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I have always been very encouraging of new ideas. I realize that inside each one of us we have special talents and abilities that God put in us. Our paradigm is created to suppress free thought, meaning and cooperation. The Elite do this so that we are weak, depressed and dependent on them.

I believe one of the solutions to a better world is to encourage and support people to follow their passion, talent and ideas. It is my experience that through this positive process, serendipity happens. I am living proof of this ever since I made my life’s work for free. I have been booked on 7 interviews. People are supporting our efforts through the sustaining member program. Young people in Spain are offering to translate the Academy into different languages. A visual effects whiz is offering to redo the entire visual portion of the Academy. At this pace, I would not be surprised if Laurence Fishburne wanted to do the narration for the Academy.

One really cool experience I had last week was when a very talented young lady named Marie wrote to me.


Remember the Schoolhouse Rock series?  Music touches kids and people in ways that are easily remembered etc.  They are still using this series in school today as are we.  What I would like to propose is that we make a Sons of Liberty Jams or Sons of Liberty Music collection.  I write lyrics and melody and poetry so it’s easy for me to take whatever content you think most important and weave it into a song, or someone else could, it doesn’t matter.  But if you could tell me the most important 6 concepts and basic ideas (to start with) you would want kids to know of the Academy we could begin to send your message in song as well.


One of my more offbeat theories is that with the collapse of the dollar we are going to have the greatest era of music since the 60’s. My reasoning for this theory is that the Elite controlled media purposely puts out garbage, industrially produced music devoid of truth, beauty or goodness. This is done to make us feel that we are weak and that our lives have no meaning. This makes us easy to dominate.

With the collapse of our paradigm, people will no longer waste their time living meaningless lives and start to search for who they really are. That will lead them to the talents and feeling inside all of us. We will see great trials and tribulations which will inspire people to interpret and process their pain through their talents. Social upheaval will bring awesome music with meaning and purpose. This music will inspire others to take action in other ways that will make real productive change in this world.

I thought Marie’s idea was a really cool idea. I love music. I especially love music with a meaning that resonates with me. Some songs I listen to literally send chills down my spine. The music and the message are one with my soul. Sorry to get so touchy, feely with you, but it is true. I have always wanted to be a rock star. I may lack any musical ability, but I do have some great ideas for songs. So I wrote some ideas and sent them to Marie.


I don’t know how this works but lets get an idea down and a couple of supporting ideas.

One easy concept is, beware of pied pipers…
Selling you one thing and giving you another…
We are always let down…
If it sounds too good to be true it probably is…
The sweet sirens are calling you to your doom…
Judge a man by his questions and not is answers..
Judge a tree by its fruit…
Wolf in sheep’s clothing…
They mimic you to gain  your trust…
They sing song to you to get you to dance..
The lead the dance to your doom…
They sell you the exception and never the norm…
Think for yourself and forget about the others…
Men go mad in herds and only come to their senses slowly and one by one…
Listen to all follow none and walk your own path the best you can…

It will be cool to see what you come back with.



Within a few minutes this brilliant talent came back with this.

Beware of pied pipers
They offer you their deal
The wolf in sheep’s clothing
You ending up their meal
They sing you a sirens song
Say what you want to hear
Covering the big lie
Disguising what you fear 

Beware of pied pipers
They’re coming after you
Beware of pied pipers
When they’re done; you’re through
Beware of pied pipers
They’re coming after you
Beware of pied pipers
When they’re done; you’re through

What can you do when you’re faced
With tragedy full score
Remembering this sage advice
Tricked by their lies no more
You recognize them easily
Their kind is well read
Sell you one thing and give another
Your kids will go unfed

They live a lie and pass to you
The damage they have wrought
They preach to you what you should do
Responsibilities take naught
Judge men by their questions
And not their canned response
For reason demands answers
And propaganda not

Good fruit can only come
From a good tree
And evil fruit from evil trees
As you can plainly see
If you see the evil done
By these pied pipers
Follow not their type at all
They all are simply vipers

So think for yourself
Check out the truth, find facts
Use your mind with reason
Evaluate their acts
Scrutinize their every move
Before supporting any
So you don’t find it much too late
That they are your enemy

I was amazed at not only the lyrics but the fact that she did it in about an hour was truly inspirational. This goes to show that instead of working what you are not good at, we should be developing our natural talents that are in all of us. I mean I would have to spend days trying to think of rhymes and rhythms, and for her it took a few minutes. And she put out a much better product than I could have thought of.

We have collaborated on four other songs so far and it has been a creative blast. I ask Marie what she thought of  putting this out there to see what comes of it, and she was cool with it. I mean how cool would it be to hear different musical talents interpreting these cool lyrics. Or maybe others will write some cool lyrics too. This might be a neat way of waking people up. Regardless what happens, this is a great little example of what this world can be like if we drop our guard and open our minds to who we really are.

“Beauty will save the world”-Dostoevsky

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  • Scout

    I do believe you and Marie are on to something big! What a way to awaken the masses. Somehow have to direct them here and to the Sons of Liberty Academy so that they can learn truth, fully awaken and participate in the Songs of Liberty by living them. Serendipity indeed but, whether you believe it or not, our Creator is behind it all and is guiding you (IMHO).

  • Sons of Liberty is already a rock band. Great music too. If you’re into metal, then this band is the side project of Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. I did a review of the debut album here:

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