Extracting the Parasite Known as the Elite

In this DTOM article I attempt to describe the similarities between parasites found in nature and the Anglo-American elite.  I also offer my suggestions for extracting usury from the system, as I believe usury is one of the primary methods used by the parasitical classes.  Hope you enjoy reading it. 

My definition of a Parasite 

It’s important to explain the notion of a parasite from my own perception as I believe viewing the ruling classes as a parasite will allow us to understand their behavior with greater depth, knowledge, and wisdom.

A parasite – such as a tapeworm – is a life form that cannot survive without feeding off the energy obtained from a host body.  For example, a tapeworm lies in the gut of a mammal and absorbs the food ingested by the host.  The host, almost invariably, will have needed to expend energy to obtain the food either by grazing or through hunting and catching prey.

The tapeworm therefore needs a suitable host i.e. one capable and willing to provide food – a healthy host body.  The host body doesn’t need the tapeworm.  In fact, the host body would do far better without the tapeworm – as it then wouldn’t have a parasite consuming its energy.

My definition of a parasite is therefore: a body that absorbs the energy of a ‘host’ body.

The modern elite are akin to a parasite, but one much darker than a tapeworm.  The elite are more similar to the manipulative parasites found in nature. 

Manipulative parasites

Parasitical life-forms that can control the behaviour of their host occur quite frequently around the world and throughout the ages.  Certain fungi – Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, -can manipulate ants to climb-up plants, anchor onto a leaf,  and then proceed to consume the ant’s brain before exploding and spreading spores onto other ants beneath the plant:  thus commencing it – the fungi’s – life-cycle once again.

Another parasite – the gordian worm – is able to create perceptual illusions such as ‘no water’, when in fact there is a big pond resulting in the host drowning-to-death.

Other illusions include the manipulation of the senses to make the scent of a predator appear desirable; akin to a human-being having an attraction towards the smell of wolves and lions.  The Pomphorhynchus laevis appears to be utilize this trick.

Such parasites use biological routes to manipulate their host’s behaviour, and the contemporary global elite also use pharmaceutical drugs in a similar manner.

The parasitical classes have utilized intoxicating substances as a method-of-control for a long time.  From encouraging alcohol use in both present and bygone times to having a significant influence upon modern illegal drug trafficking, it certainly appears that the parasites love to warp and manipulate our conscious thought and perceptions – so long as there’s some type of profit involved.

Other biological controls they employ include prescription drugs peddled by their petro-drug cartels, and additives put into our food and water supplies.

To combat these biological attacks on the senses we must embrace natural remedies for ailments, and reject any drug-derivatives we encounter on the street.  Humanity has always enjoyed becoming intoxicated, but we must look for natural home-made alternatives and not those packaged by the parasitical classes.  Consuming their intoxicants merely allows ‘them’ – a parasite – to grow, and we must all learn to starve-the-beast at every angle possible.  This also includes monitoring their other tool – behavioural-manipulation.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century a variety of controversial experiments were conducted both openly and in a covert manner.  The elite, through funding their puppet researchers, developed many behavioural strategies to control their host – us – and used the information from theories such as classical and operant conditioning to keep us running-on-the-mouse-wheel to ensure they could hitch-a-ride and parasite upon the fruits-of-our-labor.

Operant conditioning examines the notion of rewards/reinforcements and punishments.  Through usury, the parasitical class have encouraged our behaviour by rewarding those that play their game, and punishing those that choose not to.

To combat the parasitical class’ behavioural methods, you must be conscious of your behaviour.  Do your actions or inactions contribute in some manner towards feeding-the-beast, and if so, how can you embrace behavioural change within yourself, and start to cull the parasites rife within our society?

Stop running-on-the-mouse-wheel, and reject the scraps thrown to you by the parasitical class and recognise their ‘rewards’ for what they primarily are – an illusion.

To combat the reward/reinforcement aspect of operant conditioning we could simply embrace the hunger for a return to real money.

Another primary form of manipulation implemented by the Anglo-American elite is the adjustment of societal norms and expectations.  This is such a large topic that I cannot do full justice to it here, and suggest you watch, or re-watch, Chris’ academy work regarding psychological control.  It’s sufficient to comment here that your social clock is engineered, and the things you desire are often implanted at a subliminal level by indoctrinated state teachers and media presstitutes.

The return to money

Illusory currency has been around for such a long time that the parasitical class have become totally dependent upon it.  They’ve been able to do this as the common man has, for far too long, been tricked by hocus-pocus that pieces of paper and binary codes stored on a hard disk are actual assets.

