What’s In Your Wallet?

The currency will be called the “Phoenix” (rising from the global economic ashes) and will be adopted in 2018 A.D. (see “The Phoenix” on the cover of The Economist for January 9, 1988).

“The dollar is our currency but your problem”– John Connally

There is a lot of talk about the dollar losing it’s global reserve currency status and what is to replace it. A global reserve currency is a very privileged status that makes our paper fiat dollars the king of all currencies. The dollar represents the currency of the most powerful empire in the world. This dollar allows every nation access into the largest, deepest, and presumably safest markets in the world.

It is also the only currency to be used to buy the most vital resource in the world, oil. Through the London and New York markets, countries all over the world, are forced to keep dollars to buy oil from these banking houses. As a result of this unique status, countries also settle bilateral trade with each other with our dollars. So trade between countries like Venezuela and  Norway are not settled in Bolivars and Kroner, they are settled in dollars.

This unique status of the dollar is starting to fall apart and the Elite know it. Iran is now selling oil in any currency at the Iranian Oil Bourse in Kish Iran. (This is the real reason why there is a push for war with Iran.) This passive aggressive assault on the dollar has given the chance for other countries to question why they need the dollar at all. Especially when these dollars implicitly funds the aggressive American Empire. Countries like China and Russia have dropped the dollar from their bilateral trade. Japan may no longer see any reason to buy US dollars in the treasury markets, as they try to rebuild their economy after the triple disaster they are now facing.

The dollar is not backed by any physical asset, like gold. It is backed by the faith/illusion of the power of the American Empire. The combination of our banking power, corporate powers, media power and military power, give the dollar a very powerful facade. Like all Empires in the past, this facade is failing. Consequently, the power of the dollar is failing which is leading the Elite to scramble for a replacement currency.

The Elite know that if they control the currency of the world, they own the world. The Elite are moving forward with a proposal of truly global currency for their global government. They are looking to institute a new currency like the SDR or the Bancor that all of the major powers would have a stake in. The problem is that it is fundamentally no different than any other fiat debt based currency. It is just another illusion to kick the can down the road further.

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This Global Currency also is a major strike against any national sovereignty which is what the Globalists desperately want. Unless a nation controls its currency, it has no means of regulating anything inside or outside its boarders. Once a country is hooked into the globalist money scheme, they no longer control their finances, corporations, or even their military. If a nation wanted to defend itself from an attacking country, that nation would have to beg some faceless banker in Frankfurt to get the funds necessary to fight the war. Ask Greece or Ireland how much sovereignty they have right now?

The Globalists would use this money not only to control all nations but also to tax them to fund a non-representative, non-Constitutional Global government. The taxes might come implicitly from carbon taxes or simply just through inflation. If you think Washington D.C. doesn’t listen to you now, wait until these nameless bureaucrats get control of the reigns.

The Anglo-American Elite are scrambling to sucker the world to another illusion. They want the world to believe that the IMF, World Bank, or BIS is somehow any different than the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, or ECB. If the SDR or Bancor did become the world’s reserve currency, it would still be implicitly be controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. That is why Rothschild front man George “Holocaust Profiteer” Soros is leading the charge to push for this scheme now.

Gold and silver are already universally recognized global currency. There is no need for another global fiat reserve currency. All we need to do is get ahead of the curve and buy now before the Elite slit the dollar’s throat. The more Aware individuals, companies, states and nations demand gold and silver as their own reserve currency, the more power we will have over the Elite that trap us with their debt and war.

So I have got to ask you a question… what’s in your wallet?

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