We don’t need no stinkin QEIII

Da head bone connected to da neck bone, da neck bone connected to da shoulder bone, da shoulder bone connected to da other bones and dats da way it goes. (Or more precisely, the FED give da money to the IMF, the IMF give da money to the ECB, the ECB give da money to the member banks, and da Bernanke says there ain’t no QE3).

You can get all this via Jim Sinclair at King World News:

Jim Sinclair:

“The power behind the equity markets right now is liquidity and everybody knows it. It’s not improving earnings and it’s clearly not a broad globally improving economy, but rather improving liquidity.”
“If, in fact, what Bernanke attempted to tell the investment world today, that QE may not be necessary because of a modest improvement in the statistics of unemployment, if that was truly to be believed, then the stock market should have been off 800 points while gold was down $100. Because the same thing moving the stock market is what’s moving the metals and that is pure liquidity.
“Let’s go by the intervention that started out in the morning….
“First you intervene via the mouth. Now, what happened over in Europe? The ECB made $712.4 billion in low interest loans to the member banks. This is the second round of massive credit infusions that has been credited with the easing of the eurozone debt crisis.
So that is quantitative easing and we know the money that’s been coming into the ECB has been coming in from two places. It’s been coming in from the IMF and from swaps done by the US Federal Reserve.
(This money flows, in order, through these entities) Federal Reserve (to the) IMF, IMF (to the) ECB, ECB (to the) member banks. (This is) pure QE on a global scale.
Now at the same time this headline is being run, an interview with the Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, states that ‘Due to the modest improvement in housing, it is possible that our reliance on QE may not be as necessary.’ Immediately that takes gold off $30, but that $30 was intervention if I’ve ever seen it.
The next step (in the intervention) because we are back at recovery highs (during live trading), your algorithms are all looking for a reason to sell. (Action) tips off the algorithms and down it (gold) goes. It is an absolute contradiction in terms that the equity market could turn in a ho-hum day of minus 50 and gold be down close to $100 today.
How many listeners have even seen the $712.4 billion of low interest loans that went from the ECB to the member banks today? It’s there, but you are going to have to look real hard to find it.
Today does qualify as one of the biggest injections of liquidity into the system in the history of the system. Today was a cover-up by the US Federal Reserve and by the mainstream media of one of the largest injections of liquidity into the system that has ever occurred.”

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  • lastmanstanding

    At first, everyone (well not everyone) thought that QE 1 & 2 were necessary to the countries survival…and we now know who’s survival cause it sure as hell wasn’t yours and mine.

    So…now that we (those of us, the ones that they fear) know…and the fed/govt knows that we (the ones that they fear)know, they will NOT admit that BS3 is currently underway…all one needs to do is look at all of the wonderful financial gifts to countries in need world wide!

    Where do you think that all of this money came from…savings!!!

    All…only one person, who I have seen only in paintings, spoke to many times, has the power to break me…I have have been to the breaking point several times during my life, but he has given all of us strength to get through these times…we all know a few people that haven’t used that strength and gave up.

    WE as individuals must embrace that strength and ignore the lies and desceit.

    Look at how God’s earth works…it does NOT work like the bankers and any govt.

    Just remember that when you are looking for a safe place go.

    RM…sorry to mix economics and politics with faith, but that is what happens when you give a guy like me an open forum!…another loose cannon running around.

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