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This is a film about the Federal Reserve. If you feel that you strongly understand the mechanisms and goals behind the private central bank, then feel free to go on with your day. But if you don’t understand why prices are going up and your dollars seem to be buying less and less year after year, then I suggest you watch this ASAP. Which ever camp you fall on, I would watch it either way, as it is half an hour long, hard hitting, inspirational, tragic, funny, entertaining & educational. But most of all, it will get you to QUESTION your reality. All that needs to happen for you to enter the long journey to truth is one small little rebellion in your brain.

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  • Rainmaker


    Very cool Irv. I notice that the cartoon completely leaves out the civil war. Thats too touchy a subject because of all the brainwashing we have been subjected to. As well there are some other minor nuances with respect to political corrrectness. Still, that was MAGNIFICENT.

  • Ijas

    I show this video to my high school econ students. In fact we watched this in class a few days ago. Love your site and everything that you do.

  • MPB

    I came across this via the comments on another post here a couple of weeks or so ago. It is overall an EXCELLENT video! It conveys most of the critical information in a essy, straight forward way. I have emailed links to this to a number of people. I have yet to get a negative comment in it. All have commented it is excellent! IT SHOULD BE MANDITORY IN EVERY SCHOOL, At least by Middle School, Jr. High. Thank you for posting it!

    Also, Thank you Ijas for helping to educate your HS students. They’ll be much better off in they if they can grasp how the system really works! At the very least, maybe they can help in NOT allowing a repeat this mistake in the future!

  • Judge Napolitano Speaks with the producer of The American Dream; second video.

  • SilverSmiles


    Speak more about the civil war…I want truth!

  • HandsOfKennady(HOK)

    Time to stand. Following a bright road can still blind you. Kill the reserve. Live freedom by independance!

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