Militarization of Texas Highway Patrol

How long until all of these fancy speed boat and armored personnel carriers these towns are buying under the war on “drugs” and “terror” be turned on us?

18 comments to Militarization of Texas Highway Patrol

  • Joshua10

    Texas Highway Patrol acquiring armored high speed gun boats???? I’m at a loss for words to describe how absurd that looks. Why stop at a gun boat when you can own your own naval missile frigate? What will they purchase next? A squadron of their very own fighter jets?

    • JC

      Well, if you lived on the border where the drug gangs were coming across the river and lake into your back yard and cutting people’s heads off and kidnapping, wouldn’t you want your police force to be at least as well armed to fight them back? Especially since our Anointed Leader, Obama is so willing to allow the illegals to come across to vote for him?

      • Silver Shield

        What most people don’t see is the cause for all of these desperate people streaming across the boarder and the rise of the narco state in Mexico.

        Our subsidized corn has made it so cheap that 1.4 million mexican farmers that have been doing it for generations were displaced from their lands and then corporation moved in.

        Our government is deeply tied to the production and trafficking of drugs.

        Once again the real animals are the architects of the problem NOT the victims of the paradigm.

        Get rid of the animals at the top that create and empower the animals at the bottom.

        • James Woroble Jr

          Although your point has merit in a strategic sense, it is impractical nonsense to ignore the immediate tactical problem suffered by average Americans. A multi-level approach is required eliminating the entire menagerie from top to bottom. No sympathy for the devil, and no ‘elitist’ apologies for the invading ‘grunts’, who are directly responsible for the death, abuse and destruction of the lives of common American people and their property.

          Misplaced compassion has as its flip side misplaced reason.

  • Rainmaker

    @Joshua10. Nope not fighter jets, drones:

    This is the newest fad with local law enforcement. Better yet,Law Enforcement can even get a grant from the Department of Homeland Security:

    • lastmanstanding

      Grants from dhs, that is bs…once again the taxpayer is on the hook. Since we are paying for it…I’ll bet we will end up with it.

  • Joshua10

    @Rainmaker. It’s out of control. An arsenal of military hardware is being erected around citizens pointing inward and I still hear folks saying, “well I’m sure it’s only for our protection and to keep us safe”. I don’t even attempt to make a logical argument to those folks anymore.

    • lastmanstanding

      those in the police forces, national guard, etc. have some very deep soul searching to do…at this point, I can only believe it is the paycheck that keeps them where they are…they have homes, families, etc. just like the rest of us…there will come a time when they will have to make a decision whether to support liberty or tyranny. The ones that I know support liberty…most are here to help…law enforcement is for the little people, they are little people, please remember that.

      I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes…

  • lastmanstanding

    Imagine the Gadsden Flag on the side of that bitch!

  • Joshua10

    @lastmanstanding, >>”Imagine the Gadsden Flag on the side of that bitch!”<<

    Now there's an excellent idea!

  • rainmaker

    It has begun. Don’t think we can turn back the tide, even if Ron Paul were to win the election. I agree with SS, Dr. Paul may be the poster boy for a new movement, mostly one that resonates with the Millenia (younger) crowd. The Boomer and Xers are having a hard time getting their arms around “it”.

    The weapons that have been developed we cannot even imagine. (no one want to talk about those). We shall see them, and everyone is eligible, regardless nationality (which “they” seek to extinguish)

    In the meantime, don’t by anything if you can’t eat it or if it does not have tangible value in the new paradigm. Leverage up to get those things if you must. Fasten your seatbelts, there is turbulence ahead.

    • Joshua10

      Well said rainmaker. Good advice.

    • aurochs

      Rainmaker, do you ever think about what you’re saying before you open your pie-hole? First, there is no ‘new movement’ here. The fight for liberty has been going on forever as has the desire for sound money. And..”The Boomer and Xers are having a hard time getting their arms around “it”.” Really?? Who do you think makes up a majority of the ‘Tea Party’? (I don’t like that classification by the way.) As a ‘Boomer’ myself, I can tell you that MOST of the people my age that I know have been disgusted with and fighting against big business/government for years. Why do younger people always think they invented the damn wheel when they only just discovered it for themselves and why do kids always think their parents are so stupid? Your age discriminating generalization is just crap and if you thought about it before you shot your mouth off you’d realize that. You will find a lot of sleeping dumbasses and a few awakened ones in every age group. Always was, always will be so.

  • rainmaker

    Attached is a video of a Mini Drone that has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security for issuance to Law Enforcement:

    Attached here is a Russian model that was used to monitor protestors in Moscow in December, 2011. Its very small:

    Wait till you see what is planned in Nanotechnology and Weaponry. If you can imagine it, its probably being developed.

  • Country Codger

    Well, it is obvious we can’t all have one. There is a fellow by the name of Pete, near Dallas that manufactures kevlar “cigar” boats for the state of Texas, Department of Homeland Security and the occasional drug dealer, out of Panama (it is his sideline.). All perfectly legal and all doing about the some job, running drugs and killing the competition. In the words of Louis Armstrong, “It’s a wonderful world.”

  • James Woroble Jr

    The problem is not the militarization per se, its that it is NOT to battle the 30 million, and rising, invaders, but to battle the citizens of America!

    As with the ‘Swift’ boats in ‘Nam… don’t cruise slowly along the bank, for you’ll have certainly seen your last f\/<k|n' Christmas!!!

  • uriel235

    With with Mexican lake pirates shooting jet skiers & bass fishermen on Falcon lake what do you expect? I wish they’d go over with a couple of Apache choppers and cut their sorry butts to pieces. A hundred years vago the Rangers crossed the border to get at hit & run rustlers. They stacked the bodies and took pictures.

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