MSM meets the fringe: Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic has a new series debuting February 7 2012. Doomsday Preppers.

Any insights as to why the MSM is now including this programming into the propaganda repertiore?
Beck has his own version comming out as well.

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  • Irving14941

    Probably a little nudge-nudge or wink-wink that they know we’re out there. It could also be that they’re preparing us for something really heavy or serious, i.e., dollar collapse …

  • Country Codger


    There are between 3-10 million serious preppers in this country. 30-50 million are making some preparations. 80% of US population feels that the country is headed in the wrong direction and 10,800,000 guns were sold last year (2011) and the U.S. Mint cannot keep up with the demand for silver coins. What does all that mean MARKETSHARE.

    Look how silly the people appeared in the trailer. They are trying to make preppers look like lunatic fringe dwellers. Why would any knowing, thinking prepper go on nationwide TV and tell 20 million viewers that they are getting prepared, but it is a secret, so keep your lips zipped. Watch the Nat. geo. Doomsday Preppers that aired last year.

    Thanks Rainmaker. I don’t have a TV so I can’t keep up with the latest and greatest in the entertainment world. But when this thing airs watch it closely to see if they don’t try to make the preppers look “extreme” somehow.

    God bless America, we are going to need it.

    • intothevoid

      i completely agree with your assessment CC. for all we know, what they are exhibiting as ‘preppers’ could possibly be staged actors used to make the rest of the preppers look like kooks, or to convince more of the general population to buy into the market, ‘satan’s little helpers’ and their ‘fear dollar’… huge in times of recession… giant market, as bill hicks likes to put it.

      no legit prepper i know, would go on tv broadcasting their wares or their general location, like i’ve seen done on some other shows in the past. it could also possibly be their way of desensitizing the general public to the whole idea… i guess we will have to wait and see how they portray these individuals. i do know that they don’t just call it a tv ‘program’ for nothing.

  • I watched last year’s version. Although I liked the Tilapia farmer episode and they all appeared to be your “typical” prepper, I would venture to say that no true prepper would ever go on national tv. I am more than willing to help my neighbors prep now and survive later, if asked, but I am not going to advertize that I am the only guy in the neighborhood with a year worth of food in his storage. I like my neighbors but, when a man’s baby cries from hunger, he stops being neighborly.

    I also have one basic problem with prepping. If you are prepping for a disaster that is great but, my goal is to transition into a self sustaining life, not just storing MRE’s just in case. A lifestyle similar to Dr. Codger’s where I live everyday without my family’s survival and comfort depending on the good will of the Federal Reserve. Where I can be free to think, create, produce and trade with those I choose without some paper pushing bureaucrat holding a gun deciding what is best for me. That is true prepping.

  • slackrabbit

    I go with the lunatic fringe bit.
    If the market is growing exponentially then so is fear… the powers that be will try and kill it trackss
    Markets depend on confidence, both economic and political…..looks like people are waking up and they’re not gonna let that happen

  • Country Codger

    Guys, please keep me informed about this. I have no TV and on use my old analog to watch those new fangled video tapes.

    I participated in the R-9000 project in Sept. of 1979 while at NSA and I do not want another tv. My old Bedrock-1000 Super cpmputer is all I need. I have to keep moving it from the right side of my desk to the left. The light from the vacuum tubes keeps up my suntan. It also allows me to keep my coffee hot and in the winter I seldom use the heater. I just fire up the old super computer and the room heats right up.

    God bless you guys and gals and let’s get serious about our preparations in 2012.

  • Cunning Linguist

    CC & ITV I wholeheartedly agree with your assessments about their reasons for airing these types of shows.
    1. To poke fun at the “Tin Foil Hat” crowd. Is my hat on straight?
    2. To advertise that the end is near. Like Chris always says, they always tell you in advance you just need to be listening.
    3. So when they go door-to-door with the military they won’t come away empty handed, plenty of food and state of the art weapons for all.
    4. To help keep the economy propped up a little while longer (like until Nov.7th)by preppers buying LOTS of items to fill their stores with.

  • To be a true prepper you must “labor in secret.” Do not let any one know, or those who do are in the survival loop. When TSHTF most people will be dead in 90 days. Then it will BECOME A SCARY TIME. The mean “nasty mothers” who have eaten all the little fish will be on the loose, they are the one’s to fear. Ragnar Benson said, this period will last about two years, then the human desire for order and law will slowly return. It took a dark age and black death for Europe to experience the Renaissance, same here.

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