Silver Shield Report #14- Exploring The Ultimate Exit Strategy

When I released the Ultimate Exit Strategy 3 months ago, it was met with a lot of interest.  It is by far one of my most advanced pieces of work I put out into the public domain.  It is a road map of how I feel we all can best position ourselves to create our own paradigm by being the change we want to see in the world.

Most people don’t realize how much talent, skills, passion and silver we have in our little community.  This can be the basis of something really special.  Especially in a world where we …

  • have trust in our community in a world suffering from massive counter party risk.
  • understand and practice free market capitalism in the face of collapsing collectivist systems.
  • have the same concern and passion for freedom.
  • have physical silver in the face of a mathematically inevitable fiat currency collapse.
  • want to leave the world a better place than we found it and create generational wealth.
  • are aware and prepared.

Today one of DTOM’s most passionate contributors, Crunchy Con Momma, interviews me about the Ultimate Exit Strategy to help clarify the vision I set forth.  This in-depth interview covers a wide range of topics  touching on questions I get everyday about how to build a positive future in the face of so much gloom and doom. My hope is to advance the conversation much like how the Committee of Correspondence did prior to the American Revolution.  I am enjoying this format and I hope you enjoy this next piece of the puzzle we are making here in the Silver Shield Report.

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0:00 Intro
2:10 Getting past the gloom and doom is what the Ultimate Exit Strategy is about.
5:07 How can we plan for the Ultimate Exit Strategy now?
11:05 Being light on your feet with your assets until “it” happens.
12:15 What are the requirements to become apart of the Ultimate Exit Strategy?
16:20 Who will be included?
19:13 How do we communicate if the system collapses?
24:40 Can we implement the Ultimate Exit Strategy if the system makes it through?
28:10 What lessons can we learn from the collapse of Russia?
30:45 Meetings help shape visions.
33:33 What would we focus on at these meetings?
36:41 How can we get to know the members better?
40:42 An example of community building.
44:05 How will the Elite let go of power?
48:33 What if the Elite trick us again?
51:53 Counter Party Risk
53:37 It is hard to free people who revere their chains.
1:00:26 Have purpose with your children and generational wealth.
1:02:20 What novel matches my vision of what is to come.
1:03:18 How can we help each other?
1:07:31 Joining existing groups, creating new ones.
1:09:47 Leaderless Resistance
1:14:11 What information will be important in the next paradigm?
1:17:13 Sheriffs and the Constitution as the law of the land.
1:19:11 Do we need a mission statement?
1:22:42 Pot of silver at the end of the rainbow.
1:23:38 What actions to take?
1:25:55 There is talk and then there is action; what do you do?

6 comments to Silver Shield Report #14- Exploring The Ultimate Exit Strategy

  • Barbara Gastelum

    I found this interview answered a lot of questions I had regarding Chris’ Ultimate Exit Strategy.
    Thank you both!!

  • Pete Bonicelli Jr.

    Thanks Chris!!!

  • Daniel Kypena

    this was definitely more along the lines of what is of interest to me as well. I’m interested in networking with like minded people.

  • Donna Collins

    I really enjoyed this interview, thank you Alisa & Chris. Nice to hear from one of the women out there, Alisa you asked great questions and I appreciate you being a voice for some of us “quiet” ones. Thank you

  • James Tetreault

    Very good stuff, again, Chris. I completely agree with you about Occupy Wall Street. But, you should know that the weird thing with repeating a speaker’s words is an attempt to get around a dopy New York City ordinance which prohibits speakers at demonstrations from using bullhorns. In order to amplify a speaker’s words, what people often have to do is what the OWS people did, the speaker stopping after each sentence and those closest to the podium or stand or whatever shout his words out. It does come off as bizarrely collectivist and that might be the mindset of those people but it’s just to get around a dumb nyc rule.

  • Christopher Smith

    Great talk and good to hear from another member.

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