Perpetual Energy :)

11 comments to Perpetual Energy :)

  • oneseven

    Fabulous; thanks for the laugh in the midst of all the worldly insanity.

  • Jeremy

    HA! :) Haven’t laughed out loud in a while!

  • Thats a new classic, good thing I was not drinking anything.

  • What a grand idea! I’ll supply the bread, you supply the cats and we will get rich

  • Silver Surf's Up

    I hate to be a party pooper, but shouldn’t the butter side be attached to the cats’ stomach? Otherwise; the cat lands on its feet…, and uh, no perpetual motion machine. Critical thinking… com-on guys you gotta’ pay closer attention… let a southern hick figure this out before you. By giggies I might make it after all!
    Chris; You still Rock!!!

  • FiatFlatline

    To Silver Surf’s Up: I think your (southern) reasoning is flawed. The second premise (top, right in the photos) is that bread will always fall buttered side down. So, the bread is attached correctly in the example to make the theoretical PMM, because the bread will twist/rotate the cat onto its back (to honor the second premise) and the cat will then have to rotate back to assure landing on its feet (to honor the first premise, to wit: Cats always land on their feet.)

    So … I guess this means “let a Northern Cal. hick figure this out after you.” can be applied? Nonetheless, you still might make it after all.


  • Nice work ~ but there may be a flaw. Cats need energy to operate.
    I am grinning ear to ear however; only for the anticipation of a dead cat bounce once the extend and pretend fantasy no longer keeps the little fellow aloft.

    Fight entropy!

  • Silver Surf's Up

    To FiatFlatline: I was very tired when I read this but, not so incorrect. I do think that both options will work. Butter side to cats’ belly; gravity moves cat toward floor feet first. Torque of butter wanting desperately to hit floor, rotates cat up-side-down. Cats’natural tendancy to land feet first, rotates cat back to feet down position; Viola a second option for PMM. Big Bonus, much more fum to strap buttered bread to cats’ belly. But not in favor of dead cat.

    Hicks are cool too!

    • FiatFlatline

      Yes, Silver … now that I re-read your original post (1-31 at 12:08), both your suggestion AND the one presented in the photos that I supported will work. I was focusing perhaps on the better leverage of the butter being face up on the cat’s back for cat rotation than it would facing in the same “up” direction against the cat’s belly but being a lot closer to the cat’s feet – hence, less leverage.
      Another thought: What if you buttered a piece of bread on both sides and rigged that to the motor? Would that work equally well? Yet, now that I examine the proposed PMM contraption more closely, would not the entire apparatus need to be falling toward a floor for any of these to work? Drat!

      Now my mind is hurting. Back to bed.

  • Silver Surf's Up

    Wow Fiat FlatLine, I think that you have sonething, or maybe two cats strapped back to back. :)
    Yes, I too realized that with a shaft up his bum, the cat would not be falling and would only be uncomfortable and really pissed. I’m sure that makes “Pitchman” happy.

    It’s been a fun diversion, hope you preppared… but I’m sure a smart girl like you has it togather.


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