SBSS 17. Warren Buffett Paradigm Puppet

This is a direct assault on the paradigm’s “Golden Boy” Warren Buffet and one of my most powerful videos I have ever done In the on going silver educational series the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, we explore Warren Buffett’s purchase of 130 million ounces of silver and its mysterious link to Barclay’s SLV. Beyond that, it is a stunning attack on how this once great individual investor has degenerated into a irrelevant hack that now moonlights as a paradigm puppet.  Please share this video with your favorite blogs and social media sites.

Some early reviews of this video on YouTube…
I had to take a cold shower you got me so hot with your brain !!! Wooo Wooo ~

I must say your presentations deserve WAYYY more exposure.
Well done my good man, well done.
LuminousViews 9 hours ago

Incredible vid. My favorite of all of them to date
Motoicon 8 hours ago

Great F*cking Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome vid 10 stars**********
doctorjtr 11 hours ago

tjhart1011 10 hours ago

This is your best yet!
dduras 10 hours ago

Tremendous vid; well done; bravo!
gspotjazz 11 hours ago

Excellent video!!!
wp4565775 11 hours ago

Epic vid btw
bobbychristopher 11 hours ago

WOW!!!!! Priceless!!
073edwin 11 hours ago

Hi Chris, this is one of your best segment. Excellent! Keep up your great work. I follow you closely here from Montreal. I’ll do all I can to share this with the ones around me.
jfnoel67 39 minutes ago

I like that you have come to this conclusion. I came up with the same thing.
markgjvhydro1 6 hours ago

The money men that help the criminals are worse, just like they helped Hilter rise to power, these same families throughout time have been the most evil people, more then the ones they claim to be monsters like Hilter, Stalin and so on and this has been going on for far much longer then any one understands or even could believe, it is so fine tuned no one would or could believe it goes back that far…. sad but very true, no one will ever wake up!
warisbs 7 hours ago

Thank you Chris.
I had never heard of you before maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, but you have become a source of information that – while I don’t trust anything you say (as I no longer trust anything I’m told) – I find that your videos and other contributions are the easiest to confirm, and I haven’t yet found anything you’ve said to be false or misleading.
The information you present is dense, and not exactly easy to get through, but it is precisely this reason that makes it worthwhile.
shmadz 10 hours ago

42 comments to SBSS 17. Warren Buffett Paradigm Puppet

  • Rainmaker

    You already know how I feel about Uncle Warren. That last bit on his dad, well, all I can say is….Outstanding.

  • Jeremy Goemaat

    Chris, Thanks so much for this outstanding video!!

  • Sledmaster

    Excellent work Chris, the time is short.

  • MPB

    A superb, fast paced video Chris that hits all the marks. Not unlike Washington officials, when you get into the big boys club, such as Warren has, one seems to be swayed in to doing the Elites agendas work. Your work and information provided on his father was the first I have seen of this. Obiously, Warren is not following his fathers beliefs. EXCELLENT WORK and Many Thanks!

  • Silver Eagle

    Off to piss off the elites and buy some more silver!

  • 4 Liberty

    Chris, That was an excellent compilation of events that helped tell the story. Must be getting easier to do the detective work , because you keep banging it out with greater and greater clarity to drive the points home. Wonderful work !!

  • What really fucking sux is how a video pointing the finger at just one minion in the cesspool of kelptokrauts who breed niggerslaves that infect society is so popular.

    We have been programmed to reel in excitement when a ‘hero’ is exposed as a fraud.

    Yet the time we spend actually understanding OUR OWN contribution (and how we can take the power back so simply) is a total waste as we too often see ourselves as less than and bring/carry that depression on to each other.

    TO BE POWERFUL BEYOND OUR OWN MEASURE (another GREAT vid) – brainwashing of the masses to believe the individual has no power is our current reaLIEty.

    The PAIN of standing on our own two feet and taking the future on full force with NO FEAR of death is WAY TOO MUCH to bear for ‘good persons’.

    This is where ‘they’ have succeeded. Teaching you that you are more and more limited in ability. They balance this trade with ‘them’ becoming more unlimited in power by default. Many will never wake up…

    Mr. Chris Duane – May my life be as blessed as yours. To stand in the same light as you would be an honor my good man.

