SBSS 4. Silver Is The Indispensible Metal

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  • Put a million dollars in cash in a chest and a million dollars in silver in a chest and sink them to the bottom of the sea. Come back 100 years later, but you could only find one chest. Which one would you like to find? Coach David

  • psychosn4ke

    Nice work Chris!!! 😉

  • Ozs

    Another great piece.

    With all the martial preparedness of Rothschild Inc to
    do ww3 & kill most of us sheep&non sheep.

    Confiscation of silver if/when it goes to current $value of $2500.00 on a Ratio of 10:1 in 2015,
    is almost to easy for these creatures.

    It would be a small thing for Rothschild, easier than pulling gold teeth as they did in ww2

    So…apart from living far from it, in the southern hemisphere as I do,
    armed with bullion/lots a security&understanding..(.in a luxbeachhouse, cape town…, sorry to those in winter:)

    What does SS recommend you/me/We do when they come SWAT TEAMlike to “obtain” your silver for the national interest?

    • Silver Shield

      First you have no other choice to put investment wealth.

      Every other asset class is poisoned.

      They can’t steal what they can’t find…

      What SWAT team? When people’s paychecks bounce and their pensions wiped clean.

      Criminals tend to seek weak and soft targets not those aware and prepared.

    • Viewpoint

      Ozs, I’m sure your the type of person that has that figured out already and maybe you care to indulge us into your strategic thoughts on this matter. I’m sure with your secure measures in a geographic area where a person can become missing for the right price and with you lounging on that fine white beach of yours, I prefer to play at the Minerton in a more warming season because 19c (33F)is a little cold for me, but then again, we all like to play our games….

  • Ozs

    I hear you SS, you are right about not stealing what they can’t find, however, someone puts a AK47 to my kids head and say gimme, what option does one one have?

    Keep up your great work, you are legend buddy.

    • Silver Shield

      If we live In a reality like that we will not be worried about silver.

      I am aware and prepared and will be far away from that kind of reality.

      I really feel bad for those that have fancy apartments in urban areas surrounded by desperate, narcissistic, unempathetic, hooked on SSRI people… Because that Mad Max scenario is what they are going to be needing.

      The Germans learned at Stalingrad that a parasite cannot be far from its source of power.

      America is a large country with many places to hide with a few ounces of silver until the sick exhaust themselves.

      We cover about how to prepared positively in the Silver Shield Report every week.

      This week we will cover independent energy in our next paradigm with an inventor SSR memeber living in Japan.

      Next week we will discuss political and economic freedom with a Constitutional lawyer SSR member on topics like Alloidial title and Ultimate Exit Strategy business plans.

  • Ozs

    Yep, logistics lines were to long at Stalingrad.

    But, whom armed Germany in ’33-’42, Krupp Heavy Industrials Corp, who owns Krupp? Rothschild.
    Who lent money to US Govt for US/UK lend-lease in ’41. The Fed, who owns Fed? Rothschild
    Who’s interest’s have been served in the mid east since ’46? Std Oil/Shell//BPetc, who own them? Rothschild

    From the alarm clock that wakes you up to the food you eat before sleeping, Rothschild control the entire supply chain….as at Stalingrad.

    If Anything positive is to happen, Rothschild Inc needs to die.
    I feel no remorse suggesting this given the background of the Billion or so people the cabal has killed since the 1800’s

    SS, why do you not regularly comment on this fundamental family/cabal, bunch of lunatics:) directly?
    I have observed MaxK, ZH etc are also reluctant.

    Am I alone in my understanding of the utter root cause of “things” or simply mad?

    Nevertheless, I watch & smile & prepare 

  • Ozs

    Lol! …u are no such thing SS:)

    in 50yrs, when academia pour over your work & commentors like Us searching for understanding, U, Max, Tyler etc will be seen as socio/Econ prophets & phd’s will be awarded.

    Minerton is spelt Milnerton & has a good golf course, but by not the best in CPT, try Constania for challenge if u get a chance.

    For strategic thoughts….duck…& listen to SS

    4 Me?
    Lots of silver & a good paying fiat job, understanding/preparednes.
    It’ll be “illuminating” to see if in 10 years my daughters & I made the right decisions…

    SS, it’s all reaching a zenith shortly, final sacrament statement time for You, when rothschild Inc launch ww3etc you’ll be muzzled or dead.

    SS, you have a tipping point?
    U ducking yet? :)

  • Ozs

    Voltaire…. well said.
    But Robspierre got guillotined didn’t he?

    By stint of hard work&pm investing over 12yrs in PM’s i have per above post CPT home&WOWfiatlife +
    A lux/smallholding with water in the Karoo desert 90 miles north of Cape Town is 2nd home, you are welcome.

    B4, when there was just Kissinger, I knew… we all who weren’t dumb knew…but we chose, for the most part to adapt.

    but i think, even u will wait until there is no fuel for the planes to get away (there is no safe place, no matter how big the USA is)The Rothschild Inc are to insidious for us to overcome.

    Good Luck to all of Us, sheeple&nonsheeple, Rothschild Inc are coming for us.
    A preemptive strike is the only way we may, may survive,

    SS how big a hole have you for that silver of yours?
    Where do keep it? :)

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