Cause, Effect & The Fallacy Of A Return To Normalcy

“Thousands upon thousands are yearly brought into a state of real poverty by their great anxiety not to be thought of as poor.”Robert Mallett


I hear the term de-leveraging relentlessly from the mainstream media. The storyline that the American consumer has been denying themselves and paying down debt is completely 100% false. The proliferation of this Big Lie has been spread by Wall Street and their mouthpieces in the corporate media. The purpose is to convince the ignorant masses they have deprived themselves long enough and deserve to start spending again. The propaganda being spouted by those who depend on Americans to go further into debt is relentless. The “fantastic” automaker recovery is being driven by 0% financing for seven years peddled to subprime (aka deadbeats) borrowers for mammoth SUVs and pickup trucks that get 15 mpg as gas prices surge past $4.00 a gallon. What could possibly go wrong in that scenario? Furniture merchants are offering no interest, no payment deals for four years on their product lines. Of course, the interest rate from your friends at GE Capital reverts retroactively to 29.99% at the end of four years after the average dolt forgot to save enough to pay off the balance. I’m again receiving two to three credit card offers per day in the mail. According to the Wall Street vampire squids that continue to suck the life blood from what’s left of the American economy, this is a return to normalcy.

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5 comments to Cause, Effect & The Fallacy Of A Return To Normalcy

  • Ben

    “I’m again receiving two to three credit card offers per day in the mail.”

    Here is my little way of poking back at them. I take there little slip, rip off the information except for my name and address, then I circle my address and write: “Please take me off your mailing list”. They have to do it by law. It works too. I rarely get any offers any more, unless my name sneaks back onto their lists. You don’t have to pay postage either since it is all “No postage necessary” envelopes.

    Is it extra work? Perhaps a little. But the time I spend doing that is comparable to the time it takes me to shred it. Then I just drop it off in our mega-mailbox slot in front of my house and I am good to go. It’s my way of raging against the machine!


  • Jim Q at the The Burning Platform is one of the best.

  • trailhiker

    Hey Ben another good thing to do when you get the card offers is to save up a bunch of junk mail and overstuff the prepaid envelope and send it back to them. The Post Office then has to bill them extra charges for overweight mail. An old freind of mine worked for them years ago and told me how several people used to do that and is aggravated the Hell out of the company he worked for. So I do that every now and again too.

  • Another doom and gloomer. Has the author factored in immigration, which has
    contributed about 60% of population increase over the last 40 years?? If all we had was natural population growth the author would have a great point, but we don’t.

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