Silver Shield Report #22- Reaching Beyond The Choir

This was one of the most timely Silver Shield Reports I have ever done.  On Wednesday I recorded this SSR with two of our Millenial generation members, Josh and Irv.  We discussed how to best reach out to this generation and win them over.  We came up with some very ninja ways to reach out beyond the choir and tap into this very important generation.

As soon as we finished the call, KONY 2012 hit and just blew up.  It used so many techniques we discussed, but used them to guide this generation to unwittingly support the paradigm that enslaves humanity.  I took a lot of the lessons from this Silver Shield Report to create a very different response from me with my KONY 2012 Addendum video.  If we do not learn how to better communicate the ideas of liberty and honest money, we could loose another generation before the first shot is fired in this Revolution.

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0:00 Prologue about KONY2012

2:31 Generational dynamics of the revolution

5:00 Go to where the eyeballs are on YouTube

8:52 What is the definition of insanity? The Try Harder Generation

13:31 What do the Millenials think of the Boomers?

14:40 What is the break point for the illusion?

16:21 Gen X and Boomers motivated by fear. Millenials by hope.

19:21 How do you “sell” to them?

23:44 What paradigm are they being  indoctrinated for? All of this college debt for training jobs that might not exist in the next paradigm and does not resonate with who they are.

27:00 Who is our target?

29:21 Just recently this information is becoming acceptable.

31:28 We have a few years to get this right.

33:26 What not to do.

41:25 They get psychopaths even more so than the dollar or silver.

44:52 The Adaptive Generation

46:06 Our Subversion of the Paradigm

47:25 It is easy for them to be intellectually lazy, right now.

52:13 Nobody is coming to get you, and no one is coming to save you.

54:32 Dumbed down society

56:32 Super connected/ super distracted

1:02:18 My Ninja YouTube Attack Idea- ***After you listen to this, any member of the Silver Shield Report that wants to work on this email me with Ninja YouTube in the title at and I will put it together with you guys.***

1:08:46 Different website?

1:11:23 Engaging Millennials = Enabling Discovery + Energizing Experience + Encouraging Advocacy

1:15:38 Start with the why.

1:18:10 The Precious Snowflake Fail- Tuition at Harvard in 1952 was $600 a year.

1:24:47 The Lost Generation

1:31:43 Using kids to speak truth.

1:35:40 We have to get back into the dream state to free them.

1:38:54 Resonate with music

1:41:00 The power of FREE.

1:43:34 Interviews

1:45:26 The Silver Shield Enigma

1:49:49 A different take.

1:53:36 Same message, different flavors.

1:56:30 Generations reaching out and back

2:00:25 Boomer Denial vs Millenial Ignorance and Apathy

2:10:02 This is where you guys come in…

2:18:39 If you want to do a Silver Shield Report with me, let me know.








Lessons learned-

  • More accepting of social issues
  • Hot Buttons- College tuition, unemployment, quality of life, leading a life of meaning, psychopaths.
  • Works well with others in a positive environment
  • Personal rebellion with tattoos but not social rebellion
  • Choose lifestyle over work and money- perhaps that is why they aren’t mad about war or economy.
  • Improving/maintain standard of living . When the lights go out will they wake up?
  • Want a common cause.
  •  Must be authentic.
  • No corporate image or hard selling.
  • No “conservative” values, even the Founding Fathers seem to be a turn off, thanks to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Neo Con subversion.
  • Health issues  not as important as with most youth.




15 comments to Silver Shield Report #22- Reaching Beyond The Choir

  • Shane Thomasson

    Perhaps you could do the Kickstarter program to raise money in order to commission some pro-liberty themes for the website as well as the videos you use. The members of this SOL group could help contribute to this. That way you have your own customized music. I can even think of at least one musician who is pro liberty and might be hired to make some songs. She also sings the songs.

    here is the kickstarter website.

  • Shane Thomasson

    You could also create entertaining, fast paced videos poking fun of public figures who are promoting the establishment view. Try to keep the video no longer than five minutes.

    Such as:
    Sarah Palin
    Glen Beck
    Sean Hannity
    Bill Orielly
    Micheal Moore
    Al Gore
    Paul Krugman (socialist economist)
    Ben Stein (neocon economist)

    There have plenty of soundbytes and video of these establisment types discussing issues that can be taken apart using the methods you cover in your site. You can show they are intellectually inconcistent and factually dishonest.

  • Shane Thomasson

    Something fast paced and entertaining and short. Like this

    Your Life According to the Government

  • Cory Barnes

    Another good video idea is to do something like the Bad Lip Reading videos. These are really popular now and you could replace the words with what is really going on.

