Silver Shield Report #21 Nutrition In This And The Next Paradigm

Your health is the basis for all other freedoms.  This is a subject, being young and relatively healthy, that I have not spent a great deal of time researching.  Knowing how important it is, I brought in one of our community members of the Silver Shield Report, Eve Colantoni.  We had such an interesting discussion that it went over two hours as we put all of the pieces together on how to live our healthiest life.  The thing I find most interesting is not only the survival and quality of life aspects of this issue, but the real financial opportunities in the next paradigm about this subject.

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0:00 Introduction

3:00 Allopathic vs. Homeopathic

8:38 Cui Bono?

12:05 Sickly start

14:14 Caffeine

15:58 Sugar

20:00 Value of raw food

29:30 Formulating profits out of garbage

37:44 Real Fruit and Vegetables very different than what we get in the store.

40:00 Infertility

43:50 Salt

49:30 Processed foods

57:10 What to eat

58:40 Get the good sweets

1:01:30 How to shop for real foods

1:06:20 One of the best business opportunities for the next paradigm

1:08:20 This food paradigm is a artificial creation

1:11:39 Probiotics, Antibiotics, Raw Milk

1:14:10 Stressful food

1:19:20 “The LAST place you should cut corners is your food.”

1:26:20 Anti depressants

1:29:40 Stress is a killer

1:31:45 Alkaline vs Acidic

1:41:50 Green Smoothies

1:48:05 A REAL Green Revolution

1:52:10 Good health makes good sense.

2:02:50 Bringing all different disciplines to the truth.

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21 comments to Silver Shield Report #21 Nutrition In This And The Next Paradigm

  • Matt Tudisco

    Awesome information. I am certified in organic farming and in your preperations stay away from synthetic fertilizers. Learn to grow with compost soil admendments, worm castings and compost teas.

    • Eve Colantoni

      Matt —

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I think it’s IMPERATIVE to work in conjunction with nature; not against it! I’ve used ‘worm teas’ before and just LOVE seeing all the rich nourishment I get to bathe my garden in when I do… very cool stuff :)


  • Cory Barnes

    Great Report! If you are not a fan of salads and require a lot of dressing to eat it then here is a recipe for you. This is a really good raw dressing that is similar to ranch.

    Raw Cashew Dressing:

    1 1/2 cups of Raw Cashews
    1 1/2 cups of water
    1/2 juice of lemon
    1/2 tsp dried Dill
    1/2 tsp dried Basil
    1-2 tsp of Seal Salt
    1 stalk (Piece) of Celery
    1-2 cloves of garlic

    Mix in blender or food processor until smooth.

    • Eve Colantoni

      This recipe looks excellent Cory! Thank you for sharing it :) I’ve used cashews in the bases of my raw dressings before (ala Matt Amsden’s Rawvolution) and you’re right… they turn out so thick and ‘ranch-like’ without all the garbage: rancid gmo-oils, refined salt, not to mention all the additives, preservatives, chemical flavorings, and all the other stuff that’s slowly driving us mad!

      Your recipe is a great way to help folks who don’t love salads to transition to healthier eating, so thanks again :)


  • Nigel Dally

    Loved It, Just as Chris has helped enlighten us to the ways of the economic world, two books we recently read taught us things about food and our relationship with it that had us nodding throughout this latest SSR. I would encourage anyone interested to get a copy of:
    ‘Sweet Poison’ by David Gillespie and ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko.
    My wife and I have a green smoothie for breakfast every morning made from leafy greens out of our garden. We have just ordered a book titled ‘The PH Miracle’ on how to change the body PH from acid to alkaline.

    • Eve Colantoni

      Definitely good books Nigel!

      Another you may enjoy is Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford.

      Also, Victoria and her family have a ton of recipes to offer on their site: if you’re looking for more green smoothie inspiration :)


  • Patrick Navolio

    After listening to report and then watching the film at the I feel like starting my own garden. Also makes you realize how easy and inexpensive it is to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

    Here’s a great article on sugar:

    • Eve Colantoni

      Hi Patrick,

      I LOVED Back To Eden! What an incredibly inspiring film! It really does make it look soooo easy to grow your own food, huh? Also, I’m a big fan of Dr. Lustig too. He’s really helped to open people’s eyes to the dangers of all the sugar we’re consuming and what that actually translates to in terms of our health :)


  • MPB

    I really enjoyed listening to this and is appreciated. I have done a fair amount of my own research in this area due to my own health concerns for the past 18 years, from foods to natural herbal treatments, with very favorable results I am happy to say. This interview with Eve is very good and I would highly recommend it. Your health literally begins and ends with what you consume… All that consume, foods and otherwise! My family and I now produce a significant amount of our own vegetables from our very large garden. We also have a small fruit tree orchard. Btw, I have also produced our own Maple syrup for many years as well. There’s nothing that beats the taste of it! Of course, unless you have access to at least a small stand of mature hard maple trees to tap for the sap in the spring, that is not possible for everyone. Even then, I can attest that you will likely be hard pressed to realize any cost savings over purchasing it from the grocery store. At best I break even on the cost, but it has been a HEALTHY educational experience producing it with my wife and children over the years. GREAT INTERVIEW!

    • Eve Colantoni

      Thanks so much MPB :)

      Glad you found it to be helpful. Sounds like you’ve got some great things going on yourself there too! Excellent!


