Beware The Word “National”

Avoid people who use phrases like “national economy contracted X%” or “national economy is expected to grow Y%“. Such person is a central planner at heart. She works, or wants to work, for banks.

Because there is no national economy.

Compare Lloyd Blankfein to a bum on the corner. Economy of Lloyd Blankfein has never contracted. Economy of the bum has never grown.

“National” is a category that only hierarchies will use. Generalizations, calculations of averages and medians is a sign that individual human beings don’t exist for the speaker—she is only seeing interest rates and dreaming of her ruling others.

On the ground, there are no nations—only individuals. There is no national economy—only you and me. There is no room for a manager between you and me.

Any mention of national, in any context, means “Nothing is yours. It’s Ours.

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