Why the S Will Never HTF

Our Elites are smart and cautious. They don’t want turbulence. They want the pump to run smoothly. Cornered people, on the other hand, are brave and uncontrollable. What should we expect then?

Inflation is unacceptable because the Elite don’t want today’s credits to be paid off in yet more worthless digits.
Deflation is unacceptable because it means less food for the machine.

What, then, can our wise overlords come up with?

They will raise all prices gradually: gas, food, medical, education, every sneeze that is free today will cost you a dollar next year. Cash will be outlawed. Anyone unhappy with the scheme will disappear, which will only serve to boost the performance of others.

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  • Ben


    That is the scenario that I see playing out. The squeeze is on. Things will/could get bad. But the question remains….how bad? Could they control a chaotic electorate? Say, a group of 7,000 well-funded and well organized citizens who could wreak havoc on the nation’s capital and infrastructure? Not by military or paramilitary means, but technologically. Believe me, those types of people our out there and if they ever became organized…I am not so sure they could be stopped. It’s kind of a scary thought. You wonder what the outcome of such tactics would bring about in our society.

    On the other hand, you spoke of people dissappearing. There is a small part of me that always wonders about the PTB. If they want their so-called “Scientific Dictatorship” or utopia….why don’t they just fire up the Buff’s(B-52’s) and gives us all a nice dose of lysergic acid diethylamide…or maybe something more lethal. Why don’t they get it over with? Quit dilly-dallying and get rid of a bunch of us and put your system in place.

    Maybe that was a little too extreme. Perhaps we better watch what we say.


  • Mustafa Cohen

    But the question remains….how bad?

    My point is that things cannot be allowed to get so bad that an average citizen springs up to his feet and says “That’s it. I can’t stand it any more.” Slow boiling frog.

    why don’t they just fire up the Buff’s(B-52′s) and gives us all a nice dose of […] something more lethal.

    I have been wondering about it for a couple of years already. First, I think that swine flu and stuff like this can be tests. Did you notice that genetic testing, which was becoming accessible to anyone at $100ish, did not become the next big thing? I believe the Gov may be working on isolating groups of people by genes: obese, red-headed, tall, strong, ambidextrous, anything specific. When the time comes, they will reduce the world population by dumping something special on one or more of these groups from B-52s. I am not saying they will do this, I am not saying this is doable, what I am saying is don’t be surprised when/if it happens.

    Also, having a potential workforce of 300M looks better when you come to China for a credit than a potential workforce of 10M.

    And it allows for a lot more bureaucracy.

    This is why, I think, we are all still around.

  • Ben


    But I think it is out of our control. All we can do right now is to continue to sharpen our minds with our mental whetstone.

    Good stuff.

  • Duder


  • Mustafa Cohen

    @Duder: HOW?!

  • This works so long as the controls can be kept. However, conflict and human interests often occur at all levels. Even within their own power structure, there is conflict. When the human interests become so diversified and fragmented, conflict will ensue and control can be lost, at least for a while. So while I agree that the power structure does not want loss of control, I do think we are living in a time where the controls are coming undone regardless of their attempts to maintain it, simply because the social consciousness is reaching a point of critical mass.

    Consider all that has happened in only the past 4 years. In 2008 I recall having conversations with people about the Federal Reserve being a private bank and most of the time I would be ostracized by even my own family members. Now, things such as the damages of Fluoride, Aspartame, GMO Food, the Federal Reserve being private and so on, are a common place discussion no matter where I go. The level of awareness is increasing at an exponential rate. People are beginning to realize that this machine is broken and many are beginning to stop fueling it.

    This is where I believe the controls are becoming undone. In order to effectively enslave a person, you must first break their mind. Well, for a great many, their minds are being awoken and their eyes can see clearly, maybe for the first time in their lives. More and more people can longer be fooled. Sure, there are still many that are playing the paradigm, but our side is growing like never before. Once the numbers are high enough and people can no longer be tricked into slavery, the masters are forced to use greater violence. Greater violence leads to greater exposure. Greater exposure leads to more resistance. Greater resistance can lead to the shit hitting the fan.

    I could be wrong, but for this reason and many others, is why I prepare for the worst, yet, still hope for a positive outcome. We’re living in a dying paradigm and things are accelerating toward a radical change. The only questions are:

    1) When will it happen?

    2) How will it happen?

    3) What exactly will happen?

    4) Who will be the final catalyst?

    5) What will be the end result?

    I’m sure the list could be expanded, but this is how I see it. I agree with your statements only so long as the controls and most importantly, the illusion, can be maintained. I think the frogs feel the heat and are beginning to jump from the pot. Before you know it, the frogs are all over the kitchen. You may catch a few, but the kitchen will be a wreck and most of the frogs will get away.

  • lastmanstanding

    @ mustafa…we must keep chipping way at freeing our minds…even if it is slowly.

    Everyday I try to move toward more freedom (mentally, physically and tangibly…I actually don’t know why I spend dark hours(and some light)during the winter finding the truth about the past…I have way more info than I need to realize what has been going on… and am moving to the future.

    There are good folks out there that KNOW that something is fucked up…but they have small kids and can’t just go hide in a hole (bigger hole I should say) and hope for the best….sooooo…I just visit them occasionally and “see how they are doing and gently give them some info.”

    I truly believe that Ron Paul is gaining strength…AGAINST ALL ODDS!!! ONLY TIME WILL TELL…we must live day by day, keeping our eye on the future.

    The people of this planet that want to remain/be free are the only answer.

  • bogbeagle

    Take a look at this latest video from Andrew Napolitano.

    He practically calls for violent insurrection. I wonder whether he is deliberately poking a sharp stick at the Establishment, so as to provoke a reaction? … perhaps arrest under the provisions of the NDAA.


  • I’ve had this conversation with several like minded friends. Some see it as a coming catastrophic event that will shut everything down ala “One Second After”, I am more of the mind of a slow painful death similar to Japan. If you analyze Japan, you can see the slow death of a civilization as private behaviors change in the individuals. Low birth rates, refusal to marry or start families and the day to day drudgery have made it a quiet death. Here in the US, although we do not have the homogeneous society that Japan has, I believe that the .gov can print benefits fast enough to keep the dependent population right above the starvation point while keeping the producers struggling to keep from falling into dependency.

    Sadly, I don’t see any societal changing single catastrophic event, even with the death of the dollar. We are too conditioned to accept our slavery to be otherwise. When the dollar dies, TPTB will just pull a “rentenmark” out of their backside and go back to stealing as usual.

  • Archangel

    Like the frog in a pot of water…..gradually heated to a boil. Then, they eat the soup.

  • Ben


    Excellent post.

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