    Mitt Romney Bad Lip Reading (BLR) video that is pretty funny:

  • Feed the Bull

    If we could just get someone famous to tweet the link to the video…

  • Matt Tudisco

    It seems to me that we wont be able to count on this generation to help bring about change. These kids grew up in a world defined by the elite. The parents of this generation dropped the ball. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    I am optimistic about the youngest generation. If we do it right, our new community and the new paradigm provides certainty, guidance, hope and other things to the later generations that they are not getting (much of) now. Maybe in part I am speaking from my Japanese cultural training but the Older generation (baby boomers in this case) have an obligation to look after or assist the later generation(s). Colleges are mostly trading studies in make believe for personal debt and is letting down the college age population. Us older people who have companies, skills and jobs can provide REAL training for the younger ones, REAL jobs for the later generations and REAL opportunities. This in fact is a strong theme of any real community. WE WILL DO THIS when we get together and make a community. That is what a community is about. Every member of an extended family (which is what a community is) has something to offer the others. Looking at education from my own experience (nonsense study for law degree, BS, MS PhD, electronics training) clearly the most valuable education in my life has been a personal master-apprentice type learning from an older person (as a PhD student I studied directly under a master in the field this was invaluable). I hope my message is not obfuscated but my point is that our little community, by virtue of having older people with tons of real (and valuable) experience (and perhaps even jobs and training opportunities NOW) has much to offer prospective younger generation members who may have wasted precious time and money on a worthless college degree and are looking for light or guidance, or even direction to get a satisfying career. I frequently am looking for someone with an engineering degree to give training/job for the right person, for example. I wonder if others can provide real life assistance or career guidance to millenials who are wondering what kind of group we are. This comment is in part a reflection of discussions prompted by millenials who sometimes join the chrismartenson blog and express frustration or hopelessness.

  • Shane Thomasson

    I asked my Millenial younger brother how to get people his age to get into the Truth Never Told series. His answer was…

    “Show how the govt will steal their porn.”

    With all copyright nazi stuff going on porn distribution sites are prone to being threatened by the bigger companies who have connections to govt.

    • Silver Shield

      Funny that is exactly what Rick Santorum proposed…

      The next false left right paradigm.

  • Shane Thomasson

    Here is another example of how to reach millenials.

    pretty well made video that starts of with the topic of Trayvon’s death and what might have contributed to the tragedy that is being ignored by the MSM.

  • Josh

    Thanks Chris, Irv, and Josh!

    Listening to this interview I can’t agree with the comments that mentioning the constitution and the founding fathers — Ron Paul backs nearly every one of his comments with the constitution and/or the founding fathers and he is doing very well with the younger folks.

    The difference is that he is not interpreting the document to manipulate us — he’s using it to give us liberty.


    • Josh

      To clarify my comment, my comment on using the constitution to manipulate folks would be applied to the current dichotomy establishment politicians.


  • James Tetreault

    Just a suggestion. Maybe a good pitch could be centered around the concept of the rules of the game. Because, in a big picture sense, isn’t that what’s going on with millenials? They’re getting tired sorts of exhortations to play the game a certain way. But they can see or at least sense that something’s amiss.

    It’s like they’re a new college graduate wearing a mortar board sitting at a chess board opposite a banker. But the millenials are trying to play checker with the pieces. The 22 year old in black gown moves a bishop one square straight forward mumbling something about taking on a lot of debt to graduate from college being a smart move. And then the banker moves a chess piece, as a chess piece and takes that bishop muttering about how rules were changed to make college loan debt non-dischargeable through bankruptcy. The 22 year old moves a knight straight forward one space mumbling that she’s going to jump his piece on her next move and that this was just as smart as completely committing to the corporation that has just recruited her. The banker easily takes her piece, using a chess move and remarks that big businesses love to drive new employees to the edge of exhaustion with the promise of advancement and adds, in a chuckle, that they seldom give them real rewards.

    Then, the camera could move away, still able to see, in the background, the girl moving chess pieces as if she was playing checkers and the banker in a suit continuing to casually take her pieces. A voice over takes precedence and asks, “What if the rules of the game aren’t what you think they are? What if you think you’re playing one game but people in charge are playing by different rules than you?”

    The script would then go on to all the various ways that millenials have been told how to live and the way to play the game is one thing while the game has really been something else. It should give the millenials credit for sensing the hollowness in following in their parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps. And it could use your most prevalent themes but always tying back to the meme that the rules of the game aren’t what you think they are.

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