Silver Shield On Steve Quayle’s Omega Man Show Tonight!

Program Note: Steve and Chris Duane of Silver Shield guest on Omega Man Radio Sunday Jan. 29; 7-9 p.m. MST. 9-11 p.m. EST Topic: Everything You Need to Know About Silver.Listen live / Chat

I am very excited to announce that I will be on Steve Quayle’s Omega Man Radio tonight.   Steve has been a huge supporter of the work that I have done on the DTOM site and has driven more traffic to the site than any other single source.   Steve has been in the silver business for more than 30 years and we will be discussing for 2 full hours on the current silver market.  Expect a lively and thought provoking show.

16 comments to Silver Shield On Steve Quayle’s Omega Man Show Tonight!

  • Country Codger

    Knock ’em dead!

  • MPB

    Listening now Chris, Outstanding!

  • MPB

    Wow! Going past two hours hours now….Awesome Chris!

  • Country Codger

    Great show! There is no one that hears this who can say they were not warned. It just so happens that when Steve said, “coming down the tracks like a freight train”, the local train started blowing as it went through town. I’m thinking WOW 3-D sound.


  • MPB

    Nearly three hours now Chris! You have made the case for what is coming, Silver and then some! You are incredible to be able to be able to do this, LIVE, and not a miss a beat! It’s like a Silver Shield Report, Bravo!

  • Rainmaker

    Wow Chris, you are an Iron Man. I made it two hours…but then I fell asleep with the baby (my wife said I fell asleep but I told her I was just resting my eyes) Not that I was not interested, just tired:-) I gotta tell you man, “your are consistant”, thats for sure. Wake em up.

  • intothevoid

    that show was on point in every regard and will stand the test of time hands down. people will look back at this one for a long time to come. shit was real no question about it.

  • Jaleel

    BRAVO !

  • Silver Shield

    What a blast!
    I was a little shocked when Steve said that this show will be heard by 250,000 people.
    That would work out to 144 ounces available on the Crimex for each of those people.
    I have already had email about people that are going to be liquidating properties, stocks, businesses, and retirement plans and buying physical.

    What happens first…
    Physical default of silver?
    Corruption destroys the system?
    Iran disrupts the petrodollar?
    China dumps the dollar?
    Bernanke hyperinflates the dollar by financing $8 trillion in sovereign debt this year?
    Or some black swan drops from the sky?

    The point is the is not anything worth the risk of owning paper assets in a doomed paradigm and nothing shines brighter than silver to act as your silver bullet and silver shield.

    BTW I would live to do a live call in with David Morgan and others and answer everyone’s questions.
    What would be cooler if we could get some silver bashers on so we can have some real fireworks.

  • Sharky

    Does anybody have a reliable download link for the show I am having real problems trying to stream this through the site in the UK!?

    And I really wnat to listen to this interview!!


  • Sharky

    By the way Silver shield i have seen virtually every silver video i can find and your new videos are brilliant, they are up there in quality with the ones offered by which is the best compliment i can give.

  • howard

    hey chris, iv listened to all ur audio.. and iv gotta say u and omega man r awesome together, this is by far the best interview iv heard, u were at ur best for 3 hours !

  • Winding Path

    I will share this with everyone I know….fantastic interview!!

  • keseph

    Chris, really awesome interview. Good for you!

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