3 Questions To Test Your Determination

  1. When you say or write anything about other people—be it your neighbor or the President of the Galaxy,—are you ready to repeat it to their face?
  2. Will you repeat it in front of a shooting squad?
  3. If you are offered a position with the Rulers, how will your ideas of right and wrong change?

What to expect:

Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, wants to marry Aristides’ daughter. Aristides says he’d rather see his daughter dead than a wife of a tyrant. On having all Aristides’ children killed, Dionysius asks whether Aristides regrets his words. The answer is: “While I grieve what your cruelty did to me, I stand by my words.”

Can you do this? Do you consider close ties with the Elite worse than death?

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7 comments to 3 Questions To Test Your Determination

  • Annie Shouse

    You are so correct, in the 5 short years I have been reading the computer to find the truth because all of our media misleads, I feel like my head has been torn apart from so many lies & I get so frustrated trying to get at the truth & communicate it to my family who are rock climbers & campers & white water rafters & winter campers (they like the outdoors). I am anti war & they are not interested. I have met vets from all over the world, (including Israel which I have criticized) & every one of these kids is majorly damaged because some war racketeer wanted to make money & majorly brainwashed these kids & turned them into killers, this is so wrong & I am standing up for every kid that has been hurt by this racket, any sold out politician that sends kids to war should be locked up. I would say we need some young leaders that have been thro this hell & still kept their heart & soul & know war is wrong, they are the ones that should lead. I am an imbecile & bad writer & speller, but I mean well, I am just standing up for every person on the planet to have a better life, because every teacher that our creator sends says the same thing “love each other & don’t be a self centered jerk, love everybody as much as you do yourself.” All my love, old grandma

  • Kyle

    Great post! Yes my determination gets tested everyday and will continue to be tested as long as this crisis continues. However I am determined and stubborn to a fault and will not give in no matter what. I could never be tied to the elite because they are not elite. It is only in their mind that they are elite. They have no power over you unless you give it to them. Great response Annie Shouse, you got it right! Love people unconditionally and treat people like you want to be treated. Only kill in self defense and defense of others.

  • Irving14941

    Yes, I would rather be dead than have ties to the Elite. They are heart less bastards who truly believe that they are the masters of the universe and everyone else is garbage.

  • This and that make for a correct life. What about the other thing?

  • Human beings are the only creatures on earth that claim a God and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one. Does the world belong to no one but you? – Rum Diaries

  • 5 years ago my husband & I (bakery food service workers) decided to move to Asia & live on our small savings because we could no longer support war, yes we protested war for years. We decided we could volunteer at bakeries & warn people about food additives – shortening, etc. because it is being heavily promoted there & heart disease & diabetes are on the increase. We never had time to read the computer before we moved there. We traveled to many places, but ended up in Kashmir & lived there for 2 1/2 years, the largest military occupation in the world. There is so much violence happening every day, so many times I wanted to hate the Indian soldiers, but I could not. I would see them standing at their post, alone, cold, so skinny with inadequate clothing & looking brainwashed, same as every kid in every country used for cannon fodder. The Kashmiri Muslims so brutalized & still forgive their killers & refused to retaliate because they choose peace, they strike, non participation meaning, stay home. Their culture, kindness, love & making us part of their families was the most beautiful loving experience I have ever imagined.I have had so many guns pointed at me & made so many people angry, I greatly doubt anyone will offer me any job, however, we are going to grow as many vegetables & feed as many people as we possible.

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