Silver Shield Report #16- Energy In Our Next Paradigm

What a great Silver Shield Report we have lined up for you this week!  I will be speaking with SSR member, Marvin Motsenbocker, who is a patent lawyer by trade, tinkerer by talent, and lives part time in Japan.  He has been apart of Chris Martenson’s group but has recently been turned off as it seems to be a lot more sound bite talk and very little action.  He is committing to the Ultimate Exit Strategy as he feels it is our best option in the next paradigm.

Today we discuss what power would look like in the Ultimate Exit Strategy paradigm.  There are certain foundations I believe that are incredibly important that we get right in the beginning, and energy is one of them.  Marvin and I explore all of the different energy sources and which ones hold the most potential in a sustainable community.  I learned so much from this interview and we dispel a lot of myths out there.

  • Tesla, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Bio Mass and Oil.
  • The Game Changer in Energy
  • Energy in the Ultimate Exit Strategy
  • How Steven Hawkins is an idiot 😉
  • More purpose behind our technical innovations
  • And what is our greatest power source.

I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion and I hold this interview as what the Silver Shield Report is all about.  We are pushing the conversation way beyond what everyone else is talking about and moving past the doom and gloom.  The Ultimate Exit Strategy will allow many individuals to not wait from someone to “save” them and realize that our problems start and stop with us.  Through our awareness and preparedness we can not only create a new paradigm for us, we can provide a way forward for the rest of humanity.

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0:00 Introduction

5:01 What qualities make for a great community in the next paradigm?

8:11 Where we are in energy today.

14:01 Nikola Tesla

18:42 “It is all about engineering.”

19:50 We need to change the way we live to change the way we use energy.

21:41 “Solar is the game changer.”

26:25 Bringing the Ultimate Exit Strategy into focus.

31:00 This is not going backwards, it is about going forward.

33:24 This has been done before. Oneida.

37:30 Exports are the key to the UES community.

40:17 HHO

45:46 The intellectual gap.

47:25 Yes, I called Steven Hawkins an idiot. Quote.

51:48 We more purpose behind our efforts.

54:20 Fresnel Lenses

59:42 Wind power

1:00:42 Oil and energy conservation.

1:03:45 Government is not an answer.

1:08:56 Building a “cult”.

1:12:00 Why I do not want to do something now.

1:15:41 Why solar is cheap right now and might be a great investment.

1:19:42 Bio Oil has great potential.

1:26:20 Architecture in the next paradigm.

1:27:20 Geothermal power

1:29:48 Our greatest power is ourselves.


Feel free to contact Marvin at

If you feel you have a topic or expertise that would advance the conversation for our new community, please let me know.


I am going to search for an expert on this…

Maybe we can create a technical college and use it fund this kind of technology.  We can create our own world.

23 comments to Silver Shield Report #16- Energy In Our Next Paradigm

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Chris thanks for the pleasant interview:

    Two points: my comment about Japan social security might be misleading: I wanted to say that the government of Japan tried to give each citizen a social security number to organize information (keep tabs on) for each person like we do with soc sec numbers. The citizenry (esp. local governments) balked at that. Social welfare and national health are big in Japan, although it is slightly more opt outable than ours and the numbering of citizens is not done because of resistance (this is what I meant by my comment).
    2. Oneida was a silver community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now you have hooked on LFTR! Although at a billion dollars it is not doable by a small community for the first generator (and to think that TARP could have bought 700 LFTR power plants instead of bankster bonuses, dammit). I am still hooked.

    • Silver Shield

      I have been told that they are 200 million to 500 million.
      I know communities that spent close to that on sewer plants.

      In the next paradigm not only will silver be incredibally revalued technologies like this will become very cheap.

      Look at the collapse of Russia the fear was Nukes being bought by local mafia.

      This kind of technology is very specialized and only governments and corporations can afford this.

      The next paradigm these scientists will be starving or working as cab drivers as their specialized skills go unfunded.

      It is in the realm of possibility after we buy New Hampshire we can power it with a few of these.

      We just need to get more into our cause and commit to silver and achieve the level of education we are talking about to make it happen.

      Just this past week since my interview on Steve Quayle I have had people contact me about MAJOR money going into physical silver. Millions.

      With the revaluation of the silver to paper world we will make something extraordinary happen.

