Floating Mother Ship

Ok Guys, I know its AlJazeera, I could have used a Fox video, but the Fox video was boring. The AlJazeera video was shorter and had more action. Plus, I prefer a little “intelligencia” in my morning propaganda. Appears we are going to retrofit old boats and use them as floating bases (or as future sinking targets?). Looks like there is a coordinated effort to have an upgraded conflict this summer. Perfect timing if you were planning it, just before the American election cycle. Its going to be a long hot summer.

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  • Country Codger


    I know you are not going to belief this, because it is right out of Nick Fury:Agent of SHIELD by Marvel comics but in the late 1970’s the Air Force actually planned on building a 1000′ long dirigible using something they called stabilized hydrogen (wasn’t as flamable) and doing this very thing out of Diego Garcia. I kid you not.

    How do you find the time to find all this good stuff?

  • Sorry you have to make excuses for AlJazeera. I have found their reporting in the Gulf and on the Arab Spring to be head and shoulders above any domestic news service. Remember the country desk’s of major Western News outlets have been eliminated and investigative units have been cut to the bone. Look no further than CNBS since the financial crisis began where they have eliminated virtually all investigative reporters.

    I recently found an in depth investigative report on Dow Chemical home base in Midland Michigan – an hour from where I sit from America’s fastest growing news agency; http://rt.com/ That’s right Russian Television.

    I for one am more skeptical of the American news services that are controlled by six corporations.

    Oh. it is war with Syria or Iran while the peace dividend is now being directed to para militarize American Police forces. That and the suspension of our 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendment rights along with the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act should make for an interesting future.

  • Andy in the UK

    Along with carriers, this was just the sort of vessel the Russians had in mind when they designed the Moskit ASM and Shkval torpedo (and also the sort of ship – like the British HMS Ocean, and the French mistral – Iran believed they would be eventually threatened with when they bought several hundred million dollars worth of Moskits and Shkvals from the Russians – and who knows how many cheaper copies from the Chinese – over the last decade alone).

    I cant see this ship ever being deployed to the Gulf for direct use against Iran, does not make sense to me, unless its for use as target fodder, or at best the less than covert deplooyment of recce teams. More likely this ship would play a role against subduing the ‘new batch’ of rebels in Libya, supporting Saudi operations in Yemen, of some similar action in Somalia, but what do I know…….it may end up in Australia as further provocation to the Chinese, or just as likely these days – off the coast of New York / LA on standby to assist the Police move ‘belligerents’ off to FEMA camps……..

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