Superficial logic say’s: Obama one of the best POTUS we’ve had

It’s been well documented, Obama owns this economy. The DNC Chair Wasserman-Shultz has said as much, VP Joe Biden has also said it and a vast majority of Republicans all say Obama owns the economy as well. With piling, Trillion dollar deficits and unemployment having maintained historic levels for extended periods of time; the economic malaise Obama reigns over, is one that no President can tout.

Remember, Clinton’s sign on his desk when he was in the oval office? Contrary to popular belief, it was not: “The filing cabinet is under the desk, Interns” it was actually: “It’s about the economy, stupid”. If it is truly about the economic outlook of this nation; then President Obama is in trouble come November.

Now personally, I believe the sheer size of the US economy is so vast and lumbering, that the President gets too much credit when “his” economy is running on all cylinders just as much he is unfairly ridiculed, when it’s in the toilet. That however, is not the majority of how Americans feel or think thou. If they can’t find work, it must be the Presidents fault. If the economy grows under his tenure, its must be a “Bush Boom”.
The truth of the matter is, that the average American does not have time to research what really are the driving economic factors behind our economy good or bad; so the person sitting in the oval office is seen as a personification of the whole economy. That is why, the United States Presidency has become a mouthpiece for corporate America and an illusion for the American public.

Now, since we are going to use this embodiment to signal a “nay or ya” regarding the economy, I would like to use this simplistic strategy to point out something that doesn’t get talked about enough.

President Obama is the first President in 20+ years to see our nation’s top export be Fuel. He is also the first President since Harry Truman (1949) to oversee the US being a net exporter of oil-based fuels. The US has imported 11% less crude then it did in 2005. Ten years ago, fuel wasn’t or barley made it in the Top 25 for US exports, but now it stands at #1?


Regardless of how or why, it doesn’t matter. He was the guy in office when this happened, thus he owns this fast break to energy independence. Never mind the new developments and discoveries in shale oil/gas  or the fact that Obama inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. Let’s, not let things like mitigating facts get in the way of our thinking. Mr Obama is set to become one of the greatest achievers in modern presidential history in our quest for energy independence and for that he will be looked back on as a rousing success. Its all about perception isn’t it, or is it context?

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  • Silver Shield

    The reason why oil Is increasing is because the petro dollar is dying and we are releasing oil that we have not touched in 30+ years as our policy of using the rest of the worlds easy oil first for our paper money comes to an end.

    Wait until it fully dies, you will see amazing “new” discoveries that will blow your mind.

    Perhaps you should watch the Sons of Liberty Academy first…

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