Something smells bad. Very bad.

This is worth listening to. During a meeting at British Parliament today, Lord BlackHeath brings the topic of the US Treasury and somewhere around $16 TRILLION dollars floating out there in backroom deals. He says it straight and out in the open and it does not reflect well on the US Treasury.

2 comments to Something smells bad. Very bad.

  • MPB

    Indeed this is interesting. One might want just to keep tabs on how Lord Blackheath is doing in the coming days. That, unfortunately, might shed more light on this than anything. Lets face it, a number of the known, big “players” are directly mentioned. Did he seem nervous enough or is it just me?

  • Bawbbie

    The much-missed had a section called “High Crimes and General Weirdness” and this would fit right in.
    I don’t think Timmah and co. worry the noble Lord too much, I suspect he has quite an interesting dead man’s switch with the files he has collected so far.

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