Silver Shield Report #19- Education In The Next Paradigm

This is literally a “mind blowing” Silver Shield Report we have lined up this week.  Today I speak with Resa Steindel Brown, author of a Call to Brilliance.  The foundation of all of our problems start and stop with us.  Unfortunately we are programmed to be our own worst enemies.  I wanted to find out how to properly educate humanity. Resa enlightens us on the tremendous success she has had educating thousands of children to become their highest and best selves.  I think this Silver Shield Report is one of the most forward thinking reports on how we can create our own paradigm and how education is the basis for it.

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0:00 Finding common ground

3:13 Indoctrination starts in Pre School

7:10 Information is only half of the battle

9:01 Resa’s Story

12:38 Find your passion

14:20 Resa in charge

15:57 “Who am I? Why am I here?  What is my relationship to others?”

18:29 Our search for higher education.

20:41 Understanding Montessori education

23:08 Using logic

24:42 Cooperation and focus on the process.

26:09 Creating her own educational paradigm

27:39 12 year old college kids teaching others

30:19 Having fun

31:50 Ethics, caring and value

33:06 The success spreads

35:35 Doing the opposite

36:44 We do not build people, they simply are.

37:38 The little demon

39:35 Creating our own paradigm

41:00 The process

44:49 Their learning machine is not broken

47:00 Indoctrination

49:24 Our words shape our reality

52:30 Problem solvers

56:30 Mentoring

1:02:49 Technical difficulties

1:07:54 The Government system works perfectly

1:10:54 Our environment confines us

1:12:32 Resonating learning

1:16:23 Exposing children to what they resonate with

1:19:00 Synthesizing information

1:20:20 Becoming more conscious

1:23:15 Modeling relationships

1:28:20 Becoming who you are

1:30:05 Moral education

1:34:25 You cannot make anybody do anything

1:43:41 Is ADHD our evolution?

7 comments to Silver Shield Report #19- Education In The Next Paradigm

  • karin lutes

    Wow…talk about RESONATING CHRIS…The anecdote regarding the “50 year old Salesman” that never pursued his enjoyment, working with cars, truly reflects my past. My Dad, a retired Airforce Lt Col, although his intentions were for the best of his kids, really eliminated all of the “Sacratic” thinking and guidance that is so needed. I know that our Parent’s bought into the idea of what I would call “Teaching by the Norm”…to regurgitate just what we were taught in school, whether you “like it or not”. Then go on to get a job, “whether you like it or not”. Never really extrapolating the “gift” that was bestowed upon each child from within. Somehow, looking at your “weak” points and attempting to “change” and/or eliminate them in order to “fit” into the educational arena and then the job arena seems so wrong. What Resa’s School has accomplished displays the incredible values, ethics and deep love for human beings as individual souls with unique qualities that can and will be a positive and productive piece of the mosaic. Thank you for this report Mr Chris and Ms Resa

  • Gareth

    Very interesting, cheers Chris and Resa.

  • mong00se

    This was excellent Chris. Another great truth that’s been hidden from us. Who knows what we can and will become in the new paradigm. Thanks for sharing about your daughter. That must have been very difficult to go through but you found the truth.

    “The truth shall set you free”

  • Gary Galant

    Thank you Chris and Resa for this interview. I am reminded of Frank Loyd Wright started an architecture school/colony where one student is mentored by one mentor/teacher. The school is called Taliesin.

    Frank Loyd Wright is thought to be the Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”.

  • raj bhatia

    Hey chris please bring Resa on again and ask her to share all her stories

  • James Tetreault

    Wow. Resa seems like she possesses tremendous wisdom. What a fantastic thing to be helping so many young people find their calling. And, unfortunately, what a sad thing that this seems so extraordinary to us rather than commonplace.

  • susie vernor

    I really enjoyed the interview. I wonder if Resa is also familiar with books by John Holt, who coined the term ‘unschooling’. I read about homeschooling and Montessori before, but unschooling really gave me that ‘aha’ moment you talked about. Children’s education really made sense after that. I don’t need to be a teacher for them to learn anything. You can’t teach anyone anything. Provide them with a rich environment, and they do all the learning themselves, if you let them. All I am is a guide and quite often, I am learning right along with them. More often than not, I get questions from my 5 year old that I really don’t know how to answer, even with the internet. “Where is God?” “Uhhh….”

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