    If the day comes where my life need be scarified in the name of a flag continuing to be able to wave in the wind for Liberty – I would be honored breathe my last breath knowing my body would be used as the foundation for the pole that carried the flag of Liberty.

    Just wonder how many alive today realize how many died (in the name of Liberty) just so you could even have the opportunity to understand (what Liberty is)?

    • marz

      Liberty: (n.) Leave of absence; permission to go on shore.

    • joe bassett

      Buffet is so rich and so much power that just one word out of his mouth and the markets will move a trillion in one day. If he really talks a good game maybe ten trillion. This guy could be flat broke and in one year be worth 500 million. He could take and buy something with no money and move it before he had to have the money and make a million a week just on interest. But he’s a peon compared to the Jewish bankers. They could wipe him out so bad if he told the truth. He said all rich should be taxed and where did that go?

  • marz

    Finally I come to understand why I always felt confused (and I went there for clarity) after reading/listening to “the richest man on the planet”.

  • trailhiker

    Way to go SS! What a great video expose’, I always felt he was more of a fraud than a hero. Just a pet on the plantation of bankers, and way to end it with the part from Daddy Buffett. Keep up the excellent work, you are truly refining your art!! Thank you.

  • Stu

    Masterful, so powerful, and concise truth of what these old gentlemen could be doing to help lift humanity, instead of chaining it down in despair.

  • marz

    The concept of liberty is tricky. We commonly think of “freedom”, but when you have a look at the Common Law (law of the land) and the Admiralty Law (law of the water) things become really complex, because we are currently under the second, a body of private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans, just another banksters´shit, the same that make the capital letters used on your licenses and certificates mean you are owned by the Corporation that took the place of the United States. Ever wondered why the Statue of Liberty is on the water?

  • david

    wonderful video thanks for making and sharing!

  • Rick

    Chris – One of your best videos EVER. Well said and the details well explained. I am in the Insurance Business and have known for years that Hank Greenberg (and his sons Jeff, who presided over Marsh & McLennan during the pre-arranged quotes and commissions scandal and Evan, who is Vice Chairman of the ACE Group) are members of the Council on Foreigh Relations. I met Hank once and when I shook his hand, I got that feeling that he was a man NOT TO BE TRUSTED at all, despite his track record in business. I sold my brokerage business because there were just too many holes in the contracts we sold that would NOT PROTECT THE POLICYHOLDERS. I felt like Mr. Incredible in the animated movie “The Incredibles” when he gave that elderly woman the keys to unlocking value in the policy she had purchased. On any policy we place, we have to jump through a hundred hoops just to get the wordings to a point where they should respond properly; however, it all rests in the hands of the lawyers, who decide what is doled out and to whom. It is SICKENING.

  • marz

    Chris, you look so young at 2:55.

  • mong00se

    “That pretty brick of gold that does nothing has SMOKED this financial genius over the past decade”


    How the hell are these people gonna be able to live with themselves after everything they have sold out to comes crashing down around them?

  • Rick

    The increase of use of the harsh words and the disgust made this a much more powerful video. I myself would like to see more of this “outrage” exposed in such a clear and precise manner. It’s videos like this that can easlily go viral. Good job Chris!

  • Jason Fournier

    Good work on the video but I do not understand how you arrive that gold is up 1300% since 2001. In 2001 gold was $300.

  • Alvin

    Got 3300 days hard labor tucked away. Great stuff Chris, am looking forward to planting some good ol’ ORGANIC seeds this spring.

  • pat

    Gold has not gone up 1300%… not sure what he was trying to convey…

    Good video.. tx for posting.

  • Cory Barnes

    Don’t know if you have ever seen this guys reports, but he has a great segment called “Reality Check”. He is on a local Fox news channel in Ohio.

    Here is a video he did on why the loss of value in the dollar is why gas is more and why gas should be at least 75 cents more a gallon.

