SGTReport Interviews Kerry Lutz-The Matrix-–02-27-2012

Yours truly is getting discovered by the alternative media; I sat down for several interviews last week. One of my favorite pro-freedom sites honored me with an in-depth discussion about how to reclaim our freedom. Sean, founder of, is a master interviewer, and his videos have been viewed by millions. He understands exactly what’s happening and is doing everything in his power to help people awaken.

It really comes down to a scene from The Matrix, will you take the red pill or the blue pill? The red pill will help you awaken to reality and the blue one is for the sheeple. As a major red pill proponent, we really don’t have much choice. Freedom is just too important a matter to be left to the ruling elite. Look at the mess they’ve gotten us into now. If we allow them to continue on,  there will only be more of the same.

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1 comment to SGTReport Interviews Kerry Lutz-The Matrix-–02-27-2012

  • Country Codger

    Very good interview. This is essentially the same comment at left at Sean’s site.
    I enjoy Kerry and you too Sean. There is one point that I disagree with you both on and that is, there is no peaceful solution, period. Even if we just kick the crap out of them with our boots, we will have to get physical. In Any revolution there is only 2-5% of the people that will be involved. the last time i checked 2-5% is not a majority. Now, if 85% wanted Ron Paul the 1% own the voting machines. Si vis pacem, para bellum!
    But let me add this, and I apologize for the vulgarity but i will quote my dad, wishing for freedom is like this, “you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full the fastest but if you really want it you have to get out and work for it.”

    Good interview.

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