44. Confiscation and Inflation

18 comments to 44. Confiscation and Inflation

  • Kheseph

    Your best video yet! Well done.
    Going to watch that movie Rollover. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Howard

    I just found out my I can’t get a gun license cuz I was charged for having an ounce of weed 10 yrs ago…, how sad is that ? Guess they thought I’d get high and start shooting randomly lol… Anyone kno how I can get around this ? I live in the great free country of Canada…

    • dillco

      Howard you need to get whats called a “pardon” there is company’s all over Canada that will help you. I used Express Pardons.

  • @ Howard
    Learn to fight with your hands!

  • JG

    Howard…are you by chance asking the good people on here to give you ideas on how to break “the law”.

    You are not by chance a ATF / FBI / DHS plant are you?

    You never can be too safe these days!

    Afterall…It is a dangerous thing to be right…when your government is wrong.

  • Brian

    Great vid! I scared the crap out of my parents a month ago with that film (Rollover). Hard to find a hard copy however (amazon had it).

  • Silver Eagle

    Got out three years ago. Food, guns, gold, silver, Get out plan. I ve done all I can do to get ready. Filling in holes now as I go.

    Interesting the largest gunshow in our area for the year was this past weekend. It had the highest attendance on both Saturday/Sunday, More tactical sellers than I have ever seen before, ammo going out the door by the case, one vendor told me that Sunday, which took 30 minutes to stand in line alone, was like a yard sale compared to Saturday. Sunday was wall to wall people. Prices were still decent. Serious wondered if the government actually thinks it will be able to take guns from these people….something tells me not without so loss of blood on both sides.

  • Bob

    Great vid Chris! Well done!

    If only the masses knew…

  • walster

    question for the wiser. i tried my own business. failed badly with the book keeping. i now owe the feds roughly 20k. what does the collapse do for me?
    thanks to ya’ll, my awakening has been underway for 1/2 a year now.

  • Silver Shield

    That debt is denominated in dollars and as the debt crisis ramps up it will be inflated away along with the trillions in federal, state, local, corporate and personal debt.

    Soon a few ounces of silver will pay that debt.

    Delay debt as much as humanly and legally possible and stack physical silver.

  • patriotdeb

    Ron Paul discusses the coming collapse of the dollar and other world currencies.

  • Old-Shekel

    Thank you for this great video !

    you’d better get a slingshot and a dog .
    I believe when shift comes it will be easier to get a gun for a few ounces but maybe I’m wrong .

    In Israel there are more rifles than people , even for people who were in military for 3 years and know how to operate rifles/guns and other arms it’s hard to get a license .
    If someone is good enough as a soldier and the goverment trusts him so why not ?

    In the last 6 months , the israeli goverment is rushing and taking people’s licenses and guns ! Even people that has a license , can’t move with their guns to another regions .

  • trailhiker

    Great job SS, again! I am going to find that movie this week, I had not heard of it until a few days ago.

  • Scout

    Awesome, as usual, SS. This is the “video of the week” at Steve Quayle’s site, as well it should be! Congrats! http://stevequayle.com/index1.html

  • 4 Liberty

    Chris, stellar job on that!! With so many desperate actions being implemented by the government and firms like MF Global pulling this shit on the people , if the people can’t find enough time to care about their well being and future, they will be at least partially deserving of what happens to them. So much happening it’s hard to plead ignorance . You can’t fix stupid! I will send this to my inner circle as i have done with many others but i’m getting tired of their apparent lack of interest. I will continue to focus on my preps and getting squared away. I don’t know how much sympathy i’ll be able to muster for them when the time comes.I can certainly relate to the level of frustration you must have experienced in dealing with your family , friends and business partners. Rock on brother!

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery


    Even better than what 1LessonSelfDefense suggests, learn to be nowhere near a fight.

  • MPB

    Great work Chris as always, Thank you!

    That movie Rollover is hard to find but I managed an old VHS copy and watched this evening. It’s worth looking for, it was / is 30 plus years ahead of it’s time! Watching it also reminded me of the early 2001TV Lone Gunman episode that depicted events of a fateful day in September about 10 years ago. That show was about 3 months a head of it’s time. Makes you wonder who the actual writers are of these are?

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