Unfortunately for the parasitical class, the host – us – is evolving and developing numerous resistance ‘cells’ that are currently cornering the elite and exposing them at an ever-growing rate.

The DTOM website is one of many that advocate exchanging fiat currency into silver bullion whilst the opportunity to do so still exists.  Unlike many other forums and blogs, however, here at DTOM we have folk none too keen to wait for a knight in shining armour to come and rescue us.  The focus isn’t merely making a profit, either:  The DTOM community examine ways and means to ‘leave the debt farm’ in as smooth-a-manner as possible.

Silver is indeed money, but do you really believe that having bars and one ounce coins is a sufficient way to run an economy?  What if all two participants in the economy wish to do is have a medium-of-exchange for apples and potatoes?

An economy that utilises monetary metal as a currency is often hindered by the mindset of the wealthier members of that society.  Coins are usually created by those with the wealth, and as such the base-metal coins and smaller silver coins were rarely around in sufficient quantities for those lower down on the wealth scale.

Through my own research I came to the conclusion that the last decent monarch my country had was Queen Elizabeth the first.  Unlike her demented contemporary namesake, Queen Elizabeth the first defended the English against foreign taxation, and also minted more small coins that any monarch before her time.

A healthy economy will include many levels, and this can only be facilitated when the coins in play can account for all potential purchases: from a single red apple, to a fancy grand palace.

Gold and silver are not appropriate coins for small purchases whilst bronze/copper coins are not suitable for expensive purchases.  Lizzie the first – or at least her advisors – knew full well that a healthy economy must include everyone; from the lowest paid to the savvy entrepreneurs.  She therefore introduced bronze, silver, and gold coins en masse throughout her reign.

Money and the elite 

There isn’t a method to correctly assess the amount of money held by the Anglo-American elite.  It would appear they have virtually no silver after selling it cheaply for many decades, and the US treasury reports to hold none at all.  In bygone times, nearly every government would have held silver for coinage and security, but nowadays the landscape is very different.

The people have the silver, not the elite.

It is perhaps a different story with gold.  The central banks of the world have been net buyers for two years now, after being net sellers for many decades.  There are many gold-bugs amongst the people, and this trend will grow exponentially.

Do the people have more gold than the Anglo-American elite?  I’m not certain, but as the elite probably have far less gold than they state, and they have virtually no silver, the people have the money as of 2012.

The Anglo-American elite believe they can introduce SDR’s connected to the national and regional currencies of today.  They gambled with their money on persuading the world to accept their global debt-based currency.

Will you accept it?

Will humanity accept it?

I personally doubt it.  In fact, I foresee a 1340’s style collapse and the Rothschild’s of the world will be hunted down by those that perceive that some crimes simply cannot go unpunished. 

Most of us, however, should and must simply walk away.

Extracting parasites

At the beginning of this article I mention the parasite commonly known as a tapeworm.  Imagine discovering this tapeworm today, what would you do?  Would you proceed to take a sharp knife and cut-out the worm, or would you consume a substance known to poison it?  Obviously you would extract the parasite using the method known to have the least detrimental effect to yourself – or at least I would hope you would choose this option.

The elite use many methods to parasite off our energy, but their main weapon – in my most humble opinion – is the process known as usury.  The Rothschild bloodline have practiced usury on both gold and fiat currency.  Through this process they’ve manipulated governments, businesses, education, and ultimately most of humanity.

We therefore need to extract usury from the ‘system’.

We also, and more importantly, need to use a medium of exchange they cannot control; namely silver.  However, as stated, the current quantity of silver is not sufficient in most places, and, even more importantly, the silver is stored in bars and one ounce coins.

A crown is a British coin weighing in at 28.48 grams – smaller than a troy ounce.  Such coins were never popular amongst the people as they were considered too bulky and cumbersome.  It will be a similar story for the one ounce coins today.  They are bullion, but not a very good currency.

Constitutional Silver, is a currency system from a bygone time, and could certainly be incorporated alongside silver bullion.  However, I still believe this would be insufficient for every possible trade, and would urge people to consider the semi-precious metal monetary systems such as the nickel dollar.

In the UK, we could use the 1920-1946 50% silver coins alongside copper sterling.


The world is full of parasites.  Some parasites simply absorb energy from the host, whilst more malevolent ones actually control the behaviour of the host; often resulting in the host’s demise.

