SBSS 13. Baby Boomer’s Last Shot

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  • Andy

    Yeah, same old sh*t.I have asked you some questions in the comments section, and no answer, and it was you who said ”question everything”. You see, i`m here just wanting to know what`s going on, like many other people here. I suspect you don`t what to hear any criticism , because that`s against what you. Oh yeah, i have`nt bought your ”Silver Shield report”, maybe that`s the reason, and who am i to complain because you are a hero to some people. i`m not saying you are a bad person,but this stuff is too much.

    • Silver Shield

      I love constructive criticism.

      Same ole’ shit? 99% of our society is completely unaware of what is coming and this is old stuff?

      The Silver Shield Report is not for everyone and certainly not for cynical people who throw rocks at those that are doing something.

      I would be more than happy to put your visionary solutions up on the site if you care to share.

    • lastmanstanding

      Why don’t you take some inititive and do a little work on your own…there is more than enough info in the archives on this and linked sites (for free) to answer your questions.

      I suspect that your just looking for the easy way out…

      Let me clue you in…there isn’t one.

    • Daniel H. Benson

      OK Andy

      What is your question or questions? I can answer them. I’ve been teaching American Govt and economics for years, I believe I can help.

  • David baker

    I think these vids/mini docs are great and i carnt wait to see your latest one’s they have all been very good and thought provoking,much better than i thought possible on a small budget,i salute you

  • Jonny

    Great info Chris, we appreciate your hard work

  • Andy

    SS, please accest my appologies if i`m wrong, but i`have aseked you to answer some questions, and i do respect what you are doing, it`s just that people get depressed of what you keep saying all the time, we need more solutions, not explanations of what will happen. We`ve seen it all already. There are hundreds, if no thousands who say that all the hell is going to get loose, but let`s get on the positive side and let`s prepare.( i have been in the army by the way) And, yes i do own silver but it`s the positive side that keep us moving on, is it not the truth ? We all want to live good, and for long as we can imagine..

    • Silver Shield


      I have been doing my best to keep a good balance of awareness and preparedness.

      Most of the public stuff is awareness and the Silver Shield Report is Preparedness.

      I have many forward thinking and positive plans like the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, the Ultimate Exit Strategy, The Sons of Liberty Academy and The Greatest Truth Never Told.

      I encourage people to get moving and take this time seriously because we are on a ticking clock.

    • I love the shot of the Bandog, or Cane Corsa guard dog…

      I raise Fila Brasileiro’s. I have pups, but don’t know if you want advertising for something like that here Chris. I wouldn’t presume upon that upon you.

      I believe that guardian dogs, which are already the mainstay in some places like in New Mexico, will become extremely important allies and working dogs in our future. When I visited my grandfather (two years ago) every house on his block in Belen, New Mexico had excellent fencing and two to three guard dogs who meant business. Why? Small town, not much money, long wait for police to show up. Better to prevent and protect than find out too late, when someone is in your house.

      I have had Fila’s for 7 years and have been working diligently for the last two years on my genetics, health screening and working ability. I had two females shipped in because there were too many closely related dogs in my area with this breed. Testing done with OFA the hips and elbows are free of dysplasia. Fed raw bones every chance when they are available, quality kibble, eggs ect…that is my passion with my past a veterinary technician helping along the way. Raising healthy, excellent guardians for family living that you don’t have to spend upwards of 10,000 for guard dog training that may or may not work. Fila’s are an old breed and have a long history of being completely loyal to the family, good with kids (or I wouldn’t own one) and absolutely excel as a guardian. Fearless, yet extremely intelligent. I love these dogs…

      Thanks for the video, and yes many people are going through the stages of acceptance. The people who knew this was coming have already been through their anger, grief, acceptance and are working now towards survival. It must be hard for people who are going through what many have mostly already felt…

      Good luck Andy. Better to go through this now, than after everything happens…
      You have a head start obviously…

      Take care,

  • Andy

    Well, thank you for that, because we are in the same boat i guess. You see, i spent many days to persuade my friends, that the only escape from this ponzi scheme is gold and silver(it all originated from your site). I do not know if they believed me, but it made an impact on them. And it was worth it. Real stuff is reall, everything else is crap..

  • vox

    Lighten up, Francis, er Andy. You are part of the freaking problem I suspect. Demanding action/response from someone or something that really does NOT have to respond to you. Feel entitled much?

    Chris – keep up the good work. Andy will find someone else to play his little game…you keep your eye on the ball and keep posting.

  • intothevoid

    @andy… if you are new here, i can honestly say that chris is nothing but positive and realistic. he spends a lot of time running all of his projects and sites, participating in interviews, phone calls, and making videos as well as taking care of his family.

    he does have a lot of progressive and positive ideas/plans to help those who have accepted all of the stages of awakening and are ready to create generational wealth and are willing to positively move forward as a group. (everyone at some point will go through a depression stage and no they won’t like it)

    5 Stages Of Awakening

    a lot of those forward thinking ideas are covered in the SSR reports which are meant for those individuals that understand what is going on now and are serious enough to plan and take action in helping guide, support and teach other like minded people in working together and giving value to those life skills that are not appreciated so much right now.

    the DTOM site isn’t necessarily the best forum or outlet to expand on those particular ideas. but with the SSR reports and the individuals featured on them, they provide a more intimate, private setting and future insight as to how we will have a chance at redemption, in re-structuring free and prosperous communities for those individuals that will eventually become aware once the collapse occurs.

    but with the idea of leaderless resistance, we can all be heroes in our own right… you don’t necessarily have to buy into what chris is doing here or pay for the SSR reports. the knowledge and actions are out there for those who want to learn them. if you feel that you are adequately aware and prepared, you can help structure similar groups with like minded people in your area… in ways that you feel might be more appropriate or suitable for your community.

    not everyone is willing or able to pay for SSR but i assure you it is an invaluable investment much the same way physical silver is. it wouldn’t hurt to consider it if you are looking for future actions in dealing with and coming out ahead of this transition. stay positive and focused my friend.

