SBSS 5. Infinite Money, Finite World

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  • Great video. Short sweet and to the point. Coach David

  • MPB

    Outstanding! So are parts 1-4 but this is the best yet! Thank you Chris for your tireless and superb efforts.

  • Dustin Detherow

    Great series, SS! You have definitely woke me up and I’m in the process of going “all-in”. I would love to see some of the best points you made on Silver in the SOLA Module 10. (Silver ratios, market manipulation, Silver as Achilles’ heal, etc.) If you could just cut the section on Silver directly out of SOLA and put it on YouTube that would really help wake up many of my friends! (I can’t get them to commit to 48 hours of video just yet) I’ll keep subscribing to the SSR as long as you keep putting this stuff out there!

  • Rainmaker

    Thanks SS, for saying what everyone else is afraid too.

  • Ozs

    Max…&Stacy:)…you the man…ess:)

    With all the martial preparedness of Rothschild Inc to
    do ww3 & kill most of us sheep&non sheep.

    Confiscation of silver if/when it goes to current $value of $2500.00 on a Ratio of 10:1 in 2015,
    is almost to easy for these creatures.

    It would be a small thing for Rothschild, easier than pulling gold teeth as they did in ww2

    So…apart from living far from it, in the southern hemisphere as I do,
    armed with bullion/lots a security&understanding..(.in a luxbeachhouse, cape town…, sorry to those in winter:)

    What does Max&Stacy recommend you/me/We do when they come SWAT TEAMlike to “obtain” your silver for the national interest?

    Yep, logistics lines were to long at Stalingrad.

    But, whom armed Germany in ’33-’42, Krupp Heavy Industrials Corp, who owns Krupp? Rothschild.
    Who lent money to US Govt for US/UK lend-lease in ’41. The Fed, who owns Fed? Rothschild
    Who’s interest’s have been served in the mid east since ’46? Std Oil/Shell//BPetc, who own them? Rothschild

    From the alarm clock that wakes you up to the food you eat before sleeping, Rothschild control the entire supply chain….as at Stalingrad.

    If Anything positive is to happen, Rothschild Inc needs to die.
    I feel no remorse suggesting this given the background of the Billion or so people the cabal has killed since the 1800′s

    SS, why do you not regularly comment on this fundamental family/cabal, bunch of lunatics:) directly?
    I have observed SS, ZH etc are also reluctant.

    Am I alone in my understanding of the utter root cause of “things” or simply mad?

    Nevertheless, I watch & smile & prepare 

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Few questions:

    1. If the S is going to HTF this hard, where will the big boys be? If everything is burning, where is it safe? Do they have luxury orbital stations to wait out the turmoil in?

    2. Let’s say every Warren Buffet has a private army. Why should this army’s general accept a monthly salary, if he can turn his entire force against his employer and grab EVERYTHING for himself?

    3. Let’s say the turmoil is over, spacecrafts are back, private armies still loyal. What are they going to do with millions of decaying bodies, thousands of razed cities and the whole immeasurable mess? What are they going to eat?

    * * *

    Don’t expect anything drastic, like in Serbia or Iraq; anything that will draw a distinct line between good and bad, enemies and friends. Expect lies, panic, and information fog.

    Then one day CNN/Fox/etc/all-of-them will say “Relax, everyone! New strong leader appeared! He will solve all our problems! He has just kicked off his messianic performance with the introduction of The New Earth Dollar! 100 old dollars = 1 new dollar. All bank accounts are capped at 100 new dollars. Hoarding of food, ammo and PM is illegal. Deal of the week: report 10 friends for possessing old-style food, ammo, or PM – take 1 of their empty houses for free! Let’s get to work, hope, change, peace, happiness.”

    I see no point in fanning the gloom. The guys in charge are no idiots: their current job is to make sure we have all prepared for a wrong thing.

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