Military Industrial Complex: Robot technology & CIA drone program

Notice the remarks by P.W Singer …………….. psychopath

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  • Paul Prichard

    America has a giant military budget meanwhile the American taxpayer, alive and unborn, are being loaded with giant debt.

    • Irving14941

      That’s exactly what I was saying to myself, too. All that money, all that purchasing power being siphoned off and sucked from the American people’s savings to fund a war machine that promise us cheap oil and a false sense of security.

      I deeply dislike that P.W Singer character … Towards the end of the video, he said something to the effect of, it’s because of capitalism that the killings won’t stop and their economic prosperity justifies the immoral killing of Pakistani people. That is intellectually dishonest to the max. We don’t even have free-market capitalism. We have a fascist dictatorship, ruling with a covert iron-fist.

      • James

        Who promised you cheaper oil? That sounds like you projecting an unsaid promise so you can shoot it down (straw man argument if I remember correctly) I agree with the false sense of security comment though.
        As far as attacking Singer
        I think I got his quote here: “A lot of people saw well why don’t we stop working on this technology. There is a problem though, you’d have to stop science. It means you also have to first stop war and stop capitalism”

        This is not a moral statement, it is a string of logic. So your name calling does not fit very well, it makes you jsut sound like you did not listen very well or else can not think very well. His implied point seems to be that science will always march on so long as capitalism is allowed to exist (even in a restrained form) there is still a market for the technology, so it will be developed. You can slow it down, by outlawing it but we can see many examples of the failure of this concept in all of our drug and prostitution crime. Seperately he seems to imply that there will always be war and therefore a market for robot technology as applied to war. I find that to be neither psychopathic or unreasonable. I think you are a jaded perhaps and seeing what you want to see…. not surprising for someone linking to Al Jazera.

        • Irving14941

          No one promised cheap oil, but our excessive and unsustainable way of life is implied to go on forever. So that’s why I made that statement.

          “The American Way of Life is not negotiable” ~ George H.W Bush

          I didn’t post the video primarily to bash J.W Singer, I posted it primarily cause I thought the information the video touched on was worth sharing.

          I called him a psychopath it’s clear to me that he shares no remorse what-so-ever. He’s got that mentality of “business as usual, nothing personal.” He’s got that mentality of “the ends justifies the means.” That’s my problem with him. The other big thing is, we no longer have a free-market form of capitalism.

          To say that you need to stop war first, is one thing, but to say you need to stop capitalism is being disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

          This isn’t capitalism. And I’ll explain why, soon. I’ve been working on a paper to post here in segments to hopefully change some minds on why we DON’T have free-market capitalism. It would have been more honest of J.W Singer to say, you’d have to stop corporatism or the kleptocracy ruling over us.

          Also, the points on there always being a market for this kind of technology – specifically only for war, instead of things that free and help humanity – falls apart when the currency fueling the demand and supply in the war industry collapses. Without capital or a stable currency, you have no market or means to buy the goods which are in demand, fueled by war.

          And then people wonder why the Socialists and Communists blame capitalism, because psychopaths justify the killing of others, because there’s a “market” for killing, and business is booming.

          I can’t wait to post my paper on Capitalism and, hopefully, break many misconceptions and make the distinctions between free-market capitalism and state-capitalism (corporatism).

  • aurochs

    Aljazeera??? Are you freakin kidding me? Now we’re going to be subjected to foreign propoganda? Don’t we get enough of this thought control shit from our own enemy government without this crap? Just what do you think aljazeera wants you to come away with from this video? Do they have our best interests at heart? Do they give a damn about you and me, the U.S. Constitution, truth justice and the American way? I don’t think so. The danger in this sort of propoganda is that there is so much truth in it but what message is really being spread and taught? I’m all for free flow of information and it is important to hear both sides of any issue but to post this sheit from ALJAZEERA without making it really clear who you are listening to is very questionable. Irving, pointing out the commie propoganda of P.W. Singer was good but why would you post this at all and Chris Duane; there is so much disinformation on the net and from the media that I had hoped you would be more discerning of what you allow to be published on this website.

    • Irving14941

      Aljazeera? Mhm, yep. First time I’ve ever posted any of their videos in my entire life breathing on this planet, not that it matters, cause I can’t really prove that–but figured I’d mention that, anyways.

