Chris Martenson Says History Will Certainly Repeat Itself–01-27-2012

I finally got a chance to sit down with Chris Martenson. I’ve been reading his ChrisMaternsonReport for some time now. For years he’s been saying the US was going to get into some sort of credit crisis, and “Da Boyz” were going to try and print our way out of it. Chris and I agree, we are all witnessing a debt super cycle that’s in the process of coming to its conclusion.

We are living in the tail end of a 40 year global credit bubble. For the past four decades, the entire world has been growing credit/debt faster than underlying economies. Economic growth is measured by GDP, but GDP is a fraudulent measure. GDP doesn’t really measure the wealth creation of an economy; it measures consumption, which in our society has become synonymous with wealth. But wealth is really something totally different than consumption. Chris and I agree, the calculation of GDP should not include the effects of going into debt simply to consume. Consider, Bernie Madoff who contributed 65 billion to GDP, but now all that money has just disappeared. Same with other entities that contribute to GDP like MF global.

The government continues to print money mostly for consumption, not investment. They are just kicking the can down the road, and overstating the wealth of the economy. We cannot print our way to prosperity.

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1 comment to Chris Martenson Says History Will Certainly Repeat Itself–01-27-2012

  • Howard

    I like martenson, but I can’t stand he’s view on silver being only a industrial metal … One only needs to do a little bit of research to find that silver has been money in more places and was money longer than gold has.. And why would silver becoming a very very valuable industrial metal diminish its value as money ? Wouldn’t that make it more valuable ? Martenson is really good at explaining he’s points I guess that’s y he has a large following, but it don’t mean he’s right… Especially on silver…. I’m sorry but he’s going up against 5000 yrs of history of silver being money ! Even if one looked at the last 2 gold bull markets of the 1930’s and 70’s, what did silver do , that’s right it out performed gold !!! Sorry had to vent that out …

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