Rumor Mill: CME Death Watch

Charlie Gasparino is one of the only financial journalists that I listen to. It looks like the MF Global scandal is moving up the chain to the CME.  This could send repercussions into the physical silver market as the theme of counter party risk of 2012 creeps into society’s thinking.  The criminality is systemic and normalized.  Even more reason to get your money out of ALL paper assets and into REAL assets like physical silver.

3 comments to Rumor Mill: CME Death Watch

  • The problem is not the regulation or the lack thereof. The problem is the lack of personal liability. If a person or the owners of an institution had personal liability to their actions in the market, whether the threat of incarceration or the loss of their personal fortunes, there would be no shenanigans. It would be impossible. Those who engaged in MF Global type theft would find themselves poor and in jail and their counterparts would run away like scalded pigs from any activity that could land them in jail. A psychopath might be crazy, but he is not brave.

  • Silverfox

    If the CME is broken up, how would that affect the ability of the criminals to manipulate the price of PM’s?

  • @Silverfox, it wont. It is merely window dressing. TPTB will ensure that any new regulatory scheme only helps to hide their manipulation and load up their through with more of your wealth.

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