If We Only Had 1 Trillion Dollars…

Jesse Jackson Jr, the esteemed Congressman from Illinios said recently that we could bail out the states and local governments for just a mere Trillion. Well, its 900 billion to be exact. Now he contends this would be larger then the last two stimulus packages put together, but… who cares right? Its only a Trillion between friends.

“So fore a mere $900 billion in one year, which is slightly more than the last two stimulus packages, we can bail out all the states, most of all of are counties and cities.”

“Mere”? That’s almost the deficit of the federal government! So, let me get this straight. The federal government are facing annual budget deficits of 1+ Trillion each year for the foreseeable future and Mr Jackson wants to add to that… to pay for the states and local governments inability to live within in its own means? How does he suppose we get that 900 Billion when we are already 1.3 Trillion in the hole from last year? Add it to the 10+ trillion in the hole in public debt? Which isn’t counting the 5 Trillion in intergovernmental debt. This is utter stupidity at its finest.

What about the states and local governments that aren’t in the red and who run their governments with efficiency and are responsible with their peoples money? They should be the ones rewarded. Why throw borrowed money at people who cant stay out of debt and cant escape bad policy? Do we assume once these city’s and states are in the black, they all of a sudden will become fiscally responsible? Is this not the definition of insanity?

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ―  Rita Mae Brown

Is this not the antithesis of sound and reasonable judgement? Is this not the poster-boy of robbing Peter to pay Paul? But this is what happens when you have a name that people recognize. A nice treasure chest behind you in a district that overwhelmingly has supported your party and oh yeah; you share the ethnicity of the predominate race in the district who has always strongly voted within racial lines.

His father has made a living off race baiting and using his color to hijack the supposed pulse of black America all the while using his non profit to cover up and pay for his extra marital affairs and love child. Jesse Jackson Jr has never been a part of anything outside of school and politics; thus how much can he understand about how the real world works? This is the same guy who thought giving the public IPods and Laptops would end unemployment. Its obvious the apple doesnt fall too far from the dumb tree.

3 comments to If We Only Had 1 Trillion Dollars…

  • lastmanstanding

    taking more money from those who produce to redistribute it to those who don’t…in an election year…this prick (and the rest) have no shame.

    Continue to prepare.

  • Rainmaker

    All “they” want to do is borrow more money to give to governements and governements agencies. If all the TARP monies were used to p[ay off mortagages, car liens, and other liabilities of the elecorate instead of the corporatists, we would still be in debt, but would an economy that was a pwerful machine of creation, prodcution and saving. What Junior proposes is not even redistribution of walth, its outright theft from the middle class to benefit the corporatists and statists.

  • intothevoid

    *facepalm* – because expressing how dumb this is in words just doesn’t work.

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