      People ask me what can they do?

      Take this seriously and help those join this group.

      We will close ranks when silver makes its big move, the larger group of people committing to this before “it” happens the stronger this group will eventually be.

      After the anger stage for humanity we will reveal to the world what we have done and share it with everyone.

      Until then we have much to do.

      • In the video it was quoted as a billion dollars for the first utility grade power plant. That is a believable number in 2012 inflated dollars. Follow on plants could be made for 400MM once all the engineering gets done and dependent upon the economies of scale. This is actually a massive goal. Having the members agree to pledge purchasing of shares of the LFTR power company with silver. Perhaps an ounce a share? And we all share revenues as normal stock holders after completion.

        • Silver Shield

          I think relative to what we have in our group and the group that we will attract, technology like this is achievable.

          Anything we do will be business based and provide equity to those that invest capital or labor.

          Please understand that the Silver Shield Report is trying to develop the conversation in that direction and that we must see the world anew.

  • Bill Looser

    Keep in mind that hundreds of millions and billions are in dollars…all inflated by high material costs, high insurance, high wages/low production, poor worker attitude, high taxation, big govt intervention, etc., etc…if dollar is gone and infrastructure/grid down/gone…it will be a matter of survival…attitudes will be changing tremendously at that point.

  • Silver Shield

    I sent and email to the guy in the video to come on to the Report and have not gotten a response.

    He may be stuck in this paradigm of billionaires, governments and corporations not knowing that their paradigm is ending.

    Please reach out to him, especially the technical thinkers and see if you have a better shot.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Scientists and lawyers use the dialectic (not Hegelian, but Aristotilian) to search for truth. I suggest that we have a debate between an informed pro thorium expert and an informed non-thorium denier to discover the strong points and weak points. This would clarify the problems, costs and opportunities. We CAN NEVER rely on one person to make a decision or one group with a common idea, when dealing with such decisions. Science and technology advancement require this debate.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    That multiplication kicked that guys butt, all in all was this guy serious?

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    I am not an expert in this area. I only know that thorium is rather common and I thought that it was difficult to get thorium reactions to work (thats why uranium was chosen) but I really dont know. I would be happy to study this area and have a debate (I will take either side pro or con) with someone else who would like to study and review and debate this very interesting topic. we can probably air the issues after some study. By the way I think that applied solar technology can give a good return for the money/time and that Is why I am working on new/improved farm and home equipment………………

    Anyone else want to join me in a thorium study group? we can start on skype to figure out what we need to learn and take it from there.
    it is dangerous to pick some guy who is one sided on a topic, and rely on him alone for making decisions. Even the decision to spend mental energy on something is done at the expense of something else. I suppose we should focus on developing communications and energy and relationships now……………………..

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    In reviewing why some groups succeed and some dont, a major conclusion is that successful ones focus on what they are good at (what are the talents and strong points of the menbers?). Taking this to the present group I suggest that we must meet! get together, do an inventor of what we are better at compared to the rest of the world, and then focus on those strengths.

    The first obvious thing that comes to mind is the use of precious metal to replace fiat currency (your strength). I think that I have strength in coming up with innovative machines that make life easier (my problem has been how to make cheaply so someone can buy/use) but even so, I am weak unless I have other people around me to bounce engineering ideas off of and provide reality checks. I have two electrical engineer friends locally who help me in this regard and I am testing my things in Japan and the US.

    Is there a list of people who want to meet? I volunteer to send emails to each and find out a. when each is available and WHERE/when schedules overlap, b. talents and strong points of each (everyone has talent regardless of background and often in surprising areas). I also would ask each to check off a list of activities/topics that they believe i. are important to the group and also topics that ii. they can contribute to. It would be best if we review these data in advance and have different members provide a presentation or lead discussion group in each important area at the meeting itself to make the best use of our time over a (hopefully) 2 or 3 day period.

    • TU-2000

      Hi Marvin-
      I beleive Chris is already working on setting up some virtual meetings. I would definitely be interested in both researching Thorium with you and meeting to discuss the items you listed above. My background is in chemical engineering with a heavy slant towards oil and gas. I have some experience with biofuels and fluoride chemistry as well. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like to discuss details at

  • AgainstTheGrain

    I don’t really think solar is the answer, to get enough to run any machinery or motors, you would need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. Has any one looked into hydro electric? Yes you need stream or creek but it is much more efficent and has way more power output. Anyone have any knowledege of this?

