Guest Lecture Series – Lord Christopher Monckton, Viscount of Brenchley

Another guest post for the Dissenting Professor –

Last week, the class had the distinct pleasure of Lord Christopher Monckton’s virtual presence via live video Skype. One of the world’s most famous “climate skeptics” or “climate realists,” he lectured on the science and politics of “global warming” and took questions.

Lord Monckton was extremely gracious in giving two whole hours of his time, especially given the lateness of the hour. At one point I mentioned how it cost between $100,000-200,000 to host Al Gore on campus whereas Lord Monckton agreed to attend virtually, for free. The best I could offer were carbon credits, but he would have none of that. I would venture to say this speaks volumes of a person’s character and how far they will relentlessly go for truth.

Our class has students as far afield as Australia, France, Great Britain, México and the United States. The statistics on their views are 10 “warmists,” 6 “lukewarmists” and 6 “skeptics”.

As it turned out to be a lengthy session, there are lulls and occasional sound problems, for those not quite as interested in climate science and politics. I find these Skype sessions fascinating, innovative, greatly successful and worthwhile.

Some of the key points Lord Monckton discussed included:

  • CO2 does cause warming, though quite negligible.
  • The sea levels aren’t rising nor are the polar ice caps melting.
  • Climategate demonstrated the fraud by which the “usual suspects” operate.
  • Politicians have simply jumped on the bandwagon because “climate change” is fashionable or “in season” (pun intended).
  • It would be far more logical to adapt to any change in climate than to try and alter the situation.
  • The proposed solution to “global warming” or “climate change” is an undemocratic world government.
  • This global government would take complete control of the economy via “sustainable development”, based on the communist form of collectivism.
  • These solutions would lead to mass poverty and death due especially to the inability of third world nations to develop using natural resources.
  • Another outcome would be the climate of political refugees who would be placed in “cry freedom ghettos” such as proposed by the Forum for the Future.

Websites at which you may find Lord Monckton:

Science & Public Policy Institute

A limited list of speeches, interviews and appearances he has made:

Minnesota Free Market Institute (2009)

Monckton on Daily Caller

Russia Today Interview

Ezra Levant Interview

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