47. The Shock of a New Paradigm


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  • MPB

    Great Work!

    Well, this answers, at least in part, one question I was going to ask you Chris. Back at you on the SSR later. Thank you again, MPB.

    • Bruce

      If the thought of financial struggle is all it takes for so many to kick their own bucket, then not only do they lose there life, but they really never knew the meaning of life…………especially when the loss of our jobs and wealth was do to pure greed, upon those who thought they could send millions of Americans jobs to our enemy china and get rich while so many went broke….Ross perot was right and what the banks did was just to keep our economy going a bit longer once the jobs began to move………..I’ve known a whole generation of working class people who had to adapt to life without meaningfull jobs while others thought they would gain billions from the deal…I actually think it’s quite fitting to see some of those who had false wealth go down also…you didn’t care for the workers who lost their jobs, and now it’s your turn….I’ve already seen children lining up for seconds in the bean line at the soup kitchen….but those children were still smiling so never give up!

  • Mustafa Cohen

    A warrior has nothing to protect and feels no importance.

    The guys who killed themselves were three times removed from a warrior mindset: they believed that they possessed something (they didn’t) that was worth protecting (it wasn’t) and that losing these imaginary possessions made them less important (it did not, as they had never been more important than a random gnat).

  • rainmaker

    Great video, one of your best. I am trying to find the UTube link so that I can forward it on but I can’t. Anyone know where it is?

  • Andy

    Agree, very good vid.

  • Chris,
    Why are you the only one saying that it is going to get this bad? I prepare according to what you are saying, which I believe is a worst case scenario, but hope that it does not get that bad (even though I completely agree that it will). I’d rather be prepared and hope it doesn’t happen as you say than not prepare at all like most. I’m sure it is hard to stay the course. Thank you for sharing. Coach David

  • lastmanstanding

    Coach D…normalcy bias…if you want to see the rest of my response, please go to the 30 real estate article…somehow i must have had several windows open and the post ended up there…i’m “older” and am not very computer savy…how embarrassing!

    However…i’m still a helluva shot.

  • @ lastmanstanding
    I found your post, thanks. I would also like to add to my prior post that there are probably a lot of people in the alternative media (John Williams, Mike Maloney, Mike Dillard, Tyler Durden, I could go on…) that know this is coming, but do not quite express their views like Chris and the few who comment on DTOM. I guess that some are alluding to what is coming (Doug Casey, Jeff Berwick, Simon Black… to name a few) because they have left the country. Some of the fiction writers (might actually end up being non-fiction soon) such as David Morris & James Rawles talk about it. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, it’s just nice to know that there are other people out there that see what is coming. “It’s not a conspiracy when it ends up being true!” Can we post these videos on our own sites? Coach David

  • Ben

    @ Coach D,

    Chris is not the only one talking about “how bad” it will get out there. There are plenty of sites that discuss these topics almost daily.

    SHTF Plan is one of them. There are quite a few more as well.

  • @ Ben
    I haven’t been there lately, I will head on over and check it out. I must have too much spare time on my hands. Coach David

  • Ben

    Can anyone venture a guess as to when we will see all of this go down?

    • Mustafa Cohen

      2012 looks as good as any other year for either a war, a massive inflation, or a Stalinization of the so-called “democratic countries”.

      The great thing about our otherwise murky present is that the lines are being drawn and masks dropped every hour.

      First they refuse to apply laws to Wall Street and the regime enforcers.
      Then they run the election race freak circus, where proximity to Ron Paul makes everyone else look like an alien from They Live.
      Then SOPA blackout kicks millions of people on the chin – millions of those who have never realized how much they depend on free exchange of information.
      After that the shelving of SOPA will draw the ire of TPTB and invite a harsh reaction, which will produce another cycle of realizations in regular folks, and the spiral will spin exponentially.

      William Gibson said “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”. Same might be true for the end of the paradigm we grew up in: in some places it is already dead.

    • marz

      Bix Weir (roadtoroota.com) mentioned an insider who confirmed a timeline and giving next March as THE time. Cliff High (halfpasthuman.com) also points at March, from a different perspective.

    • Rainmaker

      Attached is a link to seven indivdual podcasts (a series of seven) you might find interesting with Bix Weir:


      • lastmanstanding

        Rainmaker…watched this last night. Have read his stuff before. Naturally i have issues with it. As someone who believes in good over evil, I hope that he is right.

        Pelosi, Frank, Feinstein good guys…we will see.

