Donald Trump- Arrogant, Elitist, Attack Dog

Donald Trump is making the media rounds as he prepares to run for President. I do not believe that the Trumpster is a real legitimate candidate for President. I believe that he is just going to be the arrogant, Elitist, attack dog that the Republicans did not have in the 2008 campaign. His role will be to attack any Libertarian or Tea Party threat that might derail the Elitist NeoCon agenda. He will be the steam relief valve for those Americans that think the Chinese or Muslims are the real problem in the world. This will allow the real Elitist choice to rise above the mud slinging and walk into office as the guy who is going to save us from Obama.

Trump is the first candidate to bring up the Obama birth certificate issue. I believe that Obama was put into office to take the fall for the economy so that some good ole’ boy Fascist will get us “back on track” with more debt and war. The birth certificate issue is probably a poison pill to Obama’s reelection bid. This is just in case America rejects the Republican choice. The timing of any real challenge to Obama’s legitimacy would only serve an ulterior motive like that. This most likely this won’t even come up, because America is going to be a basket case by then. America will be begging for a strongman to get us “back on track.”

Please don’t think for a second that the Fascist Republican winner is going to do anything for middle America than the Socialist Democrats. Both sides are bought and paid for by their Collectivist masters that have gutted America. This whole presidential race is part scripted soap opera and part improvised wrestling match designed to get Americans to choose the lesser of two evils. The Elite do this so that we legitimize their system they control. Once the Fascist is in office, be prepared for at the very least, war with Iran to satisfy Israel’s Zionist Godfather Netanyahu. The worst case scenario is blaming China for the dollar crashing as the Elite push for another game changing World War.

Trump is has already gone on record calling China our enemy. (The real enemy is the Elitist banksters that control our Federal Reserve money/debt paradigm.) He has also gone on record saying the world has a Muslim problem. (The only problem is for the Elite is that they are sitting on 1/3 of the world’s oil and they don’t believe in usury.) By Donald Trump saying these things it will allow a more moderate/sneaky Fascist to sneak into office. Once in office, the Elite can create a military or financial false flag to really get the ball rolling to create their New World Order.

Trump has already given the gullible Republicans his checklist of inconsequential social issues to get them to fawn over this outspoken candidate. He is now against abortion. (What man of character to turn on a dime for that issue.) He is against gay marriage. (Really, with everything going on in the world, three wars, trillion dollar deficits and all, why is this even an issue?) He wants to put the military on the border. (Won’t be long until Posse Comitatus Act is buried along with the Constitution. If you want to end illegal immigration end corn subsidies… long story…) He has said that he would actually raise military spending. (We already outspend the rest of the world combined on the Military Industrial Complex.) Some of this might help the naive to over look his anti-gun stance, his multiple bankruptcies, his tax grabbing ideas, multiple marriages, and donations to Rahm Emmanuel for Dictator of Chicago and other Democrats.

Trump, like most Elitists, has no real core beliefs. The Elite believe only what will get them more power and more profits. They realize that the ideologies mean nothing to those at the top. This is no different than a WWE wrestling match on TV. In the ring, the actors look and fight like its for real, but off stage, they go to their kids birthday parties together. They only care about what makes them more powerful. Everything else is a means to an end.

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  • “If you want to end illegal immigration end corn subsidies… long story…”

    Hopefully that’s an upcoming article.

  • Marijan

    So China and muslims are no problem at all?

  • Silver Shield

    China is only a threat to us because the Elite have built the into a threat 10 years ago. This is just like how Wall St funded Hitler while America was inthe depths of the depression. We build our enemies to justify our MIC.

    China is only a threat because we have a debt/money system that keeps us in debt to the elite. Debt must grow every year or it implodes. China is the natural debt buyer to keep the exports flowing.

    The Muslims are only a threat because we are occupying their lands. How would you be if China was doing to us what we are doing to the Muslims?

    If you want to go further… I believe we have much more oil in the US than the Elite will admit to and that we are purposefully using up the rest of the worlds oil first. I also believe that there are suppressed technologies that would significantly reduce the importance of oil in our lives.

    I have much, much more to fear from Wall St and DC than Bejing or Tehran. The Elite control us everyday while blaming all of our troubles on bad guys overseas.

  • Marijan,

    If the Muslims are such a threat, why are the Jews flooding them into White European contries at alarming rates, for the sole purpose of breaking down the society?

    That’s their words, not mine.

  • Marijan

    I do not object your view about Elite, but do you realy think that china and muslim countries are like innocent children? While dealing with Elite do not forget about bad guys who do exist regardless of the Elite. Those bad guys have similar goals as this Elite.
    And just reminder Israel is not enemy.

    • Silver Shield

      I never said they were innocent as children. I will say 95% to 99% of of both of those billion plus communities want exactly the same thing we want…

      They want to do what they want to do…
      They want to love who they want to love…
      and be left ALONE!