      It’s not thought control if you use your head. I feel like you think that I purposely go around watching mainstream media outlets just for the sole purpose of brain washing myself or other people. If my suspicions prove to be true, I’m a little embarrassed that you would think such things :/

      Why don’t you tell me “what message is really being spread and taught,” in this video then?

      • aurochs

        Irving, I think they want me to believe that America is in fact the ‘great satain’ and to feel guilty about it. They want to engender sympathy for islam and they want to bring down America and western culture. That’s what I think is being taught and spread in this video.

        • Irving14941

          I just thought the video was great, cause it showed me something I hadn’t put too much thought into … that is, the drones, the industries behind it, and the ethical questions that arise from a machine deciding who lives and who dies.

          But I can see why you’ve grown to be intolerant with Al Jazeera. I’m certainly not that way, though, because in my book, you can always find a bit of truth between the lines of propaganda, so-to-speak. I provided several examples with Bloomberg news, Reuters, and etc.

          • aurochs

            Critical thinking is good, perhaps the best of things. The video also gave me some pause for thought about the effect of emerging technologies and how the military industrial complex and psychopath types will want to use it. I would just rather listen to critizism of the U.S. from someone who loves it rather than from someone who hates it. If you look at the notion of eugenics there is much that one could agree with there too. If good breeding makes sense for plants and animals, why wouldn’t we take the same care with human breeding? Some logic in there somewhere. But I would be really careful about reading about it from Adolph Hitler or Margret Sanger. The devil is a very tricky s.o.b. and I think it imprudent to knowingly listen to his song. The sweeter the tune and the catchier the lyrics the more danger in listening.

    • rainmaker

      @aurochs, its all propaganda, the question is “whos propanda?”. That we all partake attests to the actualization that we are all programmed, and further more, we are “junkies” for the programming. We continue to participate and form opinions one way or another. We cannot get away from the TV, media, our computers, etc. One of the important prespectives regarding this site are the 5 Stages of the Awakening:

      After a while, you will figure out that its all bullshit.

      • aurochs

        If you know it’s bullshit, why is it being repeated here? I come to this site to help me cut thru the bullshit.

        • lastmanstanding

          you know what aurochs…I’m with you…i have come here since ss came on line because of my interest in silver…and got far more than i’ve bargained for…and cut thru alot of bullshit.

          No MSmedia out there can compare to the blogs…why? because of the people and the fact that they are FINALLY FUCKING THINKING!… and finally sharing!!!…i sure don’t agree with everything I hear but I get some outstanding feedback, ideas and info from all of you.

          bottom line…it’s all fucking propaganda…you can all dick around and pick shit with the chickens…but one things for sure, you’ll never get exactly the info that you are looking for as this crap progresses.

          But those here will be an incredible asset from this day forward…

          “when you are aware, you can prepare.”…don’t go down without on helluava fight.”

    • intothevoid

      @aurochs i see your point, but i agree with irving and rainmaker. even though most media is slanted, biased and run by alphabet agencies (Operation Mockingbird), we are subjected to propaganda every minute of the day from everywhere, that consciously/subconsciously shapes our thoughts and opinions.

      the way i see it, rather than oppose things with anger, it would be a better use of energy and thought using discernment and critical thinking to pick up relevant bits of information that they may let slip out.

      the more you are aware of their agenda and the tactics they use, the better it is to help recognize and determine their current/future course of actions. simply ignoring a cancer or refusing to acknowledge it… doesn’t necessarily cure it.

  • Andy in the UK

    For at least the last couple of years Al-Jazeera has been controlled and directed by the same groups who control much of the content pumped out by the mainstream media outlets in the US and the UK.

    This once ‘free’ and ‘honest’ TV channel has been reduced to being a CIA / MI6 / Mossad agenda disseminating mouthpiece. More than that, it played an active part in the overthrow of the Gaddaffi regime (there is even footage available on the web of Al-Jazeera news crews ‘working’ anti-Gaddaffi protestors).

    If people on this site can be duped into thinking Al-Jazeera is an honest broker of current affairs, or is biased ‘against’ US and UK interests, then there is little hope for the uninformed masses.

    Anyway, I have provided the following link not because it explains what Al-Jazeera is, but because it contains most of the key words and ‘signposts’ you will need if you want to do your own research about this channel and its many connections.

    Remember – never take anything on face value, question everything.