        Pelosi has one of the most powerful districts in the world…look at a who’s/who of the organizations (and who is in them) corps., etc. and she has used them for cover and certainly hasn’t been a friend of the taxpayer.

        i remain objective as it is important for me to do my part for the liberty of all

        • Rainmaker

          Lastmanstanding, I don’t always agree with Bix either. He is another source of infomation that we have to assess which parts are valid and which ones are not. For the most part, he has an understanding of how we got here, in general terms, however, where we are and where we are going from his perspective leave alot to be desired. Maybe his scenarios leave out a few chapters along the way? (as well as multiple endings)

          As far as Pelosi, Frank and Feinstein are concerned, they are just one side of the aisle, or one side of the Hegelian Dialectic; there are two sides to the same aisle. As Gerald Celente would say, “Conservatives believe and Liberals lie”.

    • lastmanstanding

      Having been “exposed” to various opinions in the last year a DTOM…here is another.

      The G8 or G20 summit in Chicago in May is an opportune time for certain missing ordinance to show up…if you don’t think for one second that barry, rhaum and the boys would slam down martial law…you are out of your mind.

      When they (the WH squatters) go home, the city is nearly paralyzed with security.
      Just imagine what it will be like with the stampede of psychopaths that are headed to the “Windy City”…lots more additional wasted wind.

      If you live anywhere near Chicago, I recommend getting the hell out of there before it starts and staying away until it has passed…in fact, it will be a place that ” will be better to be from.”

      I have been meaning to look into the future to look at this event…today it is raining…no excuses.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Good news, everyone: there is no further need to post “@”-comments, as threaded/nested comments are enabled. Just hit the Reply link by the comment you want to reply to.

  • trailhiker

    Chris the hits just keep comin! Great video, a friend of mine is a phsyco drug rep and just mentioned to me over beers last week that sales were up 35% from the year before and the doctors indicated it was from people coming in trying to escape their economic misery. The truth can be scary!

  • Joshua10

    Excellent video! Unfortunately the general public is still in a state of hibernation and won’t figure “it” out until it becomes too painfully obvious to ignore.

  • patriotdeb

    I can truly understand as my mom was on drugs most of her life. Not good when meds are messed with. I didn’t feel comfortable with her around my children after the doctor lowered her dose and bad things happened. It is hard to be afraid of your mother. Thanks for the great videos Chris.

  • Nobody

    Great Doomer Porn!


  • SuperSmoke

    Maybe we should keep some marijuana seeds . It can be helpful .

  • cindy

    THANK YOU: this article hit me like a mac truck,a few minutes after I watched the video,it got me to thinking how many people do i know on ssri’s personaly? i am a low key person,pretty much stay to my self however i do go to collage and i am around alot of people at school,mostly young18-24, i am 47, ok,personally 7 seven, people i know and have direct contact with are on these drugs,I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEFORE!one is a VET he gets his meds sent to him one month at a time he has PTSD he was not on any drugs till he went to the VA couse he had no health ins and was sick I CALLED HIM IS IS ON 22 DRUGS NOW!!!I hope this is not happing to all our VETS,if it is WE GOT A PROBLEM!! how many people do you know on these drugs? what well we do if our loved ones turn on us in a drug withdraw haze? what about the kids at schoolk-12 even collage,or wal-mart ECT..GOD HELP THEM TO STAY STRONG AND FIGHT THROUGH IT,GOD HELP US TO HELP THEM THROUGH IT.CB

  • Chris

    It’s not just the people on this type of prescription drugs that will become dangerous… What about the people hooked on illegal drugs, and alcoholics? What about the people hooked on food stamps and welfare? What will happen when TSHTF?It is going to get UGLY and fast. Do you want to go to the store when these people are out there looking to obtain (by any means) their supplies. Not Me! I’ll stay home and on guard duty. We are stocking up on food storage to prepare for the chaos that is surely to come. I’ve got car insurance, and home insurance…. food insurance is the logical next step. Even if things are getting better, which I doubt, we can always eat the food!

  • Kevin

    Your assessment is most likely an accurate one. Patriot Nurse also covered this subject from a nurse’s standpoint.


  • thankful

    Good stuff, again thanks for all your hard work Chris. :-) I believe you are right about that unfortunately. Think of all the people on narcotic pain medicines just to get through the day. Think of people who will need an ambulance during that time. Medical backup plans are really good to have (I have at least 2). One thing, if the person in question is paralyzed with fear, feel they are going to die, hysterical and in shock aconite napellus, a homeopathic remedy does a great job; calms them right out. It’s really good for shock. So its one to have on hand for this sort of occasion, because I think emotional paralysis will be happening to a lot of people too. They won’t be able to think clearly or reason because of their emotional shock and fear for the future, get too many people like this and a dictator who promises to make things better will easily be swept into power, they won’t care how or what is involved only make the immediate pain go away (only to have greater pain and agony later; its this short sightedness that has gotten us in trouble time and time again). This is when the aconite helps, so they can remain calm, you can reason with them and get through the fog, especially if they are your loved ones. Then tell them it’s ok, We can make it, I have a plan etc..

  • Hubcap

    They could have taken the ones responsible with them if they planned to check out. You are right about mind control…the pills and the electric low frequency machines.

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