The Future Is Friendly

In late Roman empire, the state used the following trick: bronze coins that the gov itself minted were not accepted at tax time — Roman IRS accepted only gold coins.

Fast forward to our days. Like Romans, we are already using 2 currencies—today, right now. Think of a bank credit. You borrow a printed fiction, but repay in sweat and tears. I am not sure about current rates, but let’s say, you borrow $5,000 and next month you pay $20 in interest. These twenty bucks are something that someone (you) had to earn, to actually work for. This is real money, the essence of your effort. There’s your life in it. In contrast, the $5,000 you borrowed never even existed. No equivalent of this money was ever created anywhere by anyone.

The fall of Rome to barbarians was not the reason the Empire ended. Inability of Rome to defend itself was a direct consequence of the government playing games with money: the more they cheated the taxpayers, the less taxes they collected. Coin tricks started with Nero in the I century AD and ended with the Western Roman Empire in the V century, when nobody was motivated to defend the Machine any longer. And guess what? The Western Rome fell, but the world did not end.

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  • Bronze coins will play a significant role for currency in Ol Blighty. White copper could also play a role and will be useful for those in the US.

    Not that much silver, ya know?

    When an empire ends it’s usually best to walk away, duck, and cover.

    Good luck, Mustafa.


    • lastmanstanding

      G…We will most certainly find out!…not that much REAL silver in “weak hands”.

      MC…very simply put, most just can’t understand that there is no value in printing money…and naturally it is even worse when they hold it in their hand!

      The ultimate illusion…

      I hate the fact that I have to work for it…but at least I can dispose of it immediately for real things that will hopefully save my family and friends ass later…for now.

      All…keep using paper to your advantage while you can.

    • Aurochs

      Currency has value only if someone will trade their labor, food etc. for it. Bronze at least had some practical use and therefore some value during Roman times. Of what ‘value’ is it today? I know you like the idea of copper nickel coinage Gareth but to me it’s just another fiat currency and of no or very little value to me. I would not be willing to trade my labor for it. What makes gold and silver valuable is it’s rarity.

      • Hi Aurochs. Please believe me when I stress that I totally agree that gold and silver should be currency. However, for some people, in some places of the world, there really isn’t sufficient supply of such metals.

        There is a lot of talk of a debt-free digital from different groups over here in blighty. I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall when I debate with them as they are not for budging on their stance. I reckon they’ve watched the ‘money makers’ too many times :-)

        Copper and nickel, although not rare, are definatelt finite. Furthermore, I believe a currency should also be part of the ‘natural world’ and have a purpose outside of the function of currency.

        In other words, I think we should be able to stash the currency with the confidence it will be worth something if and when the currency shifts back to a true paper fiat.

        The pound sterling concept that I advocate is a weight measurement. It is a pound weight of bronze. A pound weight of bronze could serve to wire many items and it is there a actual ‘value’ and not a fiat as you suggest. Placing nominal numbers on coins would make it a fiat, but not if we simply use the weight of the coins.

        It was a hard and sometimes mournful realisation that Britain can no longer use silver for its currency. The last decent coin was forged in 1919 with 0.925 silver. Even the cruddy and ugly 50% silver coins were last minted in 1946 – that’s 66 years ago!

        Unfortunately, Britain is a silver poor area, just like many areas of the world so I have thought a great deal about this problem.

        I must stress again that a pound weight IS NOT a fiat, dude.


  • kevinace

    Yes life continues.The present global elite control us by their fiat debt based money system.In the uk the british constitution group that Gareth as mentioned in posts are forging ahead with their alternative fiat system to offer an alternative to the elites system they are forging links worldwide to take the new money system global.

    These guys need support globaly please register support for the lawful bank

    • I’ve debated many times with the organiser of the debt-free fiat called ‘L’, kevinance.

      Thing is, anything digital doesn’t ‘resonate’ with me.

      I wish the BCG luck, and I thank them for making many people aware that the Brits do actually have a constitution based on the Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights etc.

      I don;t think a debt-free digital will work from a Psychological perspective.

      People are gonna wanna hold their money.

      Many will simply fail to understand the difference between a debt-free digital and a debt-based digital.

      Please consider the copper sterling concept, and buy as much silver as you can afford, dude.


  • Ed_B

    “Many will simply fail to understand the difference between a debt-free digital and a debt-based digital.”