  • Irving14941

    Just figured I’d put it out there that I know the MSM is working for the Gov’t. I know they put out propaganda, but on rare occasion they come out with pieces that have been of high importance in relation to the core issues of what really matters in our nation. Examples:

    – Both Bloomgberg news and Rollingstone exposed the details of the banker bailouts.
    – 60 minutes had a piece with Bernanke where they talk about the Fed’s intentions as far as interest rates and easy money policies go
    – BBC had a live interview with a London Stock exchange trader where he said that “Goldman Sachs rules the world, not the governments of the world.” (
    – Reuters, many times, has talked about the loads of debt that U.S citizens have increasingly taken over the past few years to keep up with inflation and lack of jobs.

    Even dudes like James G. Rickards have come out on mainstream media news outlets and the man is real, genuine, and legit. You want validation? He’s a regular interviewee on King World News.

    So just because I post a video by some MSM news outlet, it doesn’t mean I endorse them or that I haven’t logically processed in my head the information.

  • aurochs

    If you want to just cut and paste poropoganda vids from aljazeera, msnbc or fox without writing your own original thoughts as to why that piece is garbage or why they are correct, go ahead. Be their tool and reprint them verbatum all you like. This site belongs to Chris Duane. He can do with it as he pleases. It’s no skin off my nose. But it’s like Bix Weir and his road to roota idea. I used to read and listen to Bix. His notion that Alan Greenspan was really a mole for Ayn Rand and he was really a good guy who was bringing down the Fed and the govt. evil-doers was interesting and was plausable. Then he said that Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Barney Frank are also the ‘good guys’ who are secretly saving America. Then he tries to convince me that there is a secret huge hord of Nazi, Japanese and Inca gold hidden in the grand canyon and that Obama (he didn’t use the name) and his crowd are “saving” Americas natural resources for later after we’ve used up everyone elses oil and gas. I don’t listen to or read Bix Weir anymore. I know which side he’s really on now. Readers here don’t know who the contributors are or what their motives are. We can only go by what is published here and make up our own minds on whether the site is still an open forum with a bias towards liberty, the Constitution and sound money or whether it has gone over to the dark side. The minute I think it has, I’ll just delete the shortcut and move on.

    • Irving14941

      I see your point. Next time, on future posts, I’ll add more of my input. I thought my one cynical comment of J.W Singer being a psychopath was enough to hint at the fact that I thought the information was worth sharing, but that J.W Singer fellow was most definitely a sociopath who lacked any empathy or morality what-so-ever.

      If you’ve read my other posts, I’ve posted from the likes of SGT-Report, ZeroHedge and Goldmoney news. If you’re part of the Silver Shield reports, you would also know that I’m a huge Max Keiser, fan. I think I’m pretty consistent on where I stand with regards to the Constitution, Liberty, and sound monetary policy.

      My twitter account is also on this post.

      • aurochs

        Thanks Irving, I appreciate your willingness to have a conversation and not take my criticism personally. I have issues with Islam. It’s ok that they exist and do as they please in their own countries and I understand that we have invited a lot of the hate we receive from them (Ron Paul is pretty clear on this issue.) I’d like it if they stayed in their own countries and minded their own busines and we did the same. But they are not our friends as they have made clear in both words and deeds for well over a thousand years. I really don’t care to hear anything the sheik of quatar has to say about America. I can bitch and complain about my family members but I don’t want to hear it from a stranger. You know? If we are going to hear about U.S. shortcomings, I’d prefer to hear it from someone who is not a self-declared enemy. If the information has any validity, it will be available from other more acceptable sources as well. If my enemy is the only one saying it, why would I care to listen to it? Is that ‘intolerant?’ Yes, you’re damn right it is. I don’t have to be tolerant of everything and everybody as the ‘progressives’ would have me believe. If you can’t or won’t recognize an enemy as an enemy, you have zero chance of defending yourself and no right to survival. Wouldn’t it be great if we brought all our troops home and left other countries to solve their own problems and just minded our own business? Then we could expect the same of others.

      • James

        it appears the point I was trying to get at with Al Jazeera was made clear. I still can’t see your justification for bagging on Singer so much. I re watched the entire video and don’t see where he is engaged in the discussion from a moral point of view. If someone asked you whether the A-Bomb was efficient and killing people and destroying things and you answer yes that is a statement of fact devoid of moral concern, not sociopathic. It feels like you are getting more into the PC thought process or maybe soundbite wary idea that if someone askes you a question whose answer MIGHT imply something ill about you one must immediately say “yes the A-bomb is efficient BUT boy oh boy it is a horrible device”… see what I mean?

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