deductions need applause.”  He then finds that every solution “With everything that I hear” brings him back with no real resolution.  All he is left with is his fear that the social barkers are only to eager to reinforce.  Mid way through the subject realizes the one truth that can save him when he proclaims “I’ve Got To Find My Own Way!, but then he falls back into believing if he were to give up his very essence, someone would come along and save him.  For the one thing all power structures despise is an educated free thinking citizenry.
At the top of the stairs, there’s hundreds of people,
running around to all the doors.
They try to find themselves an audience;
their deductions need applause

The rich man stands in front of me,
The poor man behind my back.
They believe they can control the game,
but the juggler holds another pack.

I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.
I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.

I’d rather trust a countryman than a townman,
You can judge by his eyes, take a look if you can,
He’ll smile through his guard,
Survival trains hard.

I’d rather trust a man who works with his hands,
He looks at you once, you know he understands,
Don’t need any shield,
When you’re out in the field.

But down here,
I’m so alone with my fear,
With everything that I hear.
And every single door, that I’ve walked through
Brings me back, back here again,
I’ve got to find my own way…

I’d rather trust a man who doesn’t shout what he’s found,
There’s no need to sell if you’re homeward bound.
If I choose a side,
He won’t take me for a ride.

Back inside
This chamber of so many doors;
I’ve nowhere, nowhere to hide.
I’d give you all of my dreams, if you’d help me,
Find a door
That doesn’t lead me back again
– take me away.


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5 comments to The Silent Coup, Para Militarization And The New Reich

  • Flyingcloud

    concerning the mentioning of “Nazis” or Third Reich in your article:

    I’m from Germany and I’m not touchy in behalf of Nazi or Third Reich comparisons, because from childhood on I’m used to submit to anyone who accuses us Germans because of our past. But now I started to look closer to German history, and I can tell that the closer you look, the less all history “knowledge” of that time remains the same. In fact, it seems that there’s no single brick to stay in its former place. I’m not saying much more because every topic has its own place and time. But it’s worth a closer look.

    I’d just say: It has maybe something to do with the Americans, British, French, Russians, because, what if the Nazis weren’t that bad, could it still be, that the other war partys were that good? There are hints that it could have been very different than you or we learned at school.

  • Flyingcloud:

    That was then. You had nothing to do with it though, I appreciate what you are saying. The victors write the history which is used to push their agenda. Stalin was also a psychopath whose murderous rule Killed 20 million Eastern Europeans.

    National, religious or racial prejudice has nothing to do with the argument. The world spins out of control at the hand of a few maniacs when the whole of society allows it. This is the Banality of Evil and its ultimate price is societal collapse and death. It is the bane of mans existence because history repeats itself and we fail to take action to change course before it is to late.

    The second half of the American Century and our domination was enjoyed to a great extent because the rest of the industrial world was devastated after the war. We were virtually unscathed. To avoid our own great economic decline and maintain production capacity we helped other countries recover with the Marshal Plan and other investments.

    What is most shocking is that within 35 years we had reached our pinnacle and since that time the facade of wealth has actually been sustained by a few at the top extracting wealth from the many, All the while they have increased their control over a system that was to support equal liberty for all. This is not a leadership problem, though the trash must be taken out. This is a societal problem and a failure of “We the People” for allowing our representatives to exempt themselves from the rule of law and their failure to uphold the social contract or constitution of the REPUBLIC.


    When our representatives cease to uphold and defend the Constitution, put themselves above the law and serve a few at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE they should by charged with treason and thus forced from office.

  • Flyingcloud

    Thanks for the reply, I know what you mean, it was the way I thought myself since school days.

    The topic I mean hasn’t been covered in mainstream media very often, but what if there’s something about what Iran’s Ahmedinedjad said a few years ago:,,2149241,00.html

    Why is it forbidden to neutrally research the facts, or even ask questions on the how, where and when.

    What I mean is: Maybe the group of people you compare with the Nazis are about the same group of people who (like Ahmedinedjad said) “invented” the Nazis as the world’s worst bad guys.

    What is he talking about? He isn’t stupid. But maybe one of the very few whom “they” can’t censor”

  • Flyingcloud:

    I think to deny the Holocaust is plain wrong. There is far to much evidence. Using it as propaganda to promote Israels adoption of many of the same Nazi tactics and not call them out on it is also wrong.

    I take no pride in looking at this mater and believe the taking of one life is destructive to all of humanity but, the facts have been manipulated to support an agenda. The Jewish slaughter was part of a much larger genocide that probably saw over 10,000,000 Eastern Slavic peoples and 5.5 million Jews killed in what is categorized as Genocide. Total dead goes much higher.

    Horrific as that is research shows the Soviet and Chinese regimes have far more blood on their hands.

    Pretty extensive work can be found in

    By R.J. Rummel

    See table 1.1 –

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