Silver Shield Report #20- Forging Resilient Communities

I had so much fun working on this Silver Shield Report I just kept adding new and innovative ideas on how we can build our community in the next paradigm.  I expect this SSR to get the most feedback from our community as it is full of interesting and challenging thoughts. If you are a fan of The Greatest Truth Never Told, you will LOVE the Silver Shield Report.  We have 20 Reports in the Archives that are full of the most forward thinking, positive ideas I have ever seen and the work that I am most proud of.  Also, by joining the Silver Shield Report you are subsidizing the production of The Greatest Truth Never Told, which I believe is a powerful tool to change the world.

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0:00 Balancing power and leaderless resistance.

2:45 Our Crucible is now

4:20 We are building valuable trust in a world with massive counter party risk.

6:10 The cover charge effect.

8:11 Working with what resonates with us

9:26 The “Why” NOT “What” that creates successful organizations

15:10 The Genesis

16:30 Brain resonating

18:00 More than words

19:37 Resilient communities are born on the “Why”

20:37 The real power of “Why”

23:15 Resonating power

24:06 Diffusion of a Revolution

35:58 Building a sustainable future.

39:10 Finding common ground through meetings.

43:05  Strong positive  intellectual foundation

44:24 What is our WHY?

45:00 Equitable interest

47:49 A new equitable contract for a new paradigm

59:45 Barriers to the Social Predator by the Founding Fathers

1:05:24 The 4 ways to move societies.

1:11:05 Local investing

1:14:39 4 Steps of building trust.

1:16:52 John Galt’s Moneyball

1:23:10 Pushing those on the verge.

1:36:06 Don’t expect those that have too much invested in the paradigm to come out against the paradigm.

1:38:34 Guerrilla Paradigm Subversion

1:43:58 Stop the insanity!





15 comments to Silver Shield Report #20- Forging Resilient Communities

  • TU-2000

    Great stuff, Chris! I would love to see us put together a ‘business plan’ type document for our post collapse society. This would allow us to document and plan much better. We could pass it around the group for edits and additions. Plus, I think the likelihood of all of us moving to the same location to live in one community sans-dollars is pretty low. A business plan would allow us to start communities across the country (and world for that matter) using the same basic formula. We could form a non-centralized, loosely connected group of communities with the power of a much larger body. Would anyone else be interested in this type of document?

    • Silver Shield

      I think we will work more on the structure of the community or business or whatever at our virtual Meeting in April.

      If you want to get the ball rolling, go for it.

      I want to finish TGTNT Denial and SBSS for Youtube before I focus more on deeper issues.

      I think we also need to formalize our why behind all of our actions.

  • Cory Barnes

    Here is Max Keiser talking about our economy in a standup style in London. This fits right in with the truth is what makes everyone laugh.

    • Silver Shield

      If you listen to Hicks and Carlin they were actually very morbid but they stuck nerves.

      Maybe later I can go on the road doing comedy…

      Maybe I will stick to what I am doing :)

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Thanks Chris
    1. unfortunately if we become any kind of serious force (do something other than raise chickens at our handmade chicken coops and homes and grow tomatoes by hand) we have to develop good relationships with the local governments. ENERGY and FOOD are main valuable outputs for our exporting community. Anyone can raise chickens and plant seed/harvest vegetables without running afoul of the local politicians, but The Community is destined to produce/export something complicated (such as electricity and/or fuel?) more difficult, special, unique in the historical perspective. ANY kind of energy production has to comport with legal requirements, which means we must have excellent relationships with local government, like it or not. Even solar or other electricity requires following the national electric code and development / honoring microgrid specifications designed in part by governments and their regulated utilities. Therefore, the basis (and early groundwork) should focus in part on finding, supporting (watering and feeding) and adopting (getting to join us)politicians who can be expected to wield power at the local level after the Reset. This cant be helped. Maybe first select a state and then develop relationships.

    2. Everything is based on TALENT and RELATIVE ADVANTAGES. Our Community Economy (export value) must be chosen based on our strengths. We cannot undertake a new area of technology unless we generally are the best in that area. The Community must do an inventory of a. what strengths we have among members now and b. how we might grow a strength by recruiting key figures in one target area. Purely by way of example, our energy expert in Australia could make a list of top experts in thorium fusion. You and I (and whoever else is interested) could review the list and then decide to meet individuals. I cover (obtain patents and licensing) intellectual property and development of patent portfolios (in several countries) strongly and can talk about technology and ownership (creation of outlicensing value) and could team up with your discussions about funding, for example.

    3. I agree with TU-2000, who wrote: “I think the likelihood of all of us moving to the same location to live in one community sans-dollars is pretty low. A business plan would allow us to start communities across the country (and world for that matter) using the same basic formula. We could form a non-centralized, loosely connected group of communities with the power of a much larger body. Would anyone else be interested in this type of document?”

