Don’t Fall For The Beck vs. Trump Soap Opera

The 2012 Presidential Election will once again be marketed to the American sheeple as “the most important election ever.” The Elite that control both parties must build a convincing enough story to keep the American public from revolting against their masters. For the most part, the election will pit the “socialist” Obama against the “fascist” Republican presidential candidate. This story will have Obama take the fall for the crippled economy that the Elite created and profited off of. This anger and energy will be be vented into the Republican Party. Once again, the American people will be suckered into the the lesser of two evils candidates.

Obama does not even stand a chance to winning reelection because America is going to be an economic and political basket case by the fall of 2012. So the real political drama is going to be in the Republican party. In a normal election, the Elite have enough control over the Republican establishment to not put much energy into the primaries. The 2008 campaign caught the Elite flat footed trying to deal with the Ron Paul R3volution. They will not make that same mistake again this time.

The Ron Paul R3volution showed America that there is a third choice to the false left right paradigm. The Democrat and Republican party paradigm is just a Hegelian Dialectic that the Elite use to steer the American people in to a predetermined choice of the Elite. This third choice is not like the collectivist false choice of the Elite between Socialism or Fascism. It is a choice for freedom and individuality. The R3volution awakened people to no longer accept the lesser of two evils and actually stand for something like freedom. They now see issues like honest money, bankster scams, the Military Industrial Complex, unjust tax systems and a whole host of issues that were not even in the American lexicon a few short years ago. This R3volution is responsible for me to walk away from a world of power and profit to dedicating my life to the Sons of Liberty Academy. The R3volution is one of awakening people to the truth and this keeps the Elite up at night. They fear this, because sooner or later their crimes are going to be exposed and the swift hand of justice will not be far behind.

This time around, the Elite are prepared with their scripts ready to deal with those pesky Tea Party folks. In my article, Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers, I warned the Patriot community about the Elite’s efforts to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the National Tea Party. I warned about the Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s puppet, Glenn Beck and War Criminal Henry Kissinger’s Barbie doll, Sarah Palin. These two sock puppets are making around $25 million a year from these Elitists in order to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the National Tea Party. As a result the Tea Partiers that did make it into congress in the 2010 election, have done nothing to change the course of politics in Washington. The only two notable exceptions are Ron and Rand Paul who have been very active and outspoken. (Please read Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers to further understand my accusations.)

Sarah Palin and possibly Michele Bachmann are running for the Elite against Ron Paul to split the Tea Party up. The Elite need one more piece to fill the gap that was so obviously missing in the 2008 election, and that is the attack dog. You may remember that in 2008 Rudy Giuliani was the big Neo Con hope. He was a former prosecutor, mayor and 9/11 “hero” that Elite had high hopes for. His campaign was cut short by Ron Paul in the 2008 debates.

As a result the Elite scrambled to resuscitate the left for dead campaign of John “bomb,bomb,bomb Iran” McCain. This was only possible through a massive support of the Neo Con establishment and I am sure some Diebold help. The Elite are not going to leave this door open again this time around. In 2012, nothing can stop the American Fuhrer from taking power away from the socialist scape goat, Obama. This is why Trump has emerged on the National stage.

Way before Trump made the typical pre-Presidential rounds to Oprah and Oreilly, he was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) firing his first shot at Ron Paul.

Then he went on the Presidential circuit speaking the new Neo Con agenda of calling China, “our enemy” and saying Muslims are, “a problem.” This Hypocrite, Elitist Tool and War Monger is now the Arrogant, Elitist, Attack Dog that the Republican establishment sorely needed in the 2008 campaign. Now the Elite can completely sidestep the Ron Paul R3volution by having an argument amongst their puppets. They will seek to take all of the air out of the Tea Party with Beck, Palin and Trump firing at each other as they fake fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party. This will allow the real Elite choice to “rise above” the mud slinging.

The first act in this Republican civil war play is an article about Glenn Beck feeling “a little uncomfortable recently” about all of the attention and claims Donald Trump is bringing into this Presidential campaign. He goes on to say, “nation doesn’t need a show boat.” This subtle division will grow into a full blown civil war as this plays out between the Elite’s Neo Cons and the Elite’s Tea Party. This whole drama is just an game to get us to waste our efforts on this soap opera and stop any true revolution against this paradigm.

The Elite will have American economy a complete basket case the time the election comes around. Americans will be practically begging for a strongman to get us back to when we were #1. The reality is there is no going back to unlimited, debt, oil, and military power that created the hyper-power empire we are today. The only choice is getting back to our roots of the American Revolution of honest money, limited federal and collective power, personal responsibility, non-interventionism, and  freedom. This will be a difficult adjustment for many to make as reality sets in on the American Dream.

I would even argue that it is a complete waste of precious resources for the Patriot movement to put much effort into any Presidential , Senatorial, or Gubernatorial races. I would prefer the Patriot Movement to concentrate on the congressional races that the Elite cannot possibly focus their powerful “Death Star” propaganda machine on each of these small races. The Congress has the lowest barrier of entry for campaign races and is where the power of the purse is anyway. It will be interesting to watch this play out. I suggest you not wait for some sanity to come back to your state house or D.C. You need to do what you can now to get yourself ready for the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar. Start with the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is free and it will shorten your awakening curve.

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