    I could not agree with this more. Fact is, very few of the people with whom I have discussed this issue fact-to-face are even aware that US dollars are a debt based currency with ZERO backing whatever. People who frequent web sites such as this one do understand this but seem at times to take it for granted that lots of others do too. This is not the case, as least as far as I can ascertain it.

    I would think that TPTB would be slavering over the idea of imposing a completely digital currency on the US and the world. Just imagine what they could do with that! How easily manipulated it would be for their benefit and at our cost! :-(

    I also agree that currency games are afoot and have been for a very long time. I do wish that someone on TV would ask Uncle Ben whether any country has ever printing itself out of a terrible financial situation and, if so, when and who. I can well imagine his jaw dropping at the mere thought and no sound issuing forth from his mouth for several seconds. This would be even worse than when Ron Paul asked him if gold was money. Bernanke said that it wasn’t and that it was an asset like US Treasury bills and bonds. I almost fell off my chair when he said that! Gold is FAR more valuable and real than government paper that is created from nothing but thin air, paper, and ink. More recently, Bernanke said that the silver piece that Paul was holding up was a currency but I could not tell from the TV image whether he had a silver dollar or a ASE. Either way, it was a substantially silver coin and REAL money.

  • kevin

    Hi Gareth

    I totally agree with you another fiat currency is not the long term answer to the problem,however i believe the could be a useful means to help end the current system used by the elites to control everyone of us forced to use their system to buy basic items/trade.If we have to use fiat “money” before the collapse of “fiat Currencies” atleast we are better off not using their system.

    I do buy silver(and hold) when i have extra funds, but like you Gareth its hard to keep afloat in the Uk at the moment,the record high fuel charges are especially crippling me.

    After reading your articles i have also started saving copper coins thanks for the great info.They will definately be useful after the inevitable economic collapse.

    Every means we can use to erode the power of the elites needs to be explored and although i am totaly behind Chris and silver,whilst we use their fiat system we are controlled by them to a greater or lesser extent.

    A new fiat system not controlled by them will definately be a thorn in their side and needs to be supported. The is going global and whilst we still have to use a fiat system this can be a useful tool to help erode the elites power.I urge everyone to check it out and pledge support

    ps those pledging support will be given digital money in the future to pay off their mortgage (uses fractional reserve system for the peoples benefit not the banksters benefit)

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m not opposed to ‘L’ at a moral level, nor would I campaign to prevent it. I just don’t believe it’ll work.

      I’ve an ‘L’ card, but as I’m nowhere near merseyside it is of no use to me. I analyse behaviour – it’s my ‘job’ and has been for many years.

      ‘L’ is based at Universities and is used as a discount for purchases on things such as sandwiches, harcuts – basically ‘student’ behaviours.

      Ultimately, it’ll take the poop to really hit the fan before most of humanity will wake up, and so I doubt ‘L’ will be global – in fact I doubt it’ll have a significant impact.

      When the ‘ship goes down’ people WILL NOT have a ‘L’ card, nor will they have ‘philosophical time’to contemplate and understand the mathematics behind a currency supply.

      It’ll be a massive leap of faith to jump ship to ‘L’ and we will be a transitional period in which trust will be minimal.

      People WILL want to hold their money…..that’s just the nature of things.

      Glad you like the artcles, please share the ideas with your friends and loved ones.

      Keep buying silver when you can dude – £15 gets you a half ounce from Sarnia Silver, I buy one every Friday payday as a habit. Soon mounts up.


      • Take a close look at ‘L’ bargains, Kevin.

        This is the level/stage ‘L’ is at. Things such as 10% discount ie £9 and one ‘L’ instead of £10 is child’s play compared to global markets. A few students usuing ‘L’ to get a discount on a sandwich is a LONG WAY from serving as a global currency.

        The BCG are on the wrong track with ‘L’. I believe it’s delusional to think we won;t go back to a commidity backed currency. We will, and that is the nature of wealth cycles and currency cycles. It is a historic FACT.

        I do respect the bcg and am not trying to belittle their attempt with ‘L’.

        I just think they should stick to their primary purpose – educating the people of the constitutional laws of Britain – that is their role.

        They clearly have no understanding of wealth cycle principles and are beyond their remit with ‘L’.

        Good luck, dude


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