    TU-2000 points out the franchise value of Chris’s work and the community work. Two types of activity are implied here: i. what activities do our members engage in now to create a real community where we can go and develop after the reset, and ii. how can we utilize our efforts to create separate communities and collaborate between like minded communities. I suggest that we follow two paths: 1. lets build a real community in a real location NOW. Some of us (myself included) will help build and might want to live there part time or more likely just visit and collaborate (I am building on a small Japanese island as some of you know – by the way, there is room for others there). The rich experience we will share in this practical endeavor can be used for : 2. prepare practical how-to business plan for how we make the first community and lessons for how a second one can be made. It would be best if we resolved as a group to focus on one or two value-export areas such as electricity generation and export or fuel and small vehicle export so that the other communities could we working and sharing/learning the SAME business.
    By the way, an extremely talented hands on PhD mechanical engineer friend of mine has had the dream and plan (we even bought parts together to get started) of local building small lightweight 3 wheeled vehicles with local fuel generation. That is a topic that I have not encountered on the internet and I can provide details for how to proceed if anyone is interested in this. (Anyone interested in making this happen is welcome to come to Virginia and live/work in my workshop and build such vehicles. I have all parts and/or can buy what is needed.)
    Meanwhile, I am building solar electric gardening equipment, but dont want to talk about this until I have finished perfecting my first devices (power distribution equipment and cultivator) because I dont like people who talk talk talk without doing things.
    lol so many exciting and worthwhile topics. I hope that my long diatribe above prompts you the reader to provide your own comments.

    • Silver Shield

      1. We will either become our own government or local governments will beg us to come to them. We will be able to get concessions that are totally unimaginable right now. Any place we settle down will have very low barrier of entry and very loose terms because the state will be in shambles. We can step in and offer capital, organization, knowledge, and a way forward. We may be also a buy local utilities and other necessary companies for a song.

      2.I think an inventory of assets is a good idea. Skills and other assets. I don’t think we need specifics but a general sense would be of importance. As far a recruiting people, I think you know who you would want to join or are almost there. Reach out and get their feet wet, even if you has to throw the water. If everyone reached out in ther area of expertise so that they can bring a sense of respect to the project that is best. Engineers speak with engineers, nutritionists to nutritionists.. etc.

      3. I think in order for the idea to spread one society must be built, kinks worked out and formalized before we can really think about exporting the idea. Also it will be dangerous to be successful in the Anger stage so we will need to work below the radar until the next paradigm is fully established. I do not think moving will be all that difficult by the time we want to start something. We should have states adapting and writing laws that would attract any sane person. Wyoming and Montana really seem to have the ball rolling in the right direction. Later on I think there is a great benefit to “franchise” the community into other areas that would be of benefit to our confederation. If we settle in mountain states it would be great to have a community built in rich farming country or a port city.

      I am against building anything right now. Capital is best spent on silver than any other asset right now including farm land or anything else. If people want to get something going in their own place that is just prudent prepping, but I am not even going to think about lifting my family or anyone elses family to move to somewhere and waste precious capital on an uncertain future.

      Keep plugging away on those next paradigm technologies. :)

      • TU-2000

        While I share Marvin’s exuberance to see something tangible now, I agree it would be imprudent to interrupt our current activities of stacking and waking up/recruiting as many as possible before it’s too late to be of much benefit. As a more structured soul (my wife would say anal-retentive), I am very interested in working on some more formalized plans now in lieu of just verbalized ideas. I will start on a rough draft of the ‘Community Plan’ this weekend. Maybe Marvin and I can bounce it back and forth a couple of times before distributing it for group brainstorming.

        Another suggestion on what we need to formalize would be a group member list that would include a brief knowledge/skills inventory and maybe some preferred contact information.

        Also a WTSHTF SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) I think would eliminate some confusion on what our plan actually is. Maybe start with ‘Signs to watch for that the collapse is imminent’ and general suggested preparations. Then “Phase 1: Look Out for You and Yours” with suggested guidelines, “Phase 2: Re-establish Contact with SSR Group” with order of preferred contact methods depending on what communications are available, “Phase 3: Locate Area for our ‘Silver Sanctuary’ and implement Community Plan”.

        Any feedback or other ideas would be appreciated!

  • Gary Galant

    I think that Catherine Austin Fitts is actually doing some community that bypasses the collective now. She says that the wealth generating potential is staggering. Chris, if you could get an interview with her, I’m certain that would be very insightful and useful to us.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Wow, I agree completely with all of your comments. I did not appreciate before but see the wisdom regarding “dangerous to be successful in the Anger stage so we will need to work below the radar until the next paradigm is fully established.” TU-2000 and others: I can be reached at phone 540-623-5145 anytime and have skype/email addresses to send you. I like TU’s idea of “Signs to watch for that the collapse is imminent’ and general suggested preparations. Then “Phase 1: Look Out for You and Yours” with suggested guidelines, “Phase 2: Re-establish Contact with SSR Group” with order of preferred contact methods depending on what communications are available, “Phase 3: Locate Area for our ‘Silver Sanctuary’ and implement Community Plan”.” Is anyone in Virginia/Maryland or the East Coast and would like to meet to coordinate travel/communication?

