SBSS 16. The REAL Hunt Story Part 2

This is the conclusion of the Hunt Brothers story and 10 important lessons that we can learn from their experience.

You can watch Part 1. below.

12 comments to SBSS 16. The REAL Hunt Story Part 2

  • David baker

    Great stuff.

  • Ox's

    … so we don’t know where the Hunt silver went?

    My research on these creatures over 20 odd years has led me to the conclusion;
    Rothschild are the executive & Regina, Elite are the Field Marshals.

    The Generals (deliver the fodder of pseudosecurity, failed politicians & perpetual war…and entertainment) industrio/political class
    the Lieutenants , your Military functionaries, bureaurcrat class.

    The rest are Us.

    Those of Us with our eyes open?
    God help Us

  • Sledmaster

    Chris, your research is undeniably some of the best I have seen. Thank you so much for all the time you have spent to wake people up to the paradigm we live in. No matter how frustrating and evil it gets, please don’t give up, ever. Very good video(s)

    • Silver Shield

      I keep plugging away it is crazy the amount of time I put into this stuff but I know the reverberating effects of this will change more lives than if I pursued anything else right now.

  • Peter B

    We (physical silver/gold stackers) are fighting an epic battle with the world’s elite. The Hunt’s got smashed… They put it all on the line for silver. I’m prepared for the War and have a plan. The current problem I see is the Silver/Gold spot price manipulation. Wall Street and the worlds elite control it. Why wouldn’t they just do the same thing this time? They always change the rules in the middle of the game like freakin’ little children do.

    When the sellers/dealers/coin shops, etc decide to start charging a much higher premium for the physical while the spot price is decreasing, this will be good for all of the millions of physical stackers. This will demonstrate the REAL disconnect between the manipulated spot price and physical market.

    How many ozs of retail Silver needs to be bought up to create a shortage in the physical market? If it tanks again like it did when they supposedly got Osama in May 2011, I’m buying another three monster boxes.

    Power to the physical silver/gold stackers!

  • Country Codger

    My family was tied business-wise to the Hunts over the years. We were not wealthy people at all. My Uncle Shirty worked for Mr. H.L Hunt for 40+ years. My Uncle Charles worked for H.L. Hunt for over 20 years. My dad was a driller for Mr. Hunt for several years, cut short by WWII. When dad came back from WWII he developed a new process for attaching tungsten carbibe to steel which revolutionized oil well drilling. Mr. Hunt couldn’t understand the significance and Doc. Mahan did. It turned into Servco, then Smith Tool, then Drilco, then Schlumberger.

    Dad lost everything when Michael Milkin did his junk bond scheme called the “Executive Life Scandal.” The scandal was that people who had worked hard their entire lives and built up a retirement, lost it all overnight to an insider that did 16 months at a minimum security facility and got his traders license back almost immediately. Michael Milkin should do life in the electric chair and so should the sorry bastards that glossed the whole thing over. Were the Hunts guilty because they believed in physical assets or was Milkin guilty because he raped so many people but was pardoned when he “Accepted (anti-)Christ” or the spirit of the antiChrist, you sonofabitch? I will pay for the sins I have committed, I see their faces every night when i try to go to sleep, but when I get to hell I will hold your head under the lake of fire the whole time you SOB.

    Have a nice day Mr. Milkin.

    • Silver Shield

      I love when you get all grumpy grandpa on us!!!

      We need more people to have the fire that you have.

      I guess we have to wait until everything is taken from them to get them to pay attention enough to fight…

  • Rottenclam

    Chris, just gotta say that this is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen on Dont Tread On Me. What a story!

    Thanks for doing the research, putting this together in an easy-to-understand manner, and sharing a positive message at the end.

    Huge props. Seriously.

  • Silver Mike

    This could make for a really good big screen movie!

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    All we have to do is By physical silver and tangibles and we win……… its as simple as that.

    The weight of the corruption will take care of itself

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