Ty Andros Says The Golden Reality Is Starting To Dawn–02-24-2012

Ty Andros, of Traderview, joins us again this week to review the current global economic events. The head of the European Central Bank has started telling the truth, and the world might never be the same.  Socialism just isn’t working out like the brilliant architects of the collectivist scheme planned. In fact, they’re collapsing faster than anyone ever thought possible. Europe and the US must eliminate needless regulations and cut taxes to unleash the private sector.

Tax increases, like those in the UK, have not yielded the tax revenues that were anticipated. Increased taxation on the rich never works because the wealthy can determine when and if they are going to recognize income and how much taxes they will pay. The system has been designed to accomplish this end, and it has been very effective. There is no way redistributive systems will ever succeed. Therefore, the best thing the government can do is get out of the way and allow the free market to enrich all of society. Capitalism has always worked this way, and it always will.

During our chat, Ty also questioned the use of Greece’s gold reserves in an effort to collateralize new loans. When Greece ultimately defaults, this will leave the country completely impoverished, and it will result in years of impoverishment to the population. Ty fears the US’s gold is gone or has long since been sold off. We hope his opinion is incorrect, but we’ve seen far too many governmental schemes to think otherwise. But at some point, we will all learn the truth.

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1 comment to Ty Andros Says The Golden Reality Is Starting To Dawn–02-24-2012

  • rainmaker

    Hi Kerry,

    Keep up the good work. I would like to comment on the use of the word “Capitalism” in context to the term “free market”. Whilest they are often connected at the hip, in truth, they are not the same and have some subtle differences which in the end, can make a big difference. I recently was in a discussion during a lecture when talking about inflation vs. deflation, yada, yada, yada. I first inquired, what is the definition of the two terms. The overall opinion of those involved was that inflation was an increase in prices and assett values and deflation was a decrease. I pointed out that technically, inflation is an increase in the money supply and deflation is a contraction. (at least when the terms were coined by the Austrians). Quite frankly, increases and decreases in prices and values are an affect of inflation, deflation or a constant money supply, and increases, decreases or contant prices and values can occur under any combination of conditions (you could have one or the other or any combination of the three). Not to be confusing and trying not to be a nudge, Capitalism is a word that I would prefer to be removed from the current lexicon of language and replaced with the term Free Market. As always, I appreciate your hard work and applaud your valiant efforts and am open to constuctive discussion on terminology and definitions.

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