SBSS 10. The Silver Paradigm Shift

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  • Wow. That was a great video. Coach D

  • MJA

    Chris you keep hittings home runs… I second the WOW When will you come to Florida for the next meeting?

  • Good vid, Chris. Quick question though – and the concept was addressed by yourself in the SB&SS article – can you really see silver raising on the live market thingy?
    In the SB&SS you suggest that it could go to $50 then it’s game over -silver shortage and caput to the fiat engine.
    In other words, isn’t it more likely we won’t see computerized markets stating silver $100 etc? The system simply crashing way before that point.
    Could be decades before the bulk of humanity regard silver as rare and precious again. We have been conditioned to think silver should be cheap from a young age. The system will prob go down with no-one really knowing there is less above ground silver than gold. Our children or our children’s children will financially benefit from our squirrel mentality more than us.
    I’m keeping mine hidden for quite a few years I imagine.

    • Silver Shield

      I think there will be price that people will laugh at on the site much like people laughed at Official Soviet prices. Sure something many have the official prices of 10 Rubles but you can’t by anything for that price.

      The rapid detachment of the real tangible price and the fiat paper price will amaze people.

      The market will be functioning like we see it now one week the next week people will not find anything on any site as they will either be sold out or kept out.

      Look at how all of the different participants in the market will react to a new paradigm where physical is king.

      The market is more powerful than the lone super power or the Rothschilds.

      Awaken silver ants and keep stacking.

      • Some of the smaller merchants reacted over the Christmas period. The refused to follow the spot price when it dipped below $33 and just kept the same. A few did that in the UK, and the larger merchants closed-shop for the Christmas period.

        I’m not 100% sure what the market actually is yet, but it’s basically social psychology, right? Or at least the psychological aspect is far more important than the underpinning math of the currency supply? Tulip mania and resultant collapse wasn’t due to illusory fiat – just by people going a little ‘mad’.

        The Rothschild’s merely tweak it with their usury, media, and other strategies and don not fully control it at all. In fact they’ve lost control of their engineered collapse – a strategy they’ve used many times before with 100% success rate. No one is in control.

        I suppose ultimately it’ll be a question of time. Quick collapse = most people oblivious to the value of silver – they might just be thinking, “haven’t seen any silver for years..mmm?”

        You do a far better job than most at “Awaken[ing] silver ants”, bud.


  • Sharky

    Top class video’s please keep them coming!

  • trailhiker

    Another stellar video SS!! I have sent this off to many people this morning, hopefully a few will begin to see the light. Thanks again for your efforts.

  • mong00se

    These videos are amazing Chris and will become a resource for decades if not generations to come. The educational value of these videos post collapse will be astounding. Excellent work and an incredible gift to humanity.

  • MPB

    Chris, this one is a phenominal, outstanding work! The one point that stands out to me, that I get from this video, and one that maybe is the hardest to grasp (for many) is that the rise in the real value of Silver, or any thing of REAL worth – value will happen very rapidly. That is simply, when the masses realize that most of what they had valued for Sooooo long (paper assets, etc.) isn’t really worth anything, and that other real things are of value, like Silver, or food, or fuel, etc. are , there will be relitively fast, massive rush into these things. And yes, the people that hold them are not likely to give them up for anything of less real value, very quickly.

  • Oz's

    Chris…a home run

    Why do they call that twat Corzine…The Honourable…?

    Unfortunately, there is NO anti-hegemon…only Rothschild Inc, whom WILL do door to door searches in the West when the surf, it so easy for these creatures to do so, why wouldn’t they? Armed “preppers” won’t stand a chance against proper military, sorry but it’s true.

    My advice?
    Move to South Africa, buy some nice agriland, with borehole water with your $£€¥, stickup & get satellite tv & watch the shit unfold with a grin.

    I did & so far it’s WOW.

  • Chris,
    Is there a video coming that you will show what you feel the post collapse will look like? My question is, will it be “The Road” & “Mad Max” or will it be Great Depression II? Do you feel the grid will collapse? Thanks, Coach D

    • Silver Shield

      Depends on where you live.
      New York and Chicago- 1984 meets Robocop
      LA and Miami- I Am Legend
      Major cities- Mad Max
      Suburbs- The Road

      The rest of the country- 1776

  • Oz's

    If the world debt & derivative market, Rothschild enslavement
    …estimated at $1 quadrillion, were converted to gold or silver it would equal…

    180 million tons of gold! or
    9.5 billion tons of silver!….that’s quite a lot :)

  • JukeBoy

    Excellent video Chris, loved it. All the best from New Zealand.

  • john

    chris, your work is solid, and as much as i hate saying this, i hope you are right. i hate saying this bc for years i have tried to convince and educate loved ones to convert. they wont, they never will.

    also, i hope you are right because in my gut i just know that are exsistance has been a sham. it sucks living in today’s world and I hope some (couldn’t come soon enough) day it is an enjoyable world to live in.

  • Robert

    Great Vid, please keep them coming. The metaphysical reason for silver is coming as the cylces of time are shifting. The metal of the moon is silver and the metal of the sun is gold. As we know the sun is a masculine fire energy which is way out of balance with this aggressive fire oil burning energy causing systemic inflammation globally and personally. As the fire dries out the water causing all these debilitating problems in society. As we finally see there needs to be a shift in this primordial energy of yang/fire/sun/gold to more of a yin/water/moon/silver energy on a metaphysical perspective which will balance the energy on this planet. Therfore my money is on the feminine cooling nurturing energy of silver, be patient becuase this shift is coming whether we like it or not.

  • Bob Ed

    Hey Chris; At what point do we sell our silver? I would hate to be the last one out the door! Also do you think we will eventually have a new currency that is back by either gold or silver?

  • yus

    hi chris, i understand the whole situation but was wondering if hyperinflation will hit countries like Singapore where i leave. though we are heavily dependent on the US economy,our approach towards the situation may differ from the FEDS

    • Silver Shield

      The Criminal Elite will do anything to maintain the status quo, no dollar will be spared and we will see a flood of new dollars.
      A hyperinflation is much more a psychological event than a financial event.
      It is when people reject a perceived value of a currency and rush to things that have intrinsic, real, tangible value.

  • yus

    thank for the reply. when hyperinflation happens, how long would this period last, what is your take on this question. and i admire your work and dedication to wake people up

    • Silver Shield

      Hyperinflations are first and foremost a psychological events where people lose faith in a the store of value in a currency.
      They are relatively short especially the initial loss as money losses value.

      It seems the more financially aware and mature a nation is the faster it deteriorates.

      The US dollar has so many things lined up against it, I have no doubt when it falls it will be a violent occurrence.

      More history will be written the few weeks surrounding that event than the past 60 years.

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