  • AgainstTheGrain

    “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” – Tesla

    Tesla created a mechanism that could power the entire world. My believe if the dots can be connected you could duplicate it. Tesla often advised that in order to discover the secrets of nature and the universe we should think in terms of frequency, vibration, and energy.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Against the Grain:
    You are extremely off base: “to get enough to run any machinery or motors, you would need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
    I can run an electric dryer on 1000$ worth of solar panels at today’s prices!
    I have no idea what you are talking about……………
    This is much cheaper generally higher power (but limited to sunshine and thousands of times less maintenance than water power.

    Re: “scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
    I worked as a scientist for many years and almost all of us did not use math but got empiracal data to test our theories and develop new science and technology.
    Most of the garbage “free energy” you are reading about is mystical nonsense.

    I recommend that you study basic science.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    empirical data (sp)

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    I have been reminded that I need to be more polite (which is true). I will not respond to any more chat on the internet but instead will build some more relevant household systems and post utube videos. I need to do this anyway for my patent application. Best wishes againstthegrain and everyone else. The biggest challenge in the new age we live in is information overload and what to do about it. We are all living in a sea of misinformation, and the elite are using this fact to their advantage. Buy silver and wait for the next crash, while will provide a short window of very low silver prices as the hedge funds sell silver to meet margin calls. (or so I think, I am often completely wrong on money issues.)

  • Josh


    Your comment that we fail to ask “why” and instead more often ask “how” struck a chord with me.

    I see this mind-set often in my profession which lends itself to solving problems which have been fabricated through incomplete inspection of the desired result (I am not immune — not being self-righteous here).

    I attribute this attitude to the training we receive in the public school system where we are given many tasks that have no direct or immediate usefulness but [inadvertently (or not)] serve to blunt our inquisitive nature and build good followers.

    Thanks for the great material.

  • James Tetreault

    I’m going to leave a couple separate comments because so many different thoughts occur to me in response to this edition of the report. I LOVED this one. Yes . . you guessed it. I’m an engineer.

    Marvin is obviously a man with a huge store of knowledge and a very wise perspective on both engineering and science. That’s not all that common. I think a lot of people in one don’t really appreciate the other.

    I was delighted to see the Sorensen video about LFTR’s on this page and somewhat disappointed that LFTR’s weren’t part of the discussion. As to their feasibility, which I think came up earlier in the comments, Alvin Weinberg, the man who was the father of the pressurized reactor of the sort that nuclear power plants are today, came to favor the liquid fluoride thorium reactor. They ran one for about 5 years in the late 60’s at Oak Ridge in Tennessee. It worked fine. What one hears is that it simply didn’t integrate into weapons production for nuclear weapons and so it was essentially discarded.

    That Obama and his administration cannot apparently see the value in this technology or the TREMENDOUSLY easy sell it would be ” . . and let me be clear . . there was nothing wrong with this technology. It was only discarded because it didn’t help produce material for nuclear weapons . . ” amazes me. He’s either a completely unimaginative dolt or captive to environmentalist absolutists who abhor anything to do with any kind of nuclear power, or perhaps both.

  • James Tetreault

    Chris. In regard to architecture and structuring a pleasing, beautiful community, you might find some value in a book called “Great Streets” by Allan B. Jacobs.

  • James Tetreault

    And, lastly, in regard to Stephen Hawking’s statement, yeah it’s dumb considered in the full context of circumstances. But the notion of “terra forming” another planet to be habitable is an interesting one. There’s a book called “The Case for Mars” by a guy named Robert Zubrin that tries to work out, in detail, what you’d have to do to make the planet Mars habitable for human beings. The biggest challenge is to create a breathable atmosphere. Zubrin believes it can definitely be done. Is it economically feasible? Ha! Not even close. But it’s a fascinating exercise that makes us consider the structure of resources we have here on earth.

    Zubrin’s best case for making the effort, iirc, is, effectively, as a backup planet, in the event that asteroids or some other phenomenon were to endanger life on earth, wouldn’t it be great to have another basket in which some of humanity’s eggs would be preserved? I know, not exactly the most immediate concern. I think Zubrin came off a whole lot better than Hawking does in that quote, anyway.

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