  • Ben

    Methinks Andy might be in the anger stage. Actually, I thik a lot of people are in the anger stage. Ha!

    Andy, you wrote. “i`m here just wanting to know what`s going on, like many other people here.”

    Here is a good video to watch Andy. It shows you “what is going on” and has been going on for over a hundred years.

    I chose that video because of the screen shot of Leonidas from the movie 300 on Chris’ video. It made me think of the YouTube video because at the end of it is a parody of the movie 300. If you get nothing from the aforementioned video, you should at least get a laugh at the way it ends.

    As I said, it gives a good overview of what is goin on in our society. I am sure SS has posted it before or so I seem to recall.

    Also, it’s not Chris’ responsibility to “tell you what is happening”, that is on you my friend. Besides, Chris has passed on a ton of knowledge. Take it at face value, and take it for what it is…information. You may not agree with everything, I don’t always agree with it all, but there is some incredible insigt there….and…..IT’S FREE!

    As knowledge should be.

    Best of luck.

  • Lincoln Carter


    Please google and watch Chris Martensons Crash Course – watch chapter 20 if you just want to know what to do. But if you really want to understand WHY, watch all previous 19 chapters. Exponential Numbers was the 1 that I easily understood and had the greatest impact on my understanding.

    After watching these 20 chapters, go to ZeroHedge and read the stories and comments for an even higher understanding of current economic & political events.

    Welcome to the red pill club – I hope you will pass on your (future) knowledge.

  • old-sheqel

    @Andy ,
    Chris is a good man . He helped me , wrote me and answerd my mails .
    After all , I’m just a youngster from the middle of nowhere !


  • Alan

    Again… the ominous sentence of a mathematically inevitable WORLDWIDE currency collapse. Chris, I applaud you for your efforts in creating awareness, but this phrase is really fear-mongering and sorry a complete over-emphasis on the importance of the US dollar and the American economy. When the shit hits the fan in America, many countries will get burnt, but many other countries will be able to carry on (albeit with hardship) and trade amongst each other. Countries are already taking action to side step the US dollar and trade directly.

    Sure, there will be hard times but neither the Yuan, the Ruble, the Singapore dollar nor the Hong Kong dollar are going to collapse because the US dollar the US economy is going to tank.

  • Rattlebone

    I would like opinions on the purchase of “silver rounds” versus name-brand recognizable say, Silver Eagles. Which would be better to buy? Is it just the silver, or anything else? If we barter, which would be best? Thank You!

    • Silver Shield

      They are okay, I think Constitutional Silver should be the first and largest part of your collection.

      As you feel you have “enough” buy rounds, eagles and bars as you see fit.

  • G

    What do you say for someone who has life and/or health insurance policies?

    Should one dumpt these policies and use that monthly life insurance/health premiuims to purchase PMs?

    Or is the Insurance/health policy different than IRAs, 401K, etc.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    • Silver Shield

      All paper wealth will be destroyed. What good are thousand dollar policies of the 40’s and 50’s in a million dollar world of today?
      What good will the million dollar policies of today be worth when the dollar fails?

  • Tony

    Fraud Alert Fraud Alert Fraud Alert


    Can you tell me something that I haven’t herd. I find so much of your material redundant. If you think that silver is the only solution to the problem you are mistaken.

    My huge problem is with a comment you mad sometime ago. Take your credit cards and max them out buying silver and let the credit card companies experience loss or failure. I still can”t shake this. You told your readers to defraud the financial institutions. Granted they are causing so many of our problems, but to lose your integrity ethics and values. You seem to lack core values. If this is what your society outlook is, we are all screwed. You are nothing but a fraud. Your retraction statement to my was nothing more than lip service.

    People should buy and own physical silver, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And most importantly, avoid the bull scare tactics that you employ. For the price of your report, the average investor could buy an ounce of silver?

    • Silver Shield

      Shill alert…


      All of these videos are from articles I wrote a year ago, so yes they are old stuff to you if you have been following me a long time. These youtubes are reaching new people and giving voice to others and are effective tools.

      Like I told you before I NEVER suggested people max out their credit cards and buy silver. I said I know people who have and ultimately discharged the unsecured debt. It is not something I have done or suggest others do as it is fraud. I am merely discussing what others are doing. Heck $6trillion of fraudulent debt was discovered in Italy, does that mean I think people should forge bonds?!

      I said that I will use every motivation to get people to understand the complete picture of silver, unfortunately fear is the most powerful motivator, which is why you responded to this one, not the other 13 videos where I cover the geological, historical, financial, and even spiritual reasons why you should sell your paper assets and buy physical silver.

      You will continue to hear what you want to hear and if you ignore the massive amount of work I have put out and the people I have helped oh well.

      We settled that issue a long time ago and from what I remember to your satisfactiOn and now it is lip service? What is the real cause of this attack? What have you done but throw rocks at others?

      Congratulations by the way you can do math. My report is the cost of and ounce of silver and if you looked at the hundreds of very positive comments on the Silver Shield Report it is worth every penny. Mental preparation is by far the most important preparation and my report is for other way past the snarky bs that you seem to revel in.

  • Cunning Linguist

    The picture of the silver bars stacked on the coffe table is of my coffee table and my silver bars. COOL, My stash is famous now. Thanks Chris.

  • Randy Sattler

    my dad is a baby boomer and he is still very strong and healthy. .

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