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Here’s a video that goes into quite a few insights of the shifting demographics of America’s voters and the issues of focus going from social issues (gay rights, marriage, morality, etc) to economic issues (economic freedom, honest money, jobs, free-markets). The internet—the only place where a true free-market economy still exists, and why the likes of Jay Rockefeller want to dominate it—along with Ron Paul’s focus on economic issues and personal freedoms being two sides of the same coin, have only accelerated this shift exponentially.


While I don’t like how the producer of this video seems to give legitimacy to the Hegelian dialectic of the false left/right paradigm, I can see how he wanted and, perhaps, needed to base his message around the idea of Democrats vs. Republicans. To be fair, he does say that the millennial generation has taken notice that both political parties have outright lied to them. Strictly speaking for myself, I don’t think that one man can turn this whole ship, called The United States of America, around. Why? Because real change will never happen until people become active in politics, well educated and aware on the real issues, and are brave enough to take the actions that should have been done years ago.

Very soon, as the economy worsens—which it will—more individuals from the millennial generation are going to realize that things aren’t ever going to turn around; that their collectivist movements, formed around the feelings of anger and frustration over a lack of jobs and dwindling income earning potential, has failed; that college was a complete farce and a really, really bad joke with the punch line being debt slavery.

So what’s the solution? Awareness, that’s the solution. Setting the intellectual foundation for a maverick movement through awareness and education; and what about a dollar collapse, those of you who are savvier, are wondering?

Nobody knows when it’s going to happen, but its coming. Exponential growth of debt-based fiat money chasing limited world resources, trillion dollar weapons of mass financial destruction interlocking the entire banking (financial) system and global economy, with a ridiculously widening gap between the rich and the poor, and unsustainable generational dynamics of the youth being dirt poor while the older generation is getting ready to retire to take money out of the generational ponzi-scheme, known as social security, is simply UNSUSTAINABLE. And that’s the cold truth. Something has to, and will, give.



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  • rainmaker

    Great video Irv, and also disturbing and saddining. Part of what I noticed is the class and generational warfare inferences, which is what they want, to divide and conquer. And considering that the Mills are so angry right now and also leaning collectively left, its a frightening proposition. Really, what difference was there between McCain and Obama in 08? Obama and any of the three front-runners? None really, except the flavor of collectivism and corrumption is different. One point few seem to recognize is that the Healthcare bill and the damage to the economy is/will wipe out the savings and livelyhood of seniors and they will have nothing. The Mills have nothing either. The Xers have cool electronics, but basically, they have nothing either. Except one thing: EACH OTHER. Except that the Xers and the Mills have the Future. What I I also get out of the whole article is extremely hopeful. You hit the nail on the head: legitimacy of the Hegelian Dialectic. And Ron Paul can’t fix the whole ship, but Ron Paul is an Idea, not just a man. His day has come, certainly his platform’s day has come. Irv, you made my day.

    • Irving14941

      I like that, “the flavor of collectivism and corruption is different.” I’m not very familiar with the Healthcare bill, could you expand on this idea?

      Thanks for the comment, I try my best to teach others of the same age about what we’re all about on DTOM.

      • rainmaker

        Without getting into the Healthcare bill that much,”they” are going to rate a person by their ability to earn, and therefore the ability to tax and pay into the healthcare system. If you are old, you don’t really have any future value, so you are not going to get any benefits either. (Same thing with children as well. They will get withheld services because it will be a long time before toddlers can pay forward) With Social Security and all the ponzi progroms that we have all paid into for the majority of our lives, same thing. They spent the money already, there is none left, and there is no income or potential imcome. When the progroms began, there were on average 25 workers to each beneficiary. Now, there are 3-5 per beneficiary. And the 3-5 “don’t have any jobs”, as if they are entitled to them (Thats a discussion for another post). The majority of the expense the nation uses on healthcare is for the senior community and small children. Its more cost effective to let seniors die than prolong that process for a number of years while they cannot contribute. The majority of the services provided by the bill will evolve to concentrate benefits on teens and twenty-somethings. This is great if you are fifteen. It sucks if you are 60. If you are five, you have pretty good odds, but if you get really sick, well, that will just be tough. Don’t want to polute the gene pool and all that. What else would you expect of eugenecists? They are only going to keep the good young producer slaves. The old are no longer relevant and the very young can be reproduced.

  • intothevoid

    – “Awareness, that’s the solution. Setting the intellectual foundation for a maverick movement through awareness and education.”

    it is through this statement quoted that ‘real change’ by everyone, will be allowed to take place. good post irving.

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