Greek Backlash As Bankster Technocrats Force a €130 billion Bailout to avoid Default on €14.5 billion

American Citizens Are You Paying Attention?

As discussed in: The Silent Coup, Para Militarization And The New Reich some of the most violent rioting to date has broken out as the Greek Parliament voted Sunday to approve a package of austerity reforms, marking a key step toward securing a second bailout worth €130 billion from the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank, collectively known as the troika.

Make no mistake the sovereignty of Greece is gone as Troika’s bankster technocrats lord over the government.  The public backlash marks growing defiance to their forced  Austerity measures and their push to cover their bad debts by strapping the people with another €130 billion in public debt.  As the bill passes through the next two stages before the crime is made “law” the uprising is likely to become more violent.  All this, so the Banksters can continue to extract every last bit of wealth from the nation and it’s people.

Hey this is how the elite central banker class roles.  First they loan money to the national banks they know can not be paid back (sound familiar?) and when the threat of default looms large they restructure new loans; transferring the debt, through a bailout, to “THE PEOPLE”  that forces austerity measures on them and demands the country sell off vital public assets.  When that new program fails; simply rinse and repeat.

“Two years ago Greek conservative party Parliament members we kicked out for voting for the 1st bailout. This time they were kicked out for voting against it; and this is the party likely to form the next government.” – Narrator above

Do you get it now?

Original Post: Greek Backlash As Bankster Technocrats Force a €130 billion Bailout to avoid Default on €14.5 billion

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