Tv Commercial – Whats in your retirement account

Saw this the other night. Although I disagree with keeping assets in a 401K (as most here understand), it is still a powerful commercial.

3 comments to Tv Commercial – Whats in your retirement account

  • Jeff

    I think this is a very effective and thought-provoking commercial. And I think it does a good job of gtting the point across to those who do not think about this type of stuff on a continual basis.

    The point is clearly made that paper money only has worth becuase the collective have put their faith in it…It does not require any labor or investment to create…just a computer and /or a printing press….and it can, and many times DOES go to a value of zero.

    The same cannot be said of gold and silver (or any other tangible asset)…these are things that require an expenditure of capital or labor to extract and refine….any jackass with a government mandate and a printing press can make up some fancy pieces of paper with official seals on them and call it money.

  • Ben

    Perhaps they should have moved to Fiji.

  • Silver Shield

    Great ad.

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