      The Elite in all societies manipulate societies into debt, war and other collectivist endeavors that make the focus off of getting something from everyone.

      And no, Israel or the Jews are the enemies.
      The Zionists are closer but I choose to use the term the Elite, because the Elite don’t care about any issue only that which gives them power and profits.

  • Marijan

    You have serious problem. Jews are not problem. Certainly there are some bastards amog them but to make such insane theories against one nation is lunacy.

  • Marijan

    “And no, Israel or the Jews are the enemies.”

    So percentage rule can not be applied to Jews?

    Do not be so shure about those percentages. I do not think that they have same idea of liberty as you do.

  • Marijan, why do I have a serious problem when I shed light on what as group they claim to be doing? I’m not making anything up, it’s their own words.

  • The FED Debt-Money System & “fraudlent” FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM is by far, our # 1 problem. Replace Debt-Money, with Debt-Free Silver Certificates, while simultaneously raising the banks “reserve requirement, & replace the IRS with THE FAIR TAX…..& WE`RE “BACK IN BUSINESS” !!!

  • DkrMkts

    Great comments here, good forum, Silver Shield.
    If you want a textbook example of a… how do I say this politely? Oh yeah, “NEO-CON” (“neo-conservative” ALSO know as “neo-Liberal” (yes, it IS confusing – intentionally so!) or more simply, “zionist”) who is “IN” on the DESTRUCTION of the American economy of productivity, high-wages, high benefits, SECURE pensions, and an upwardly mobile population, see Obama’s NEW “national economics council” director to replace the despised, ECONOMY WRECKING Larry Summers… why, it’s GENE SPERLING, and Summers & Bob Rubin UNDERSTUDY, who made his bones IMPORTING FOREIGN tech workers to UNDERCUT AMERICAN college grads for tech jobs. American college graduates CAN’T COMPETE with India, China, or other graduate students whose STUDENT LOANS are a FRACTION of the $100,000 or more AMERICAN students are loaded up with – MORE DEBT from the Greenspan, Bernanke, Rubin, Summers, Geithner, & now Sperling ‘Federal’ Reserve.
    TRILLIONS of “free money” “bailouts”, “liquidity injections” & “Quantitative Easings” for THEM (the big banksters and their down-stream pals) – DEBT, SLASHED social safety net, GUTTED (OUTSOURCED jobs, and IMPORTED labor) economy, soaring education, health care, insurance, & living costs, and DEBTORS PRISONS (or their modern equivalent) for the rest of us bleating sheep.

    #1. Total Bailouts – the EXTORTED “redistribution of wealth” NOT to poor “social welfare cheats” – but FROM WORKING class families, TO the hyper-rich!
    #2. At the SAME TIME that FORMER GolddamnSachs CHAIRMAN (and then Bush-II TREASURY SECRETARY) was BEGGING, pleading, and EXTORTING the Pelosi 110th Congress for $700 BILLION in TARP “bailouts” – why, little Timmy Geithner, Bush’s nominee for FED RESERVE BANK New York President, was quietly signing a check for TWO-THIRDS of a TRILLION dollars… !!!!
    effectively DOUBLING Paulson’s up-front $700 billion request, making the FIRST round of TARP “FREE MONEY” BAILOUTS to the bankers nearly $1.5 TRILLION, in the month of September 2008, ALONE !!!!
    #3. “Quantitative Easing” – what the GS/JPM banksters (TWO sides of the SAME coin: GS & JPM both OWN the Fed) REALLY want, is ANOTHER $4 TRILLION in QE !!! That is FREE MONEY FOR THEM… TRILLIONS of GOVERNMENT DEBT principle AND INTEREST payments DEBT for you & me !!

  • DkrMkts

    (here’s the link for Gene Sperling – American college student JOBS CRUSHER, agent of the FOREIGN banksters importing FOREIGN workers to UNDERCUT American college grads!) Obama with his Neo-Con gangsters is really working hard… at being Bush-III !!

  • Bob

    @Ron – good choices. To add and expand on your points… Maybe silver/gold/copper coinage (physical). “Certificates” are easy to manipulate and lead right into fiat because it separates “real” money from “fiat” ~ it looks the same… I asked around my circle of influence and over half the people I spoke to believed that our money (US dollars) is backed by gold!? People don’t get it and “need to be woken up”.

    Fair tax – I read an article recently discussing a flat SALES tax over an income tax (in all it’s forms – wages, business profits, capital gains, interest, etc).

    This way savings and investments are awarded and consumption (debt) is not. This would be more fair and in line with individual liberty since each individual determines on his or her own how much tax to pay by deciding on his/her own (not through social political policy) how much and what to consume. Plus, those with more money will end up paying more tax since you tend to buy (consume) more if you have extra money, and vice-versa. A great article.

