Another Great Technology We Can Make Happen

The Ultimate Exit Strategy is a way for us to create our own paradigm.  Once we have more power we can set about creating our own paradigm and create a world that resonates with who we are. Technologies like this are all around but those in control do not want us to have debt free money much less sustainable energy.  We are going to make this happen and take control of our future.  If you are interested in joining our community, get the Silver Shield Report.  In the Silver Shield Report we discuss a ton of advanced ideas past the inevitable collapse of the dollar. Topics like…

  • Community building.
  • Legal structures
  • Allodial Titles
  • Debt and Usury free banking
  • Education not indoctrination in our new community
  • Sustainable power
  • Resilient communities
  • And so much more…



6 comments to Another Great Technology We Can Make Happen

  • lastmanstanding

    First of all…this is a very logical idea. Using roadways to collect the suns rays and deliver power to homes, businesses, states thru out our country…The elimination of overhead power and transmission lines. Unnecessary digging for utilities, etc…using glass, waste, garbage, etc…right on.

    Second, no mention of money. No mention of how much taxpayer money was used to fund this venture via DOT. These people “started” THEIR business with your money and no risk…wish our businesses worked that way. I know, I know…it’s experimental technology…it’s in developmental stages, we haven’t worked out all the bugs yet…in time it will work…


    Does the name Solyndra ring a bell, not to mention other green crap that that has been funded for votes for politicians…make any excuse that you want to refute me but it is that simple and until the corruption is eliminated, there is NO CHANCE of these ideas working.

    …and many of us are tired of paying for these wet dreams and a bunch of ass-kissing collectivists existence/living.

    Call a spade a spade…these companies and individual ‘green” enterprises, start-ups never use their own money, money of a qualified investor, or a venture capitalist. Why? Because no real investor wants to piss money down a rathole unless there is someones ass on the line to make it good and profitable…and generally, these “backers” vote on whether to risk THEIR money.

    Solyndra is a perfect example of robbery from the taxpaying citizens of this great country…money taken from the US Treasury, paid by working people (without their consent Or vote) and given to a group of collectivists for political reasons…and an “oh well, we tried” attitude.

    Why is it that when taxpayers money is a risk, politicians are never held responsible?

    Unless we stop this…these great ideas will never have a chance. It is all a game to steal our liberty.

    In the time I took to “vent”, I have designed (in my head) how this might work using the materials that they mentioned in the video…and much more simple. I would need to enlist the services of others but none the less, I think we could make this work…and not involve 1 single taxpayer cent…all private.

    …in the next paradigm.

    • Silver Shield

      That is right.

      With our Ultimate Exit Strategy we can fund ideas like this and make them happen in the next paradigm…

      This will ultimately serve as an example of how humanity can live without debt, usury or Elites holding us down and keeping us in fear.

  • Brian

    Neat idea, but I’d like to see how they solve the friction problem. What happens when it gets wet?, snows?, tires with chains or studs on them? That better be some ultra tough glass with a high coefficient of friction!

  • Archangel

    love the chem trails at 1:12

  • Archangel

    Great in theory. but current tech in the small electronics, just too many modes of failure out in the elements. and none ot those components would bepossible without fossil fuels. we need new kinds of organic composites. piezoelectric composites. no printed circuits, LED’s/solars panels can be installed peiodically, downtown areas.

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m just thinking out loud…@ Brian… first, old asphalt road surfaces will need to go…what do you do with it?

      Have you ever (on a hwy project) seen the asphalt mills stripping the old for new…these “millings” have most of the same properties as “new” asphalt except heat. This product can be and is used as a topping for new driveways and back roads…IMO it is an excellent use of recycled material…it is a mixture of top shelf aggregate and petroleum products…when graded on a prepared road surface, rolled and heated by the suns rays, the tar and oil in the “old” asphalt bind everything back together… and it is very durable.

      Take this product, use it as the strength and mix other “stuff” (glass, ground up old tires, scrap metal millings, whatever you can think of!) to absorb the suns rays, heat…energggggy!…and produce a real SUPER HIGHWAY SYSTEM that carries transportation and energy to towns and cities all over the U.S.

      @Archangel…I’m not an electrical guy or a tech junkie but I say screw all that fancy little circuitry and reuse all of that crap hanging over our heads as we go thru our daily lives (all of those transmission wires, steel and stuff)…Ok, maybe we’ll need some of that tech crap but build substations just like we have today…Maybe even use the same old ones just update them with “bigger”, “piezoelectric” (wtf is that!), LED components, etc…

      God did give us a brain to imagine, create and build things…not just the ability to walk to the failed govt post office to get an unemployment, welfare, wic, food stamp voucher, etc!!! that was stolen from a real producing, caring human and given to…to…something that looks like a human but should be ashamed of whatever they are.

      Sooooo…You incorporate the “recycled road stuff”, “the recycled hanging stuff”, “add some bigger ‘small tech” stuff” and a “bunch of good ole American enginuity” and you have…and you have…jobs, a future for our kids…new hope for our nation.

      I’ll leave it at this for now…but I’m not done…by a long shot.

      What I’m saying is that God said…”I’ve given you everything that you need.”

      Wouldn’t it be nice to live our lives at half speed…it could be done if everyone was productive and the govt was confined to the US Constitution.

      Got your drift…Anyone “catchin/gettin mine?”

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