  • John Galt

    The mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, you say. I’ve heard that statement from you several times before on your videos. This time I casually counted up to four times in one video. Not to be against your message, but could you please provide us with the math? Without the math, the saying “mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar” is just verbiage without proof. And that burden is sitting on your shoulders, waiting to be addressed.

    What prevents the dollar from surviving another century (whilst losing another ~98 percent of its purchasing power)? Not that I support the dollar in any way, but I want to be factual. I want to be predictive. I want that saying of yours to bear more quantitative, qualitative and chronological significance.

    Otherwise, it is just as easy for the establishment to use the very same counter argument about how eventually no one will use gold or silver as means of exchange (due to say, cosmological reasons destroying our civilization – eventually). That’s how easy it is to use words like “inevitable” to promote your own agenda while hoping that no one from the other party will call you out and demand specifics. Coming from the same party it is my interest that you demonstrate how you defend your statement when you will (or have been) confronted about this supposedly mathematical inevitability.


  • Kevin

    Home Run Chris!!!!

  • That old fart reminds me of Nero playing his harp as Rome is burning…

  • Buffy

    Great Vid.

    I was thinking similar recently, I can see it in Greenspan’s face and eyes now,
    he would just love to bust the bubble. I don’t think Buffett would, but I can see Greenspan coming forward someday.

  • Voltaire

    You have grown stronger and much wiser , grasshopper , keep telling the truth on them , they are flesh eating vultures , and they kill more people than any group of ——— insert your own words, you have more people behind you than you than you know , and you would be amassed of their ranks and stations , but more important THEY will be shocked when the time comes , and the pretorian guards bring their swords to bear on them and their dogs.

  • Naren

    Mr. Warren buffet though does not agree about the real money (Gold or Silver) but he certainly knows about ultimate fiat currency collapse and would have built his Arc for safety which he does not share with the world.

  • Excellent. Wonder if it’ll trigger Bixo to send out a revised revision of a reflective change for his timeline LOL

    Good work, Chris

  • jan

    WOW!! great article. Where would I find the article by his dad/ I’d like a copy.
    i lot of folks also liked Donald trump when he said he would run for president but overlooked the fact that he bases his success on leveraged debt. Same for Robert Kiosaki, but at least he advises people to stock up on silver because he sees the collapse coming too.At least according to what he said in his board meetings.

  • short

    Excellent work, Sir. Thank you.
    The option to get a hard-copy printout of the narration (with links) would be most appreciated.

  • Kudos Silver Shield: Outstanding!

    Pea green President Obama will have us all starving and freezing in the dark.

    Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood.

    Be aware – be prepared! Cordially,

    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.

  • David

    Well done Chris Its about time to expose Mr Coca Cola for what he is, an eugenics, NWO shill, who gets painted in saintly colours in biz school but whom with his buddy billy boy gates, arms mosquitos for sterilization.

    It’s only a matter of short time before these things come true. It’s not going to be how much you paid for your silver but rather how much you have.

    God’s speed ahead

  • Dave

    Excellent, really excellent. I have previously disagreed with you about going overboard with silver versus gold and I stand by that. However, I have previously admired Buffett for his ability to identify undervalued paper assets. The events of the last few years indicate he is a scumbag.

    Why anyone of his age and wealth would lie is beyond me but there you go.

  • Robert

    Chris, that was a magical presentation. Currency, truly is the energy/Qi/current that runs the planet. The sorcerers of the highest order know how to manipulate this energy, essentially controlling the entire grid. Thanks, for all of the work that you do. I am always looking forward to your presentations…

  • ycmgh

    credit need not be based in gold to be honest. in fact, the NWO’s end-game is one global currency backed by gold. bill still’s Secret’s of Oz discusses credit, as does David Graeber in Debt. you might find this interesting. LaRouche has similar ideas.
    interesting analysis about his criminality. good job.

  • Kudos Silver Shield:Excellent expose.

    It is impossible to underestimate the US public’s ability to bury their heads in the sand, denying and repressing real threats to their lifestyle.

    The gullible blindly follow the Pied Piper puppet’s in both the private and public sectors.

    A good time to prepare is before the emergency.

    Right on Silver Shield- WRITE On! Cordially,

    “May you live in interesting times” Ancient Chinese curse.

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