Silver’s Performance YTD Before Recent Pullback

Poor Warren Buffet just does not get it….

5 comments to Silver’s Performance YTD Before Recent Pullback

  • Rick

    He is told not to get it!

  • Ed_B

    It is more like Buffet never had it and not that he doesn’t get it. Buffet’s mantra for many years has been “invest in what you know”. This is why he never invested in tech stocks, even though a huge amount of money has been made in them over the past couple of decades. It is clear that Buffet does not know anything about PMs. Also, he IS a stock guy and the stock guys know two things about PMs: 1) they do not make any commissions on them; and 2) when money leaves a stock portfolio for PM investment, it almost never returns. His experience with silver seems to have affected him in ways which we can only guess. Yes, he sold his 130M ounces of silver WAY too early but he still made a fat profit from it. Makes me wonder why he sold when he did. Did some of his bankster buddies put pressure on him to sell so they could add it to the SLV coffers? Maybe.

    • Dennis


      My understanding is that Warren Buffett was heavily involved in the AIG scam and was going to be implicated and possibly take a fall, so he made a deal to sell his silver hoard so he wouldn’t be dragged into the abyss. I believe SLV was started just after he sold his hoard — something like 130 million ounces, which was the initial inventory of SLV. Chris discusses this point in one of his articles.

  • Aurochs

    I’m guessing Warren and his buds have their vaults well stocked with PM’s. They just don’t want you to stack it. It’s hard to shear a sheep that is kicking and struggling.

  • Al

    Chris! You’re the man! Keep up the good work!

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