The Anglo-American elite – the Rothschild’s, the Windsor’s, and the Rockefella’s are a form of parasite that absorbs our energy: mainly through a process known as usury.

To extract one of their main routes, we must establish usury-free monetary systems, and such systems should – nay, MUST – include all the coins – bronze, silver, and gold.

The monetary systems we establish should incorporate many smallish coins of various metals.  An economy functions far better in this manner.

Think on…………………………………………….



copper sterling.

11 comments to Extracting the Parasite Known as the Elite

  • Ben


    Brilliant! You are one of my favorite writers on DTOM.

    Well done.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    Terrific piece.

  • marz

    Brilliant indeed. Especially in that “…you must be conscious of your behaviour”. A task that is harder than it seems.

  • Great work. As I read your the piece I thought of Cathrine Austin Fitts. The concept of a tapeworm society is on that Cathrine Austin Fitts has been using for years.

    “You have a system that’s not being run to be productive as an economy or healthy as an economy. Its being run to centralize control.” – Cathrine Austin Fitts

    She had companies working with HUD; getting welfare moms off the dole. She improved HUD’s foreclosed properties auctions, saving the taxpayer $2.5 billion. The software her company developed opened the bidding process and shined a light on the rigged process and one to the nations largest slumlords; The Harvard Endowment. Long story short: They were not pleased that “ni#%ers with computers” were making them pay market prices or that dependent citizens were given an opportunity to become productive. Thus, They, HUD and the DOJ crushed her business and started sweeps of the projects to fill up the newly privatized prisons.

    Some of the food stamp program’s customer service business was handled by one her start-ups. Today when a recipient calls for customer service they get a JP Morgan employee on the phone; in India. – God Bless The USA!

    I did a post featuring an interview on corruption with her. If you’re interested in the depth of the Rabbit Hole and the psychopaths within, see the “Dillon Reed and Company: And the Aristocracy of Stock Profits” link at the bottom of: The Looting of America: Happy Labor Day – http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/2011/09/looting-of-america-happy-labor-day.html

  • Thanks upside down and marz.

    @Pitchman: There is nothing that can be done within their paradigm; they own the governments, the media, the judges, and the currency supply.

    We need to walk away in a painless way as possible.

    No point waiting for OWS or even Ron Paul to make a difference – the difference lies within each individual.

    When you fight ‘them’ they absorb your energy too.


  • @Gareth – Total withdrawal of your support is the best thing one can do to bring down this profoundly sick society. Sadly most do not see it as such and will stand behind the lie until there is chaos in what ever tragic form it manifest itself. Then it is to late. Peace — Peace and harmony are the goal. As this charade plays out I fear that those few controlling the levers will not allow it.

  • @Pitchman: I wouldn’t worry too much about what the elite will or won’t do. Similar to the ‘elite’ of the early to mid 1300’s they’ve become way to arrogant and detached – they will fail to control the backlash that will be inflicted upon them.

    Best to walk away, duck, and cover.

    Good Luck

  • Ron Webb

    Pitchman: TOTAL CONTROL (New World Order), with YOUR LIBERTY, as the price, is what THE ELITE require, for your precious “peace & harmony”. Do you hold your FREEDOM “so cheaply” ??? FEAR is one of their “primary weapons”, along with poverty, hunger(with rioting & chaos), disease, DEBT(OF COURSE), WAR & GOVERNMENT OVERTHROWAL, & ON-&-ON…….A POOR SERF, IS AN OBEDIENT SERF :)
    THE END, JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, for these people…Up to, & including WW III.
    BECOME AWARE…TO PREPARE…AND ENDURE !!! I strongly believe that “the sooner this paradigm ends, the better chance we have to create a better one”. Our fear, is precisely, what THEY are counting on.

  • Great article – than you Gareth.

    Another category of parasitic relationship to which I’ve long though our so-called “Elite” closely parallel is the parasitic wasps vs. caterpillars.


    Like our own army and police, the caterpillar is tricked into defending the very larva that have been insidiously devouring it
    from the inside. The wasps also prevent the caterpillar from every metamorphosing into a moth/butterfly, just as they’ve kept this country and the world from achieving our potential for human liberty and wellbeing.

    I hope everyone finds this interesting.

    Please keep up the great work.

  • […] We will examine how allowing a central hub for currency creation was a moral crime.  The entities known as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the ECB absorbed the energy of most of humanity.   In essence, the central banks were a tool for the elites of that period to live like a nest of parasites. […]

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