Now We Are “Suspicious”

The FBI in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (a name clearly taken from the Nazi Reichssicherheitshauptamt with the same definition) sent out flyers to random addresses in their Orwellian “See Something, Say Something” program.  Well not only does the Honorable Ron Paul sound “suspcious” so does just about everyone I know.  After 10 years of overt wars based on a pack of lies with weapons of mass destruction, and 60 years of covert wars as the US spread its hegemonic power, anyone questioning the legitimacy of such a waste of resources in pursuit of a unsustainable policy is not a “suspicious” person.

These tactics are a PsyOp designed to freeze people from speaking out and think that even thinking these thoughts is a mind crime.  Please watch this video on DoubleThink on how the Elite want you to control your thoughts to go along with the Elite even though everything inside of you knows that they are lying to you.  The threat of violence keeps people in their prion.  Our problems start and stop with us.  Question authority, think logically, and you will be free of anyone’s control.

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  • Oz's

    Chris, you are legend mate.

    I think we sped past double speak 100yrs ago,
    Who owns AP, Rueters etc?
    Who owns BIS, FED, BOE etc?
    Who owns the world military industrial complex etc?
    Who owns the politicians etc?
    Who owns Monsanto, Nestle etc?
    Who owns BP, Shell etc?
    Etc etc

    Rothschild Inc….

    Unless they die, soon, we die.
    It’s as simple as that.

    The Question no one is able to answer is HOW do we behead the beast (after due judicial process:)),
    It seems impossible, it seems we are doomed…

  • Mayer Rothschild

    You would think there would be a few former military types who know what is going on. Their control base is small. That is the strength AND weakness.
    The heads of the media(Sumner, Murdough ect) and a few of there bigger mouthpieces(Bill Orielly, Kramer Ect) A few of their thinktanks- Bryzyski, Rockefeller, Soros, Ect. a few peon dual citizen ISrael congressmen who are pushing through all the draconian measures, a few bankers- Summers, Geithner, Paulson. Easy targets for the skills of the digruntled former military types.

    20 people ‘out’ and it sets back the Rothschilds by 5-10 years. In that time the 1% becomes 5% and figure out what is going on and its game OVER. That is why they are in such a rush to censor the IE. If they dont they lose. If we can simply delay their progress a few years. WE WIN. Any real patriots out there??

  • On up the chain it is all on a need to know basis. When it all falls apart the ultimate question is what about the Oath Takers and the 20%+ of active soldiers who have indicated they will fire on citizens.

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