    @Silver shield – I like the topics you’re discussing. I have a “personal” problem with the term or label “Elite” but I agree that 97%+ of the world’s people want the same thing – liberty, happiness, dignity, property, and to be left alone.

    I’ve also been saying for many years that the USA needs a 3rd and 4th legitimate political party because a duopoly is as dangerous as a monopoly. Your commentary is much more detailed though :-)

  • I continue to be amazed at how many people have bought into the Islamophobia b.s. China is only a powerhouse because we handed them all of our manufacturing and then went into debt to them. Eventually, as in now, they’re going to want us to make good on that debt.

  • Bob said “@Silver shield – I like the topics you’re discussing. I have a “personal” problem with the term or label “Elite” but I agree that 97%+ of the world’s people want the same thing – liberty, happiness, dignity, property, and to be left alone.”

    It’s that last 3% that’s responsible for this mess.

    What term would you suggest using in lieu of “Elite”? I have a few of my own, just curious what’s yours is.

  • On the counting sheep vid,at 20 seconds it shows 2 sheep and there numbers are
    9 11 (911) Found that interesting, any one else ?

  • The Donalad Trump Sheep Vid. At 20 seconds it shows 2 sheep and there number are 9 and 11 (9/11) any one else find this interesting?

  • Mark

    I’m withholding judgment on this until more information is out. Listen, hate to tell you, but a third party will never win in this country. When Trump says a third party won’t win – he’s right! Even Ron Paul acknowledged this – he ran as a Republican. Trump is:

    1. A hard worker – he speaks of working for his dad when he was young, and went to a military academy.
    2. A good parent – his kids work with him, and seem to like him. That’s high-value parenting.
    3. A good teacher – has anyone who has seen The Apprentice not come away with a valid lesson?
    4. A guy who APPEARS to think for himself. Sure, he’s toeing some party lines. But I don’t get the feeling he’s interested in launching more wars. When he talks about “dealing with China” I don’t think he’s talking about nuking them. He’s talking about making America more competitive. And I think he’s willing to say simply that Islam isn’t for us. I really believe he loves this country. And I think he is teachable.
    5. He’s using his own money.

    I think we need to give this guy a chance. I don’t think the elite are all that fond of him, believe it or not. And there is just no way a third party candidate is going to penetrate the MSM with any force. We are too stupid. As a country we may be some of the dumbest people on the planet. I think Trump may just be about all we can hope for. And he may even be more than we can hope for. He may, in fact, be a gift.

    But I’m keeping my mind open. I suggest you all do the same.

  • Is your’re (You found it) statement in response to the 9 11 sheep ? Did you see that also, or just after I brought it to the attention?

    • Silver Shield

      The only reason why I found that video is because anOther member sent it to me to see if I would pick up on it too. Probably just a coincidence…

  • As you should know and understand by now, from doing all this research,im starting to think theres alot more to this then just a coincidence. Too much going on in the world and we been lied to way to much,so my flags are always up. I would like to say that I love this website and try to read every piece of info that I can. I am some what like you,as far as researching goes,I spend about 10-14 hrs a day looking up topics and ideas, and been doing that for the last 5 yrs ever since I started to have my AWAKENING, and its been a heck of a ride lol. I would love and be honored to help in any way I can with this project of the SILVER SHEILD that I believe will help wake many many more people up.

  • Silver Shield

    Thanks nick.
    As for supporting the easiest thing to do is spread the info send these articles to websites you like and all of the social media sites and forums.
    The next level is donations to help fund the blog and the Academy.
    Finally contribute time in writing article or other material to spread the word.

    In another year or two this information will be more popular than American Idol

  • Ron

    Also, when the one sheep speaks to the three 9-1-1 sheep they are eating newspapers??? It is as if they covering up the crimes (records) held in building 7 which housed the SEC’s offices. If memory serves the SEC was under tremendous scrutiny due to the tech crash. All those documents went – POOF. I have heard that the elite have a code of ethics requiring them to disclose their actions in advance (albeit in hidden speech).

  • Ron

    Oops meant to say that Wall Street (not the SEC) was under fire.

  • Bob

    @Mark – I never said having a 3rd and 4th legitimate party would be easy :-) Plus, I think campaign finance reform and using run off elections would be a great improvement too.

    Libertarians are winning a lot of local and state positions. But it’s still small.

    I can’t get over how America, the beacon of liberty, democracy, and capitalism only has 2 parties. Even third world banana republics have more choices.

    As SS and many of us realize – awareness comes first. I have a friend (older) that told me the hardest thing for Baby Boomers to get over is their whole life was about King Dollar and America fighting the good fight. That image is slowly (maybe quicker than we think) being chipped away and it’s difficult for them to wrap their heads around it.
    @Mojo I’m still thinking about a replacement word for “Elite”.

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