  • Jim Teddick

    Great report. Enjoyed it. I’m new to silver shield. just reviewed #18 which was good but thought you should of touched on storing healthy food. So I was happy to see this one. Great information. I have been learning a lot about nutrition over the last few years my self since we lost my mother in law to cancer. A great web site to check out is Great information and has a store for storable organics to store good nutrition. Also been sprouting seeds, very nutritious and easy to do.

    • Eve Colantoni

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

      And you’re right… is at the very top of my list for getting the ‘real’ scoop on what’s going on. I think Mike Adams is an incredible guide in the sea of misinformation that the rest of the world is afloat in. I really hope others will check it out as well. Definitely worth getting on his mailing list.


  • rocky theboat

    Eve sounds hot …


  • Freedom Lover

    I listened to this on a plan yesterday. I really enjoyed it. The guest was excellent. One question that I have. There was a discussion on Sea Salt, which I normally use. When I spoke to my wife about it she immediately asked about iodide. The Morton Salt contains Iodide. The body supposedly requires it. Where can you get it if you don’t use table salt?

    • Eve Colantoni

      Hi Freedom Lover,

      Good question with 2 answers:

      1.) The body needs iodine….no doubt about it. However, here’s what’s even more interesting. When we consume sea salt, in it’s most close to natural state (meaning no refining, bleaching, other processing that will denature it) all the minerals in the salt will still be intact. And when all these minerals are present, the body knows what to do with them. And again, like all whole foods, the nutrients contained within all work together. There’s a synergy amongst them. And together, they aid the body.

      Now, that said, when we refine our food, stripping away vital components to it, and leaving just certain elements behind…well, that’s when we’ll witness these fragmented foods causing problems in the body. Case in point, regular ‘white’ table salt. What we’re left with is sodium chloride alone. When the body consumes this, without all the other co-nutrients, it can cause the body to malfunction. Developing a goiter is just one possible outcome of this.

      When the salt industry began learning of this outcome, they started adding iodine, to counteract the goiters people were developing. A better option? Just don’t mess with what nature gave us to begin with! There’s no reason to strip away all the other trace minerals we need!

      So, end result… don’t eat refined salt and you won’t need to throw extra iodine at certain issues.

      2.) If you do want to get extra iodine in your diet, sea vegetables are one of your best sources… not to mention they’re just awesome for the body to begin with. Loaded with great nutrients, rich in minerals, and anything green is great for cleansing the blood, good for our lungs, good detoxifiers in general.

      Now between you and me… I can’t stand the way sea vegetables taste. I grew up in a home where we didn’t really eat seafood or more specifically ….. fish. To this day, if anything has even a remotely ‘fishy’ flavor to it.. it really puts me off. So, sea vegetables, no matter how much I *want* to love them, I just can’t bring myself to eat them… if I can taste them.

      So my trick to NOT tasting them is to cook them into things. I have something called a Kelp shaker. It’s like a salt shaker but dispenses tiny granules of dried kelp. Also, if I’m making a soup, I’ll add 1-inch pieces of kombu (a type of seaweed) to the cooking water. I allow the seaweed to simply cook down and eventually it will breakdown into tiny pieces that become undetectable. You can do the same with your cooking water in beans and whole grains… and there you go! Instantly more iodine with no mess and no fuss and no icky, fishy flavor :)


  • Allen Halverson

    I use celtic sea salt or himalayan sea salt for all of my salt needs. For iodine, infrequent consumption of seaweed is a good way to get your iodine(nori in sushi, kelp, etc). Whole shellfish is another good source of iodine if I recall correctly. Although if you are eating a lot of processed food(I don’t know why anyone would want to) you shouldn’t have to worry about purposely ingesting iodine. is a great resource for nutritional information as well as a wealth of other information about health and wellness.

    • Eve Colantoni

      RIght you are Allen! I like switching back and forth between celtic and himalayan pink salt too. And I like to bathe in the pink salts too. Very good for pulling toxins out of the system.


  • Trygve Aase Lunde

    Im into nutrition aswell. Been studying it for many many many years and have practiced everything. I promise you its super simple.

    Fruit, greens, nuts and seeds is all you will ever need. Ofc if you community is cold you can use potatoes and rice ofc but in tropic and sub tropic you dont need anything else.

    I live only off fruit and greens and it has cured everything for me

  • Eve Colantoni

    Hi Trygve,

    I’m so glad you’ve found a diet that works for you and you’re thriving!

    I think it’s really important to recognize bioindividuality… meaning there’s no “one size fits all diet” and we all have our own unique nutritional needs. For example, I’m sugar sensitive, so I have to really watch how much fruit I consume. And additionally, I find that I do so much better when I’m including animal products in my diet.

    So, I’m careful to get the cleanest animal foods around: no hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, grass-fed, pastured, humanely raised and processed. And knowing where your food comes from, and the farmer himself, makes a world of difference. Factory farmed animal products are one of the top poisons on my list… so if people can’t afford to go organic all the way… I think it’s a wise choice to upgrade at least their animal products.


  • Eve Colantoni

    Last, I want to apologize for responding 6 months after the original interview was recorded. I tend not to listen to my interviews after the fact, so I didn’t realize there were comments posted. Anyhow, I hope this was helpful. And if I can be of service to you in any other way, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!



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