  • patriotdeb

    I am in Media, outside of Philadelphia, and would be open to helping in any way I can.

  • Marijan

    I also think that being low on the radar is very important. Preparing for the next phase in the “silence” is crucial. Big physical preparations could be avoided simply by going out from very dangerous areas.
    Now, how to communicate again after collapse? Maybe communication would not be too seriously damaged. Anyhow maybe we should make a list with contact details and other info?

  • karin lutes

    My husband is a Senior Systems Manager, managing both the technical end of diversified systems, planning, etc. I too did the same years ago and now, after a shift from Systems Management to working for Alaska Airlines and now, semi retired and writing…I would love to literally “jump in” and help in any way, shape or form. I would be happy to collect a list of individuals interested in building upon this paradigm shift! My phone number is 480-244-8021 (c). I know that with my background and energy, I could be of value to this concept!

    Chris, thank you again for lighting the flame…

    -karin Lutes, Gilbert AZ (

  • James Tetreault

    What you mention at about 74 minutes in, about keeping franchises and national corporations out of our town to avoid money being taken away from our town, can be difficult to do legally. I work in site design engineering. Part of my job(the part I don’t much like) is to get projects of all kinds their necessary permits. Even in Massachusetts, where I live, (even in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts!) there’s no easy way to keep a WalMart or McDonalds out of your town. And this is in Massachusetts. My point is just that you shouldn’t assume that such restrictions are easy even possible. State laws may hold sway in such matters.

    Regarding strip malls and other manifestations of present development patterns, the cause is zoning. Before zoning, i.e. local governments deciding where various categories of land use could be in a town, there was a sort of haphazard mixing of uses that was actually quite pleasant. But, from the 1940’s to the 1980’s, zoning really took over in the U.S. I could go on for an hour, easily, about what’s wrong with typical zoning in the U.S. But, the bottom line is that mostly because of Town officials feeling that they should segregate land uses (No more apartments over small stores, that’s so old fashioned.) you get strip malls. But, local zoning is something that is likely *much* more amenable to change in this respect than the presence of international corporations.

  • James Tetreault

    Just wanted to add that I LOVE the idea of liquid fluoride thorium reactors. I absolutely love it. You hit the nail right on the head that the concept has multiple fantastic angles working for it. Shuts itself off if power goes out. Cheaper. Can fit on a 1/4 acre lot. No CO2 produced. Not dangerous. Thorium plentiful in the U.S., practically being discarded as waste by our coal industry. Preferred by Alvin Weinberg, the man who invented the pressurized nuclear reactor, the kind we use now, over the pressurized kind that he had pioneered. Tested with no problems for five years in the late 60’s but put aside in favor of the type of reactor that creates material for nuclear weapons.

    It’s such an indictment of Obama and Chu as either idiots or corrupt jerks (or some alloy of the two)that they’ve don’t nothing with the idea. What an easy sell it would be to everyone but knee-jerk environmentalists who recoil from anything in the category of nuclear power.

  • Steve Canuck

    Having now caught up to this report I can say it had three topics in it that I believe deserve more attention, but are not reflected in the title.

    1. What is our Why? – I’ve learned to ask myself this question about everything. I believe Why? is the most important question you can ever ask and we are indoctrinated to stop asking Why?
    Louis CK – Why? (on parenting, kids, and questions)

    Lucky Louie – Why ?

    2. Regurgitating the same stuff. I believe this is the cause for stalling. Once someone gains interest in a new topic, if they are able to consume & process the bulk of it, but then realize no matter how deep they venture it’s always the same old message & the same old ideas.. then that’s when I believe interest will wane. Having new topics, new contributors, new thoughts & ideas, will keep the Silver Shield Report fresh and never regurgitating and always have the members asking Why ?

    3. Comedians. In this report there was mention of Joe Rogan, Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. I’ve said many years now that comedians should be our politicians for they have no fear or consequence of their words. A comedic view is a great check & balance for stupidity. My introduction to critical thinking came from George Carlin (RIP) in the 80’s. Once he opened that door and take that pill there’s no going back. Bill Hicks, Louis CK, Bill Burr, etc, these are all guys with large national audiences that frame these topics & issues that are a mirror of the world in a way that’s acceptable to the general population. I’ve found that once I can get a person to ask the Why? question from one of our great thinking comedians then you can continue the conversation.. I believe these Comedians are the Red Pill for the masses, then guys like us need to be the next step.


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