Gold is up $44 and Ranting Andy and I Have Been Vindicated–01-25-2012

“Ranting” Andy Hoffman and I sat down again; fortunately, we did it a few days later than usual. We got to discuss the opening parabolic warm-up shot that gold and silver took today. If you’ve been listening to Andy and the Financial Survival Network, this should have been just another day at the office. We knew it was coming, it was always a matter of when not if. And today, we got our answer. Because the metals have been artificially depressed, there is still time for some real profits, meaning profits over and above the actual inflation rate. The key is to buy before the big move takes place. The energy and strength of today’s upside move means the wait could well be over.

At the risk of being premature, FSN has been seeing unmistakable signs of an early spring awakening for gold and silver. And the stocks could be well-positioned, but my as well as Andy’s primary focus is on the actual physical metals. Because no one knows what is going to happen to the economy, both locally and internationally, it is urgent that you have a core holding of physical metals. How much? That is a decision for each individual to make based upon their own circumstances. Some people say 10 percent of total assets is adequate. Others say the number is much higher. But in any event, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s dependent upon your needs and wants.

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  • Country Codger


    You and Andy patting yourself on the back is like this anology.
    You are at the Kentucky Derby. There are 8 riders behind the gate. The trumpet blows, the buzzer sounds and the gates fly open. On the inside lane is a tall, beautiful 2-yr thoroughbred running like the wind. In the next 7 gates are riders on Shetland ponies. Okay. There is only one thoroughbred in the race:precious metals, (of course I could argue three but that is just my point of view). Now, you say you picked a winner? Hey, only people inside the Beltway, Wall Street and the Fed, oh, okay, I see your point. LOL.

    Great job. Keep it up.

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